10 Best & Most Famous Jewelry Brands in The World Right Now

Jewellery is synonymous with women. Of course, women look great with or without jewelry. However, when they get the chance to wear the best kind of jewelry, they look simply out of this world.

It is very difficult to satisfy a women’s taste for jewelry. Every brand can look heavenly on them. You can see women wearing some kind or ornaments right since the days of the cave-age man. They used ornamental rocks. Today, they use gold, diamonds, etc. Therefore, one can state that her love for jewellery has always been present.

There are thousands of jewelry brands in the world. Each of them has its charm. However, some brands stand out from the others for their sheer elegance and quality of artisanship. We shall look at the top ten brands of jewelry in the world. Not every woman in the world might be able to afford these brands. However, she need not fret over this at all. She can look heavenly with or without jewelry. That is ‘Nature’ for you.

Here are the 10 Best & Most Famous Jewelry Brands in The World for 2017-2018

10. Chopard – Geneva:

Chopard Top Popular Jewelry Brands in The World 2018

At No. 10 we have a famous watch brand. Chopard is famous for its exquisite luxury watches. At the same time, women swoon over the designer jewelry as well. The makers use the best quality material for the designing of these classic products. This Company uses 18-karat gold and the most precious stones of the highest quality. The hallmark of the Chopard jewelry is the precision and detail. The earrings and other jewelry items can make any woman yearn to own them. Famous all over the world for their bridal jewelry items such necklaces and pendants; no wedding ceremony is complete without the bride wearing at least one Chopard piece.

09. Mikimoto – Japan:

We have the sole Asian representation at No. 9 in the list. There are no prizes for guessing the brand name. When it comes to pearls, no jewelry brand can hold a candle to Mikimoto. These pearls match perfectly with exquisite silver or platinum jewelry. Every Miss Universe until date has worn the Mikimoto pearls. You do not have to search for the Mikimoto on the Miss universe’s person. The crown she wears is a Phoenix Mikimoto. In fact, the inventor of the Mikimoto pearls, Mikimoto Kokichi is one of the top inventors in Japan for his contribution to the pearl cultivation industry. Invented in 1893, this company uses the rarest of pearls including the white pearls and the pink conch pearls.

08. Bvlgari – Italy:

Famous for its rings, every top celebrity must have worn the Bvlgari. Endorsed by one of the most beautiful actor of all time, Elizabeth Taylor, Bvlgari is the perfect combination of the contemporary and the classic jewelry. Founded in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, this Italian brand jewelry comes in at No 8 on this magnificent list. In addition to its majestic jewelry, Bvlgari is renowned for designing luxury watches of excellent quality. This brand is also into the production of fragrances, skin care accessories, etc. Based in Rome, Bvlgari is one of the most favorite brands of jewelry for the celebrities.

07. Graff – London:

As far as diamond jewelry is concerned, Graff is the undisputed leader. Designed in the UK, the Graff diamonds are the favorites of all the world‘s famous millionaires. A very recent brand of jewelry, the credit for designing these pieces of exquisite jewelry should go to Lawrence Graff. He founded the company in 1960. At present, they are No. 7 on this list. However, it will not take time for them to move up the rankings if they maintain the same rate of progress. This brand has its stores in Monte Carlo, New York, Beijing, etc among the top cities in the world. The best diamond pieces include the Peacock Brooch (120.81 carat), the paragon (137.83 carat), and the Delair Sunrise (118.08 carat).

06. Buccellati – Italy:

At No 6 we have a representation from Italy again. This time it is the Buccellati brand. This brand of jewelry concentrates more on pure gold and its textural engravings. This brand is famous for its engraved jewelry. No other jewelry brand can match the high quality of engraving of this Buccellati brand. Stared by Mario Buccellati in 1919, this brand is nearing the completion of a century in this field. That is a no mean achievement. It is a great job to entice the people for such a long time. The family members of Mario Buccellati continue the legacy.

05. Piaget – Switzerland:

Piaget Top Famous Jewelry Brands in The World 2018

One usually associates Switzerland with its exquisite luxury watches, the Alps, and Piaget. This brand of jewelry is No. 5 on this list of the top 10 jewelry brands in the world. Founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget, this jewelry brand belongs to the Swiss Richemont Group. Piaget is more famous for its rose pendants. You can see some the exquisite Piaget designs in the designer watches as well. They have a traditional design but are famous nonetheless.

04. Tiffany & Co – US:

They say, “Old is Gold.” This statement is very true in case of the Tiffany brand of jewelry. Found in 1837, this company is one of the oldest jewelry brands still popular among all sections of people. This company designs all kinds of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry for all ages. They believe in simplicity. Ideal for wearing both during the day and during the nighttime, this brand stands proudly at No 4 on this list. The famous designs of this company are the pave diamond bangle bracelets and the heart pendants.

03. Van Cleef & Arpels – France:

Jewelry connoisseurs would have heard of the Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. This brand of jewelry, Can Cleef and Arpels is a result of their merger. Launched in 1869, this brand concentrates on being different by using flowers, motif animals, and birds. This brand of jewelry is very famous among the South East Asian countries and the Middle East countries. At No. 3 on this list, they manufacture designer watches as well.

02. Harry Winston – US

Head quartered in New York since 1932, Harry Wilson is the most favored American brand of jewelry. Every Hollywood icon would have worn a Harry Wilson at some point or the other. You will be able to witness this brand in plenty during the Academy Awards presentations. Famous for using precious stones and the finest quality materials, this brand is an expensive brand. The best part of this diamond jewelry is that they are extremely durable. They are worthy to hold the No. 2 spot on this list.

01. Cartier – France

Cartier Top 10 Jewelry Brands in The World 2017

Who does not know of Cartier? It can top the list of the designer jewelry nine times out of ten. The quality of the Cartier jewelry can leave you spellbound. Found by the French designer. Louis-Francois Cartier in 1860, this jewelry is the favorite of the Royalty. One of the major patrons of the Cartier jewelry is the Duchess of Windsor. She used to wear a 6.5-inch diamond bracelet studded with onyx and emeralds. Can you guess the price? It cost a whopping $7 million.

You have just seen the top ten brands of jewelry. Each of them is out of reach of the common woman on the street. However, given the chance, she will also find it difficult to make her choice from this top 10 list. Each of the brands is a masterpiece. Therefore, one can say that there should be no ranking at all. All of them are fit to be No. 1.


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