Would it not be a great idea to take birth in one of the richest families in the world? One can have all the comforts of life at his/her command. Do you think that life is very simple for them? In fact, they have to work much harder than we do to maintain their status. It does not take a long time for their riches to come to naught.

You have women heading some families as well today. This shows that women can be equally good at business in addition to being great homemakers. Some of the families have political leanings as well. We shall now look at the ten richest families in the world along with their worth. Their worth can send your minds in a spin. It would be literally difficult for the normal person to figure out the number of ‘zeroes; in their net worth.

In this list of the top 10 richest families 2022, you have representation from five different countries with the US having the highest number of families in the list. You have activities ranging from the print media to the luxury goods. You have the supermarket chain stores as well as the makers of candies. In addition, you have a royal family in the mix as well.

10. The Cox Family – United States: $34.5 billion

Richest families 2019

Founded in Dayton, Ohio, Cox Enterprises has three subsidiaries, Cox Communications, Cox Media Group, and Cox Automotive. James M Cox purchased the Dayton Daily News in 1898 to start the conglomerate. James Cox, a Democratic Governor of Ohio ran for the Presidency of the US as well but lost the race to Warren Harding in 1920. Today, his daughter Anne Cox Chambers, along with the children of her late sister, Barbara Cox, namely James C Kennedy and Clair Parry Okeden manage the show. With an overall worth of $ 34.5 billion, this family is 10th in the list of the top 10 richest families in the world today.

9. The Arnault Family – France: $37.7 billion

Richest families

Whenever you speak of luxury goods and fashion apparel, France occupies a pride of place. You have the luxury brands such as Moet, Hennessy, and Louis Vuitton. All these companies belong to the LVMH Group headed by Bernard Arnault, the 10th richest man in the world today. His son Antonie is the CEO of Berluti whereas his daughter Delphine is the Vice President at LVMH. With a family net worth of $ 37.7 billion, this family is 9th on this list.

8. The Bettencourt Family – France: $42.7 billion

Richest families

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. You have the best luxury goods companies dealing from France. At No 8 on this list, we have the Bettencourt Family. This family is in the cosmetics business. You must have heard the name, L’Oreal S.A. The Bettencourt family heads this cosmetics giant. Starting out as a small hair dye-manufacturing unit in 1909, this company has made great strides.

The credit for setting up this company goes to a French-German chemist by the name of Eugene Schueller. His daughter, Lilliane Bettencourt used to run the show after the death of her husband, Andre Bettencourt. Today, her grandson Jean-Victor is running the business. The family has a total worth of $ 42.7 billion with Lilliane having the credit of being the wealthiest woman in the world today.

7. The Cargill-MacMillan Family – United States: $45 billion

Richest families

At No 7, we have the Cargill-MacMillan family. This family is a unique family having the highest number of billionaires in the world, 14 in number. This family still holds 88% of the shares of the company, Cargill Inc.. Founded by William Wallace Cargill as a grain storage company in 1865, this company has interests in crops, foods, and trade commodities. The best part of this family is that they are still together. With a net worth of $45 billion, this company is the largest private company in the US today.

6. The Slim Family – Mexico: $77.1 billion

Richest families

After a couple of American and French families, we move southwards towards Mexico for its richest family, the Slim Family. Headed by Carlos Slim, the sixth richest man in the world today, this family is worth $ 77.1 billion to occupy the 6th position. The combined worth of the family is roughly equal to 6% of the Mexican GNP. His group, Grupo Carso controls more than 40% of the value of the Mexican Stock Exchange. His four children support him in this venture. This group has diverse interests such as arts, education & health care, sports, and downtown restoration. His sons manage these four sectors admirably. You can call, Carlos as the King of Mexico.

5. The Mars Family – United States: $80 billion

Richest families

People in the US would be familiar with Mars Candy. This candy company is the largest private candy company in the world. Founded by Franklin Mars in 1911, this family is worth $ 80 billion today making them the worthy No. 5 on this list. The credit of introducing the Mars bar and the M&Ms; does to Forrest Mars, son of Franklin. This family is an extremely secretive family with a majority of them not sharing their photos in public as well. They are an influential family having played an active role in forming a lobby to recommend the abolishment of estate tax.

4. The Koch Family – United States: $89 billion

Richest families

The Koch Family comes in at No 4 on this list. Founded by an engineer, Fred Koch in 1940, this company is the second largest privately owned company in the United States. Starting out as oil and refining company, they have subsidiaries in diverse fields such as commodity trading, finance, chemicals, etc. The credit for the growth of Koch Industries should go to David Koch and Charles Koch, both of whom figure in the top 10 list of richest men with an identical net worth. Koch Industries has a total net worth of $ 89 billion.

3. The Walton Family – United States: $152 billion

Richest families

Today, you can see supermarkets all around the world. Every supermarket owes its existence today to Walmart, one of the largest supermarket chains in the world. This company has the distinction of being the largest non-Government employer in the world with more than 2.1 million employees working for them all around the world. Opening its first store in 1962 by Sam Walton, this company is the pioneer in the setting up of franchisee stores. Operating under the name Wal-Mart since 2016, the company has revolutionised the industry by focusing on the smaller towns. The Walton family owns 54% of the total shares of the company, making them the 3rd richest family in the world.

2. The House of Saud – Saudi Arabia: $1.4 trillion

Richest families 2019

We now come to the top two richest families in the world. At No. 2, we have a royal family from Saudi Arabia. The Al-Saud family has ruled over Saudi Arabia since the eighteenth century. When you speak of Saudi Arabia, the only business that could come to mind is the oil business. This family controls a majority of the oil reserves today taking their total worth to about $ 1.4 trillion. Headed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the family has a leaning towards political affairs as well.

1. The Rothschild Family – Germany: $2 trillion

Richest families

From candies, oil, and supermarkets, we move on to the world of finance and banking. At No. 1 we have the Rothschild Family, associated with international banking since the start of the eighteenth century. The founder member of this banking group, Mayer Rothschild, was serving as the finance manager of the German Royal Family.

Having its roots in Germany, his five sons branched out into Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Paris, and Naples to start a multi-century financial empire. This family has a history of maintaining a low profile and hence it is very difficult to ascertain their actual net worth. However, reliable sources put their net worth in the range of $ 2 trillion, making them the richest family in the world today.

You could just see that these families have worked hard for at least a hundred years each over various generations to attain this position today. This proves that you do not get anything on a platter today. One has to work hard to achieve success, fame, and riches. You need a perfect sense of harmony as well to remain together.


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