The medical profession is the noblest one in the world. People look upon doctors as next only to God. They place their faith on the capabilities of the doctors to nurse their loved ones back to health. Under such circumstances, the doctors have a huge responsibility as well. They have to live up to the expectations of the people. They could really do well to have the best facilities in the medical world. You can expect such high-class medical facilities in the large hospitals.

Various criteria go into deciding the quality of a hospital. We shall concentrate on the bed strength of the hospital for this particular piece. Here are the top 10 largest hospitals in the world in 2022. Instead of concentrating on a particular area, we have spread the net wide to encompass every continent in the plant. Therefore, we have a representation from every continent here, except Antarctica.

10. City Hospital No 40, St Petersburg, Russia

Biggest Hospital In The World 2019

Capable of treating about 680 patients at a time, this hospital is a large one. With more than 1000 beds, this hospital has some of the best medical facilities in the world. The name of the hospital may sound odd but the real name is The Saint Petersburg State Health Care Establishment the City Hospital No 40 of the Resort District. It is very difficult for a normal person to remember the full name. However, this hospital is a very old one dating to 1748. Some of the best doctors in the world are regular visitors to this hospital.

9. The Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

Biggest Hospital In The World

For a country with a population as low as New Zealand has, a hospital with a room strength of 3500 looks huge. However, this hospital, The Auckland City Hospital, at No. 9, is a very old hospital as well. Situated in the Grafton area of the city, you get some of best medical services in the hospital. You have separate section for women and children. This hospital houses some of the best medical labs in the world. Capable of housing about 750 patients, this hospital can qualify as a large one.

8. St. George’s Hospital, The United Kingdom

Biggest Hospital In The World

One can always count on the medical services available in the UK. They are always comparable with the best in the world at all times. They gave some large hospitals as well. The St. George Hospital in London is the biggest one in the country, capable of housing more than a thousand patients at a time. This hospital at No.8, offers an array of medical services such as cancer care, neurological treatment, complex injuries, etc. This hospital is part of the St George’s University, one of the topmost medical universities in the world.

7. Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida

Biggest Hospital In The World

Very famous for its organ transplantation expertise, the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami has the capacity to house a minimum of 2000 patients at a time. Capable of serving more than 70000 patients around the year, you have the latest medical facilities available. Usually, people seeking organ transplanting come to this hospital. It has some of the best facilities and doctors to cater to this particular branch of medicine.

6. Hospital das Clinicas da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

Biggest Hospital In The World

From the USA, we come down towards Brazil to find the Hospital das Clinicas da Universidad de Sau Paulo at No. 6 on this list. In existence since 1944, this hospital is the largest hospital complex in Latin America. Attached to the Faculty of Medicine at Sau Paulo University, this hospital has proved to be the training ground for umpteen numbers of doctors all around the world. With a capacity of 2200 beds and the latest medical facilities, this hospital offers some of the best medical treatment in the world.

5. Presbyterian Hospital, New York

Biggest Hospital In The World

At No. 5 on this list, we have the Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Capable of housing 2478 patients, this is a large hospital. This hospital is also No.6 in USA as far as providing medical facilities is concerned. Now, USA provides the best medical services in comparison to anywhere else in the world. The hospital has a range of services to offer. The major highlight of the hospital is the quality of ambulance service that can rank among the best in the world.

4. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine, China

Biggest Hospital In The World

China has many large hospitals. However, as far as the number of beds is concerned, this hospital can cater to more than 2500 patients at a time. China has always been the seat of alternate medicine. This hospital offers the best alternate medical facilities in the world. The doctors at this hospital are experts in treating patients with high-quality traditional Chinese medicines. You have some of the best outpatient facilities in this hospital. Worthy of the No. 4 spot, this hospital should occupy a unique place because of the concentration of traditional medical treatment methods.

3. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, India

Biggest Hospital In The World

Spread over an area of 110 acres, the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital is the largest hospital in Asia. Worthy of the No. 3 position in this list, this hospital has the capacity to house 2800 patients easily. It can treat a large number of outpatients as well. Boasting of some of the best medical facilities in India, this hospital caters to a wide range of services. You can find some of the best medical talent in India.

2. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa

Biggest Hospital In The World

As far as land area is concerned, this hospital should clearly qualify as the largest in the world. Spread over a sprawling 173 acres, the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital occupies the No. 2 spot in this list. Capable of providing the best medical treatment to its 3200 in-patients, this hospital is the biggest hospital in the African continent. Named after the South African communist leader, this hospital provides the highest quality of services.

1. Critical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Biggest Hospital In The World 2019

The No. 1 hospital as far as bed-capacity goes is the Critical Center of Serbia in Belgrade. This is the largest hospital in the entire continent of Europe as well. Capable of housing more than 3500 patients at a time, they can provide the highest quality of medical services to all. Employing more than 7500 people, this hospital has adequate staff strength to manage the heaviest of workloads. You can find every kind of services here such as childcare, emergency care services, etc.

You have seen the largest hospitals in the world. You should also have an idea about the top 10 best hospitals in the world as far as providing medical services are concerned.

10: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, US
09: Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
08: The Priority Hospital, UK
07: Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
06: Harvard Medical School, Boston, US
05: The University of Texas, MN Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, US
04: Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
03: Stanford Hospital and Clinics, US
02: Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg, SA
01: John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, US

The main objective of the hospital should be to cure people of their ailments. However, sometimes they may not succeed. Nevertheless, they should fight it out until the last breath. This can increase the faith that people have on the doctors and the hospitals. You can expect the nineteen hospitals listed above to provide the best treatment possible.


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