Ten Best Seller Hair Dryer Brands in The World

Our good look depends heavily on the styling of our hair. Dry, frizzy, or rough hair in a way can damage our precious look.

Similarly, a well managed or a well-set hair can change the whole look, with or without makeup. Now, styling your hair every day can be a hectic job, as it requires lots of time and patience. Using chemical in our hair is not also a viable option as it can damage our hair permanently. In this segment, our hair dryers are the best options to style our hair every day.

Choosing the perfect hair dryer for your hair can be really difficult. The main demand from our hair dryer can be which can dry our hair quickly leaving it healthy and shiny. Some hair dryer can cost you $30; some can cost you $500. So, is it guaranteed that the $500 hair dryer can get you more shiny hair than the lesser priced hair Dryer? Well, the honest answer is no. Price is not always good parameter to judge the quality and performance of the hair Dryers. The brands of the hairdryers, in that case, are more reliable top judge a performance of the regular hair styling machine.

Let’s check out some of these hair dryer brands all through the world which is producing world class hair dryer to style our hair in a regular basis,

Checkout the top 10 Best Seller Hair Dryer Brands in The World in 2017-2018

10. Toni and Guy

Toni and Guy Top Famous Hair Dryer Brands in World 2017

This is a well-known hair styling brand which was founded by Toni Mascolo and his brother Guy Mascolo back in 1963. They had started their operation with a single hairdressing salon in London. They were the son of the famous hairdresser Francesco Mascolo of Italy. Today, Toni and Guy are global brands, which is extended by partnership with British fashion council. The hair dryers of Tony and Guy are prime hair dryers. Among the hair dryer range of the brand, the most popular are definitely the daily conditioning hairdryer. This hair dryer is good for using regularly, as it dries the hair in both high and low heat. The stylish model is also good for taking overseas during your travel.

9. Revlon

The cosmetics brand needs no introduction in the world of personal care. Founded and established in the elusive New York City of USA, this brand is ruling the cosmetics world from 1932. The brand first came to light with its nail enamel products. In the world of hair care, the brand has various ranges of products. The Pro Collection hair dryers of Revlon are one of the best choices of hair dryers.

8. John Frieda

John Frieda is the name of the celebrity hair stylist based in the UK. Today the named is the name of one of the best hair care brand worldwide. The brand is most famous for its salons which are extended to many parts of the world. Around the end of the 1880s, the name John Frieda had come into the fame with its revolutionary invention of innovative Frizz Ease hair serum, which had given the brand worldwide fame. Among all the hair dryers of John Frieda, the full volume hair dryer is one of the most popular of the bunch. The hair dryer turns the hair into silky and smooth even without the high heat. Thus, it offers a chance of glorious hair without harming our hair much. The price of the lightweight model can be defined as a moderate and easy reach.

7. Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is mostly an electronic company based in Japan. Although it is quite popular in the segments of electronic products like Television, refrigerators, mobile etc, the hair care products of Panasonic are also popular. Apart from the wide range of Hair dryers, it also has hair strengtheners, curlers etc. The most important about the hair dryer range of Panasonic is that there are wide varieties of products available in different ranges.

6. Harry Josh

This brand is definitely popular for the famous Harry Josh pro hair dryer. Harry Josh is one of the most popular hair stylists of New York City. The editorial stylist is popular for his work in British Vogue, Allure, GQ , Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Teen Vogue and V Magazine.

5. Dyson

Dyson Top Most Popular Hair Dryer Brands in World 2018

Dyson Ltd is a popular manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hair dryers, heater, blade less fan etc. The high speed, powerful Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of the revolutionary products in the world of hair dryers.

4. Centrix

Apart from the Hair dryers, this brand offers a range of hair styling products. From hair curler to scissors to trim your hair- this hair care brand had a range of products to offer you. Among all the hair dryers of Centrix, the Q-Zone’s hair dryer is one of the bestselling products of them. This item is specially designed for the people who have the sensitive scalp. Thus, this hair dryer tops the lists of the best selling hair dryers of the world.

3. Remington T studio

The Remington T studio is a personal care brand which is popular for its hair care products. The Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional hair dryer is most definitely one of the most popular hair dryers of the world.

2. BaByliss

This is one of the brands which are popular only as the creator of the hair dryers. Although the brand is a manufacturer of the personal care electronics, the most popular among them is most definitely the hair dryers. Apart from the hairdryers, they also have huge ranges of hair care products like trimmers, crimpers, strengtheners, tongs, hair clippers etc. it also have huge range of accessories like clips, bobbles, and slides, jaw clips, bobby pins, snap clips, barrette clips, snap clips, headbands , bobbles, brushes and hair extensions. The Pro TT Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer is the most popular hair dryer due to a recent survey.

1. Conair

Conair Top Most Famous Hair Dryer Brands in World 2018

This is an American company which produces small electronics products along with personal care products. Founded in 1959, this company has been producing electronics, beauty, and personal care products for both the professionals and the consumers. The company, in its startup days, used to produce hair rollers and then started to produce hair dryers gradually. Today, although the company has extended into producing various kinds of small electronics, the hair dryer is still their iconic product. The hairdryer and other products of Conair are available over 100 countries. Apart from the hair dryers, the company is also the manufacturer of the other innovative hair styling devices, like hair curler.

As we all are very much concerned about styling our hair in the healthiest way, the brands of our hair dryer also carry much value. Choosing the right brand for the hair dryer is like choosing the right hair stylist, as we know in his hand our precious hair will be safe and sound. The above mentioned list has summarized the best hair dryer brands in the World.


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