Ten Most Popular Drama Queens Of Recent Time: Famous & The Best

Some stars have a bad habit of showing their bad side. Sometimes they forgot that they were “nobodies” at one time, and are people who cry, go to the bathroom, laugh, and do things that they should not do, just like everyone else who walks this earth.

Some stars get angry over petty things, and are just downright petulant, and act as if they are the only ones with feelings. Drama queens annoy the best of us, making us want to reach for the dial or the remote on the TV every time they show their face. This post looks at ten such celebrities.

10. Katy Perry

most popular drama queen 2017-2018

She is a rock star, well known for hits such as “Wide Awake,” “I Kissed a Girl,” and “Roar,” among many others. The daughter of a preacher, she has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, insulting people of other faiths. And she doesn’t seem to care, either. For instance, in performing her hit single, Dark Horse, she is dressed as a White Cleopatra, and one of her suitors in the controversial video has “Allah” inscribed on a pendant, at which a lot of Muslims in her audience took offense. According to Time Magazine, she also burns the suitor in the end.

What makes her a drama queen is that she thinks that she can get away with this kind of thing, without repercussions to her career or whatever. She has yet to apologize, nor is this her first time, as Time points out.

9. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, the singer of such hits as “Vision of Love,” “Hero,” “Emotions,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Sweet Fantasy,” and “One Sweet Day,” which she recorded with Boys 2 Men, apparently is never at fault. She blamed her New Year’s Eve fiasco which would have probably left late producer Dick Clark blushing and turning over in his grave on other people rather than face her own lack of preparedness. She is quoted as saying basically that the incident was beyond her control.

There were technical difficulties that plagued her New Year’s Eve show. Instead of blaming herself and her own crew for mechanical failures that left her humiliated, she chose to blame the show, implying that they had played a part in sabotaging her performance, and bringing her to her knees.

This serves as an example of why she made this list. She appears in the eyes of some to be a washed up diva looking for someone else to blame for her fall from fame.

8. Demi Lovato

She got her start as a child star on Disney. But lately people have gotten disturbed as she has forgotten that there was once a time that she was an ordinary person. Consider these incidents: Teen Magazine reports that she has complained about people who got famous riding her coattails, or riding others who have ridden her coattails! Whoa!

Also, she reportedly punched one of her backup singers in the face. Moreover, she also has published racy photos involving herself and her leading men, and dissed One Direction too. Sounds like someone who deserves to have her name on this list.

7. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, who shot to fame as an actress in the Twilight series, and who has been often made fun of for her frequent lip licking and lip biting, is also on the drama queen list for showing behavior that is sometimes immature, irresponsible and plain racist at times. For example, she was seen kissing her director in a movie about Snow White, according to Teen Magazine. She was spotted smoking marijuana with her then-boyfriend Michael Angarano around the time that “Twilight” was released. She said that she had learned her lesson. But the controversy continued. She was accused of being racist as she dropped out of a role on a certain film once she found out that Will Smith was cast in the same movie. On top of that, she had the nerve to complain about the script that she had gotten–publicly….

Things that truly make you go “Hmmm…”

6. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is quite a drama queen herself. She knows that everything she says is broadcast to a large audience of every nationality. So she gets on her TV show and makes a disparaging statement about Indian food, how she hates it. And she is seemingly shocked when Indian viewers take offense. She defends her comments by saying that it’s just her opinion, basically. That was hardly an apology, by the way. Also, she has this expensive wedding to ball star Kris Humphries. The marriage ends in divorce after only 72 days–not even three months! Expensive to the tune of $10 million. Hardly actions by a person who wants to endear herself to her fans

5. Rihanna

She is known for being a bit outspoken and outlandish. Although she has shown her more vulnerable side on songs such as “Stay” and “Diamonds,” her public persona is much more like “here I am, and I don’t give a care what you think of me.”

She doesn’t even care what social media thinks about her, if the social media website decides to boot her out, so what? An example was when she decided to post her nude photos on Instagram, she was deleted from the site for doing something clearly and patently against the company’s rules. No comment she made showed she even cared.

Also, she got into a beef with Ciara over Twitter over something so insignificant that the author of the Teen.com article doesn’t even remember what it was.

4. Kylie Jenner

Even her own sister, Kendall, voted her “the biggest drama queen.” She has quite a resume of acts that back that up. For instance, she has tweeted about being bipolar! What!???? Did she realize that she has offended real life people who have that illness? Also, she has been pictured doing blackface, in these racially charged times. In defense of herself, she said that the cameraman used a black light and neon light for the photo. It didn’t look that way to me, when I viewed the photos. Indeed, one characteristic of a drama queen is that she doesn’t accept responsibility when she is confronted with wrongdoing. It’s always someone else’s fault.

3. Nicki Minaj

She is known for her outlandish behavior, but the music diva is known for an act which was taken by Catholics to be an obvious dis: She was seen walking down the red carpet at the 2012 Grammys with the “Pope,” them performing an exorcism of her alter ego Roman Zolanski–a perversion of Roman Polanski–during the show. Polanski has often been accused of rape and sexual harassment. That’s interesting, too.

2. Raven Symone

Raven won our hearts as the cutie on the Cosby Show at 4 years old. But as she grew, it became clear that she had a side to her that is clearly that of a drama queen. What do you think about someone who says that they would not hire someone with an obvious black name like “Montacaneshia,” for instance? It’s not their fault–it’s their parents’ fault! How dare she judge someone’s work ethic and character with that kind of hiring philosophy? These kinds of remarks make her come across as “seditty” by many people.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an award-winning musician and singer. She has caught a lot of criticism because most of her songs are about her breakups with men. She openly disses them in her songs. This is a trait that has irritated a lot of her fans. Songs like “We Are Never Getting Back Together Again” makes people not want to buy her music, because quite frankly, they have heard her sad stories too often to even care about her anymore.


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