If you are a real dedicated visual artist capable to transform your ideas to canvas, then there is hardly any reason of not becoming rich. Visual artists are the one whose talent comes within them and has capability to identify creativity in their personality. It is usual to perceive that the visual art possesses a strong influence on the progress of society. Creative thinking from inner soul of visual artist can create a noticeable change in society.

Not only do the visual artists provide pleasure through their creative inspiration, but they even assist foster dialogue and convey significant issues to the public consideration. You can get to know how creative and richest visual artists of the world in 2022 are after reading below:

11. Chuck Close- Net Worth $25 Million:

Richest Visual Artists 2019

Chuck Close is an American painter, visual artist and photographer who attained fame as a photorealist, with help of his massive-scale portraits. The visual artist has been facing from a catastrophic spinal artery collapse since year 1988 which made him severely paralysed, but he has endured to paint and produce art that are included in museums and collectors. It is known that Close usually paints abstract portraits of himself and other people, which are suspended in collections globally.

Close even designs photo portraits through a very huge format camera based on his creativity. You can judge how rich Close is as his work is included the collections of majority of the best international museums of latest art, containing the Tate Modern in London, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

10. Richard Prince-Net Worth $ 30 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

Richard Prince is an American painter and photographer who started working in the field since year 1975. Prince’s image, Untitled (Cowboy), which is a rephotographing of a photograph captured naturally by Sam Abell and taken from a cigarette ad, was the leading rephotograph to fund over $1 million at auction when sold at Christie’s New York in year 2005. This visual artist is considered as one of the most respected artists of his time according to the reports of New York Times. Recently in year 2017, Prince has generated controversy by returning a $36,000 payment he had gained in year 2014 for his depiction of Ivanka Trump.

9. David Hockney- Net Worth $40 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

David Hockney is an English painter, printmaker, draughtsman, stage designer and photographer known since last five decades. He is also known to be an important contributor to the pop art movement of 1960s and he is also stared as one of the most influential British artists of 20th century. You can estimate how rich Hockney is as he owns a luxurious home and studio in Kensington, located in London and two estates in California, where he has lived on and off for more than 30 years. In year 2012, Hockney, worth an assessed $55.2 million transferred paintings priced at $124.2 million to the David Hockney Foundation. He also offered additional $1.2 million in cash to support the foundation’s operations.

8. Gerhard Richter- Net Worth $40 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

Gerhard Richter is a German visual artist with high net worth of $40 million. Till date, Richter has created abstract as well as photorealistic artwork, and even photographs and glass pieces. You can observe that his art follows the instances of Picasso and Jean Arp in undermining the idea of the artist’s commitment to hold a unified cohesive style.

In year 2012, Richter’s Abstraktes Bild fixed an auction record price for a painting done by a living artist at price of $34 million and that was exceeded in year 2013 when Richter’s 1968 piece named Domplatz, Mailand was sold for $37.1 million in New York. This was then after surpassed in year 2015 when his painting Abstraktes Bild was sold for high price of $44.52 million at Sotheby’s Contemporary Evening Sale in London. This consistent price rise in his paintings at auction indicates how rich this German visual artist is.

7. Antony Gormley- Net Worth $50 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

Antony Gormley is a talented visual artist wit high net worth of $50 million. His finest popular works comprise the Angel of the North, which is a public sculpture displayed in Gateshead in the North of England, appointed in 1994 and erected in year 1998. In year 2008 The Daily Telegraph has ranked Antony Gormley at number 4 in list of the “100 most powerful people in British culture”, adding to his popularity.

6. Anish Kapoor- Net Worth $85 Million:

Richest Visual Artists 2019

Anish Kapoor is a British sculptor, born in Bombay, who stayed and worked in London since the 1970s. Because of his immense contribution in the field, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Indian government in year 2012 which is third-highest civilian award of India. Recently in year 2017 Kapoor was announced as the receiver of the $1 million Genesis Prize. This prize identifies individuals who have reached excellence and global renown in this field and whose achievement signifies a dedication to Jewish values, the Jewish communal and the State of Israel”.

5. Takashi Murakami- Net Worth $100 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

Takashi Murakami is a Japanese based contemporary artist with high net worth of $100 million. This visual artist works in fine arts media (like sculpture and painting) as well as media (such as merchandise, fashion, and animation) which adds to his income. Murkami is recognized for obscuring the line between high and low visual arts. Takashi Murakami is also the founder and President of Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd., from which he accomplishes several younger artists and arranges the biannual art fair named Geisai.

4. Andrew Vicari- Net Worth $142 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

Andrew Vicari was a Welsh painter operating in France, who made his name in the career painting portraits of famous people. It is known that as of year 2004, Vicari was Britain’s richest living painter, and he stayed as one time Britain 18th richest person that suggest his wealth. Vicari resided and worked at his studio outside Nice, located in France, but he even possessed luxurious apartments in Monte Carlo and Riyadh.

3. David Choe- Net Worth $200 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

David Choe is an American figure painter, graffiti artist muralist, and graphic novelist of Korean origin having grossed high net worth of $200 million. David’s figure paintings, which discover themes of degradation, desire, and adoration, are considered by a raw, frantic tone that he has coined as “dirty style”. The shares of this visual artist were priced at about $200 million on the eve of 2012 IPO of Facebook.

2. Jeff Koons- Net Worth $500 Million:

Richest Visual Artists

Jeff Koons is an American artist recognized for collaborating with famous culture subjects and his works of banal objects. This includes balloon animals designed in stainless steel through mirror-finish surfaces, suggesting his creativity. Koons owns a wealth of $500 million and he resides in both New York City as well as his hometown of York, located in Pennsylvania. Because of his rich wealth, Koons has contributed $50,000 to Correct the Record, a Super PAC which benefited Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in year 2016.

1. Damien Hirst- Net Worth $1 Billion:

Richest Visual Artists

Damien Hirst is an English artist, art collector and entrepreneur, grossing highest net worth of $ 1 billion. Hirst is the most noticeable member of the group acknowledged as the Young British Artists (or briefly as YBAs), who ruled the art scene during the 1990s in UK. This visual artist is globally renowned, and is mentioned as the United Kingdom’s richest living artist, with his prosperity valued at £215m in year 2010 Sunday Times Rich List.

Visual artist are the individual who can completely transform the creativity of mind into unique paintings/designs which are worth to observe. Through their unique talents, mentioned visual artists have become millionaire.


  1. That’s really… depressive. Especially for artists! There’s no art itself anymore but pure “business”. Modern art is nowadays absolutely hopeless and hideously excessive. Also the artworks prices are artificially pumped up, outrageous and totally inadequate to the value of actual artist’s talent and work!

    • Yeah, when I hear that an artist has 90-100 employees… doing what, exactly?
      All male too, I see. No surprise there, either.

      • They mass produce his art, he has a paint by number system, not shitting you, and they all paint for him, kinda makes it seem like they are NOT HIS PAINTINGS….right?


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