Music holds a special place in the hearts of the audience. People feel relaxed by listening to the songs. Korean music industry is extremely popular in the whole world. There are tremendous Korean pop stars who are ruling over the hearts of the public at large.

Lots of contests are being held in the Korean music industry where K-Pop idols or we can say Korean Pop stars display their panache and public boost them up to raise young talent in the music industry. In the whole world, there are numerous numbers of pop stars, but in Korea, they are truly large in numbers.

Although, there are numerous well-known pop stars in Korea, yet we have brought a list of highest paid top 10 richest K-Pop idols as of 2022 which are as follows:

10. GOO HARA – Net Worth $9.5 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol 2022

Goo Ha-Ra was born 1991 in Gwangju in South Korea. Hara is a South Korean singer, dancer, artist and actress. She is non-religious with Asian Ethnicity. She was graduated from Dongmyeong Woman’s High School of Industry and Information. She has an older brother and grew up with her grandmother. Kara has made her debut in 2008. Strange Casting Season 2, Strong Heart, Invincible Youth, Sunday Sunday Night Hunters, Running Man, Inkigayo, Invincible Youth Season 2, I’m Your Substitute Angel, The Return of Superman, ON & OFF: The Gossip, A Style For You, are some TV shows she worked within. She has also shown her acting talent in the movie “Kara-The Animation (2013). She owns luxury houses and cars and this rich K-pop star has made a $9.5 Million property by city hunter.

9. TAEYANG – Net Worth $10 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

The full name of Taeyang is Dong-Young Bae who was born in 1988 in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do in South Korea. He is a South Korean singer and songwriter. Taeyang is the very famous personality of the South Korean entertainment industry. He is the member of the most famous band name Big Bang. He is very fond of playing different instruments like guitar, drums, and piano. His career takes off in the year 2006 and he took training for about 6 years.

After training of six years, he released his first album with the famous band the Big Bang. With Big Bang, he has released eight live albums and seven studios albums. In 2010, he started his solo career with the release of his debut solo album “Solar”. This album was a big success and opened the door of success for Taeyang. With the huge success of Solar, he has given back-to-back hits to the music industry.

8. IM YOONA – Net Worth $11 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

This beautiful lady was born in 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. YOONA is a reputed South Korean singer and actress and her height is 1.68 meters. In early childhood, she decided to choose singing as her profession as the girl group S.E.S. inspired her a lot. She has spent her 5 years in training in acting, singing, and dancing. During this interval, an SM choreographer inspired her to persuade with his singing talent with good dancing skills.

Her journey to achieve the goal was not so easy as she had gone through about 200 auditions for commercials, music video, and drama. Finally, her hard work played and she got recognition for her leading role in “You Are My Destiny” drama in 2008. She got back-to-back opportunities in drama and in 2012; she has appeared in at least 20 commercials. Soon she became the first overseas endorser of Alcon Taiwan. This beautiful diva is getting constant success in her life now.

7. Sandara Park – Net Worth $13 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

Sandara is a South Korean Singer, Actress and a host who was born in 1984. She is popularly known be her stage name “Dara”. She is a Multi- talented personality, is a fashion and beauty icon and a famous actress. She was honored with the National title as “Pambansang krungkrung ng Pilipinas”. She started her music career with the extended play named “Sandara”, which was seen in the top charts and has sold more than 100,000 copies. She has also recorded an anthem which became a worldwide hit “In or out”.

She played a role of the main lead in her first movie “Bcuz of U” in 2004 and won the award for Best New Actress at the PMPC star awards. After this, she did comedy films and signed up with the entertainment company. She judged a show named “Pinoy Boyband superstar” in 2016 and currently host a show “Get it beauty”.

6. KWON BOA – Net Worth $14.5 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

Kwon is a famous Singer and Actress of the South Korea and Japan, who was born in 1986 at Guri, Gyeonggi province in South Korea. She is popularly known by her stage name “BOA”. She released her debut album “ID; Peace B” in 2000 and also her Japanese debut album “Listen to My heart” in 2002. She is the only artist of the Foreign whose three albums sold more than one million copies in the Japan. She is one of the artists who is famous on the “Oricon” chart continuously for her studio album.

5. LEE JI- EUN – Net Worth $15 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

Lee, a very famous Korean Singer, Songwriter and Actress is known by the stage name “IU”. She wanted to become an international singer from her childhood. In 2007, she signed a Contract with LOEN Entertainment as a trainee. She started her music career at the age of 15 with her debut album “Lost and Found”.

After this she did many Hit albums in her career such as Growing up, IU and IM, Gangnam Style, Hold my Hand, Modern Times, A Flower Bookmark and so on. In 2010, the album “Real” took her up on the Cloud of success as a National Star. Her famous Hit “Good Day” was in the Top position on the “Gaon Digital Chart” for five continuous weeks. This is the biggest record of her career. She has been in the list of Annual Korean Celebrity in 2012 and reached the position three.

4. JUNG JI HOON – Net Worth $18 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

Jung JI Hoon was born in 1982 at Seosan in South Korea. He is known by his Stage name “Rain”. He is a multi-Talented artist. He is a South Korean Songwriter, Singer, Actor as well as music producer. In his career, he did numerous concerts, 28 solo songs and seven albums out of which 6 albums are in Korean and one is in Japanese. His Third Korean album, It’s Raining in 2004 was the biggest hit of his life.

This album sold a million of copies in the Asia. After this Huge Breakthrough success, he established as an international star. In 2003, he debuted in the Acting world with the Drama “Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School” He is known as a Hallyu Star after his lead role in the pan- Asia hit drama “Full House”. His Debuted in the Hollywood by the film Speed Racer in 2008. He also has set up his own company in 2015 which is known as R.A.I.N Company.

3. G Dragon – Net Worth $22 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

Kwon Ji-Yong whose stage name is G-Dragon is a well-known singer, songwriter, composer and fashion designer. He has worked with famous Korean group Big Bang. Until now, he has written 22 songs. His each album has become successful in garnering huge publicity. Among those all, his album, Heartbreaker (2009) has taken away whole attention and more than 2, 00,000 copies were sold worldwide. For his outstanding work, he got numerous awards as well. He got his name listed in the Forbes Asia magazine as the most influential person. In the world of music and fashion, he has been entitled as the most influential leader.

2. CHOI SI WON – Net Worth $35.6 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

The famous singer, songwriter, actor and model, Choi Si-won was born on April 7 in 1987. He is worldwide popular and has appeared on Chinese postage stamps. He is an important part of the South Korean boy band Super Junior. He has worked in the Korean dramas as well. He featured in several movies as well and got famous with each of his roles. Slowly and steadily, he got the fame by working in different ventures. He got popularity in the music industry with his famous pop songs, which garnered a huge public response.

1. PSY – Net Worth $45 Million

Richest K-Pop Idol

PSY is top on this list of Richest K-Pop Idols 2022. Park Jae Sang popularly known as PSY is a most popular Korean singer, lyricist, record producer and so on. He is famous as a “King of YouTube” as his music album ‘Gangnam Style’ created a huge bustle on YouTube by having more than one billion views. He became successful in creating the history, that how a person from small town became an international star with his continuous and tireless efforts. MTV recognised his talent and gave him the name “Viral Star of 2012”. He got more prestige from his live stage performance in a globally televised New Year’s Eve celebration, 2012. He has set the paragon for others that your origin does not matter; all what one needs is a dedication to the goal.

Over the year, Koreans has been able to leave a mark in minds of people worldwide. These Korean stars talent does not lie in Korea alone, but they are famous in the whole universe. Their songs and their style rocked the whole world and people just love to hear them. That is the reason; they are popular as top K-Pop stars in the hearts of people.


  1. sorry guys but THAT RANKING IS FAKE & FRAUD!!!

    GD has written more than 100 songs, not just 22 songs.
    Psy has a net worth of $60 million, not just $45million
    Yoona has a net worth of more than $40 million, not just $11million


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