Ten Highest Selling & Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World: Best for Makeup Lovers

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. Many people in this world take the help of makeup to look beautiful. Some persons change their look by wearing branded clothes or by taking the help of plastic surgery.

Women are very much interested in new brands, products and styles as it can enhance their look. Makeup products help to make a woman more attractive, beautiful and alter the look without changing the human body. Now, it becomes an essential part of their daily activities. Makeup lovers are always searching for best makeup brands.

There are many top brands in this world, which help to make you more beautiful and make your lifestyle easier. In this article, I am sharing best cosmetics brands in this world. You can change your look instantly by using any of these brands.

List of top 10 best and most Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World in 2017-2018

10. Maybelline3

Maybelline Top Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World 2017

This is one of the biggest brands of cosmetics. In 1915, this cosmetic brand was founded by the Thomas Lyle Williams. The company’s headquarters is located in New York, United States. From 1996, Loreal is the parent company of Maybelline. This brand is available in the whole world and also in the India. It provides skin care products, cosmetics products, and beauty products. This brand offers its modern and natural cosmetic products to every woman. The brand is created by advanced technology and makes the product accessible to all. The company is still releasing new products including eye studio as an eye product, Fit me as a facial product and color sensational for shading lips. Currently, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sponsoring this brand.

9. Urban decay

It is an American cosmetic brand and its headquarters is located in Newport Beach, California. In 1996, this brand as founded by Sandy Lerner, David Soward, Wende Zomnir and Patricia Holmes. The brand targets youngest customers to sell their products. This brand’s main products are nail color; face care and eye care products, beauty care products, body care and lips products. Loreal is the parent company of this brand. Some of the high level stores deal with this brand, including Ulta, Macy, Sephora and Nordstrom. The brand offers skin friendly and hygienic products, which is the main reason behind the popularity of this brand. Some of the best selling products of this brand are Naked Palettes, budge-proof mascaras, renowned Makeup Setting Spray and many more.

8. Covergirl

This brand was founded by the Noxzema Chemical Company in 1961. The company’s headquarters was located in Maryland, United States. The brand is available in the whole world. In 1989, this brand was attained by the Procter & Gamble and later in 2016, this brand is a part of Coty Inc Company. It is an American brand of cosmetics, makeup and beauty products. This brand offers a huge variety of makeup products including lip products, skincare, makeup, products for sun protection and many more. In the USA, this brand as also nominated as the best beauty care product company. The company offers a wide variety of cosmetic products at genuine rates.

7. Avon

This brand was founded in 1886 by the David H. McConnell. The company’s headquarters is located in the New York City, United States. This brand offers cosmetics products, skin care products, perfumes, personal and beauty care products, hair products, cloth and toys. The chairman of the company is Douglas R. Conant and CEO is Sherilyn S. McCoy. The brand sells products directly. All the products of this brand are luxurious and reliable.

6. Revlon

In 1932, Revlon, Inc. was started by Charles Revson. Revlon’s headquarters locates in New York, USA. This company produces skin care, personal care, cosmetics, and fragrances, and market them worldwide. In 1995, this brand was also launched in India. Today, Revlon brand is considered as the name in the beauty industry as it also added glamour to the face of many women. It helps the women to look beautiful by providing new products and colors. The brand offers a wide and high quality products in almost all beauty categories including skincare, cosmetics, nail color, hair care and hair color products, perfumes, and many other beauty products.

5. Neutrogena

Neutrogena Top Most Famous Cosmetic Brands in The World 2018

In 1930, this brand was founded by Emanuel Stolaroff in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1994, Emanuel Stolaroff started a company named as, Natone. The company’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, United States. That time the company provides its services in luxury hotels and dermatologists. In 1994, this company was purchased by the Johnson & Johnson in $924 million. It is an American brand that offers skin care products, cosmetics, body and bath products, cleanser, moisturizers, men’s skin products and hair care products. It also offers products for protecting against sun, acne products and anti aging products.

4. MAC

This is a cosmetics brand which manufacturer products in Toronto, Canada and also in the Toronto, Canada. In 1984, this brand was founded by by the Frank Toskan along with Frank Angelo. It is one of the top and excellent brand of beauty products which is used in all countries by everyone. The foundation and concealer of this brand have an excellent result. It offers all colors of lipstick, which are very pleasing in quality. The products of this brand are used by professional makeup artists and many other peoples in this world.

3. Loreal

It is one of the unique brand of makeup, which is favorite of many people in the world. It offers all products of makeup and cosmetics and complete the requirements of many people. It is one of the largest company of cosmetics products. In 1909, this company was founded by Eugène Schueller. This company has its headquarters in Clichy and an office in Paris. The company offers many products of hair color, hair care, make up products, products for protecting from sun, cosmetics, skin care, perfumes and many more. The research and development team of this brand is working continuously in the field of dermatology, bio pharmaceutical and in tissue engineering. This brand offers unique, modern and best cosmetics products to both men and women.

2. Oriflame

In 1967, this brand was founded by Jonas Jochnick, Robert Jochnick. The headquarters of the company is located in the Stockholm, Sweden. The chairman of the company is Alexander Jochnick and CEO is Magnus Brannstrom. The company offers various products including skincare products, perfumes, cosmetics and various products for wellness. All these products are very much appreciated by the customers. The company has around 7,500 employees. The company offers products in more than 60 countries. This company was originated in Sweden and the company has another office in Switzerland also.

1. Clinique

Clinique Top Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in The World 2018

Clinique is one the leading American cosmetic brand and it was founded in 1968. The company’s headquarters is located in the New York City. This brand is a part of Estee Lauder Companies. This brand is very gentle for sensitive skin. The sunscreen, concealers, blush, mascara and foundation products of this brand is very much impressive. The product of this brand is very much trustworthy. The product of this brand is coated with anti bacterial and are very safe to use. The brand provides dermatologist and allergen products to all of his customers. All the products of this brand are easily available from the high level departmental stores.

Every woman on this earth is beautiful in her own way. But to protect skin from harmful chemicals and UV rays of the sun, it is better to take care of it by using some best products. This article is all about the world’s top brands of cosmetics products and all are genuine. You can select any of these brands and enjoy their cosmetic products. Every brand from these top 10 brands is best in his own way. You may also get different shades of lipstick and skin care products with no harmful chemicals. These brands help to change the overall look of the women and makes them more attractive and beautiful.


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