10 Richest UFC Fighters in The World Right Now

Today UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has become one of the most famous sports for fighting fans who have developed required skillsets. It is known that UFC can trace its roots long before the ancient Greek sport of Pankration, whose emergence promoted MMA and therefore the UFC.

Here, all the fighters of UFC are listed top to down based on their estimated worth. This net worth is based basically on off purse prizes as well as bonuses rewarded to the fighters during their careers, because rest information stays entirely private based on the rights of the athlete. It is known that in UFC, wrestlers are remunerated a base salary to fight, as well as paid another sum to win. Apart from these, athletes in UFC also gain money from sponsors and advertisements.

You can get complete details of the topmost richest wrestlers of UFC prevalent today including their estimated net worth and achievement from below sections:

List of top 10 most famous and Richest UFC Fighters in The World in 2017-2018

10. Lyoto Machida: Estimated Worth: $3.9 Million

Lyoto Machida Top Popular Richest UFC Fighters in The World 2018

Lyoto Machida is a Brazilian based mixed martial artist who presently participates in the segment of the UFC. This UFC fighter is rich since years as he was a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, which even added to his fame. Apart from this championship, Machida was the runner-up in year 2000 Brazilian Sumo Championships in the 115 kg part.

Machida initially started his career in UFC from Japan Karate Association. It is known that he is trained basically from birth to fight, and was initially enrolled in Karate at age of 3, Sumo at age of 8, Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu at age of 16, and later master as Muay Thai in Thailand throughout adulthood. Out of 29 matches he played, Machida became winner in 22 matched and he has earned his millions through precise striking and endless training.

9. Vitor Belfort: Estimated Worth: $4 Million

Vitor Belfort is a Brazilian based mixed martial artist and UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament Champion as well as former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Belfort is regarded as one of the supreme fighters to step into the octagon as well as he is a true legend of the sport. This UFC fighter holds prominent victories over world champions Luke Rockhold, Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping, Randy Couture, Rich Franklin, and Wanderlei Silva, as well as Anthony Johnson and Matt Lindland. Belfort is presently at #3 UFC Middleweight as of year 2016, and has raked in the cash in numerous weight classes. This UFC fighter has established his name as a great fighter both in the octagon as well as in the boxing ring.

8. Tito Ortiz: Estimated Worth: $4.1 Million

Tito Ortiz is recognised as an American former mixed martial artist, known for his stint with the UFC, in which he is a former Light Heavyweight Champion. While playing in UFC, he has held the title from year 2000 to year 2003. After attaining UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Tito Ortiz has then retired and went into apparel. Having held the Punishment Athletes MMA Equipment, the Punishment Training Center, as well as Apparel under his possession, Ortiz has attained fame for himself outside the ring as compared in for the last few years.

7. Jon Jones: Estimated Worth: $4.18 Million

Being a resident of Ithica, New York and holding the nickname -“Bones” for his thin frame, Jones has created himself a huge presence in MMA fighting while playing for UFC. Between fixing claims, an absence of control in matter of violence in pre-fight stare downs, and recently a hit and run misfortune in year 2015, Jones has perceived the inside of a court room almost as much as he has been present outside the ring.

6. Rashad Evans: Estimated Worth: $4.2 Million

Rashad Evans was the shortest as well as the second-lightest of the nine heavyweight competitors in UFC. In every fight he appears in, he was regarded the underdog, but made it to the finals by combating fighters like Mike Whitehead, Tom Murphy, and Keith Jardine all by decision. Till date, Evans is one of the longest running MMA fighters in UFC with matches fought against Chuck Liddell and some great superstars like Rampage Jackson in the history of his career.

5. Chuck Liddell: Estimated Worth: $4.4 Million

Chuck Liddell Top Famous Richest UFC Fighters in The World 2018

Chuck Liddell is an America based retired mixed martial artist presently and identified as former Light Heavyweight Champion of UFC. Liddell owns a wide striking background in Koei-Kan Karate, Kempo, and Kickboxing, as well as a contending history in BJJ and collegiate Wrestling. In total, he appeared in 23 fights in the UFC; together with Randy Couture and he is extensively accredited for transforming MMA into the mainstream of American sports entertainment. This UFC fighter is presently retired as a consequence of three losses in a sequence after an unbelievably successful run, and he is now earning millions with help of his head.

4. George St. Pierre: Estimated Worth: $4.5 Million

George St. Pierre started his martial career through a black belt by the early age of 21 and gained immense experience as a Montreal bouncer. This UFC fighter has extensively been recognised as a wrestling-first fighter; however his injections have been identified to crack orbital bones. Pierre made one of the best records in MMA at 25-2, and he has not continuously been stared as a safe bet, either in public life or in the ring.

3. Brock Lesnar: Estimated Worth: $5.4 Million

Brock Lesnar is recognized to be a former WWE villain, Minnesota Vikings team member, as well as playable personality in a staggering quantity of fighting plays. Apart from being a UFC fighter, Lesnar has played for WWE as a famous wrestler winning many championships. It all started in year 2006, when Lesnar pursued a career in mixed martial arts (MMA), as he contracted with Hero’s as well as won his leading fight in year 2007 against Min-Soo Kim. After this, Lesnar also signed with the UFC for which he attained major acclaim. In year 2016 at UFC 199, the UFC declared that Lesnar would come back to MMA to perform at UFC 200 based on recent news.

2. Michael Bisping: Estimated Worth: $5.8 Million

Recognised as the first and most prosperous British UFC fighter, Michael Bisping has owned a twisting path to success in his career in UFC. This UFC fighter has started off his training in Jujutsu right from the early age of 8 and pursued training for more than a decade. Bisping also turned out as a remarkably successful kickboxer, in spite of quitting many times to discover more stable work. Apart from career in UFC, Bisping has made his career in acting as well. Recently, it was announced that Bisping will perform a role in the film entitled XXX: Return of Xander Cage in year 2017.

1. Anderson Silva: Estimated Worth: $6 Million

Anderson Silva Top 10 Richest UFC Fighters in The World 2017

Elected as one of the most dangerous fighter in the ring, Anderson Silva is recognized among the richest to have stepped inside of it in the UFC career. He initially lived in a poor Brazilian family, and worked at a McDonald’s branch while educating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, despite being looked down upon for his monetary position. Gradually, Silva mastered the art, together with Judo, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and also Capoeira to profound success. Originating from this poor background, Silva has by now become the richest UFC fighters presently through his fights.

Presently, UFC fighters are the one who have gained notable success in entertaining the audience through their unique fighting talents. These fighters have turned out to be millionaire today because of overwhelming responses from audiences all over the world.


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