Voice actors are recognised as the personality whose voices may be more identifiable than their names or also their faces. Their immense contribution through voice has made them to attain heights of success and have ranked in the wildly big bucks.

To get clear idea about them, you can think of your favourite animated characters, or the people who convey those characters to real life, after that, you can imagine how much they earn for that immense task. After imagining this, you can expect that these voice actors would earn double, triple, quadruple amount all over the world.

Get to know how these voice actors made progress and what their earning figures are from below section: Here are the top 12 richest voice actors around the world in 2022.

12. Yeardley Smith – Net Worth $55 Million:

Richest Voice Actors 2019

Yeardley Smith is a French-born American voice actress, actress, comedian, writer, author, and painter. The voice actress is finest identified for her long-running character as Lisa Simpson on the famous animated television series entitled The Simpsons. Being a child, Smith was frequently provoked because of her voice and by now she is renowned for her melodious voice.

This voice actress gained worthy income as she voiced Lisa for three seasons played on The Tracey Ullman Show, as well as in year 1989, the shorts were turned off into their personal half-hour show entitled The Simpsons. For her performance as the character, Smith gained a Primetime Emmy Award in year 1992 for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance.

11. Julie Kavner– Net Worth $50 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Julie Kavner is an American film and television actress, comedian and voice actress known since decades. This voice actress initially gained notice for her character played as Valerie Harper’s character’s younger sister named Brenda in the sitcom entitled Rhoda for which she received a prestigious Primetime Emmy Award.

Until year 1998, Kavner was earning $30,000 per episode after which her earnings increased rapidly. Kanver has contributed voice-over performance in films namely The Lion King 1½, Dr. Dolittle and an unaccredited role in form of an announcer in A Walk on the Moon. The most recent live-action film by her was a character of the mother of Adam Sandler’s personality in film entitled Click. Apart from being a voice actress, Kanver has also performed with Tracey Ullman in the famous HBO sketch comedy series entitled Tracey Takes On.

10. Dan Castellaneta– Net worth $60 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Dan Castellaneta is an American actor, voice actor, screenwriter and comedian known since decades. This voice actor was known for his long-running character played as Homer Simpson on the animated television series entitled The Simpsons. Apart from this, he even voices several other characters on the show, containing Barney Gumble, Abraham “Grampa” Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Sideshow Mel, Mayor Quimby and Hans Moleman. Castellaneta resides in a lavish house in Los Angeles with his wife named Deb Lacusta.

9. Nancy Cartwright – Net Worth $60 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Nancy Cartwright is an American voice actress, television and film actress, as well as she worked as a comedian. This voice actress is acknowledged for her long-running character as Bart Simpson on the animated television series entitled The Simpsons. Apart from this, Cartwright even voices other roles for the show, comprising Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Kearney, Todd Flanders, and Database. In year 2000, the voice actress has published her autobiography entitled My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy, and after four years of her autobiography, she was adjusted it into a one-woman play.

8. Harry Shearer– Net Worth $65 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Harry Shearer is renowned as an American voice actor, actor, comedian, writer, musician, radio host, author, director and producer. In major part of his career, he is identified for his long-running characters on The Simpsons, his performance on Saturday Night Live, the comedy band named Spinal Tap and his radio program entitled Le Show. Shearer worked as a cast member on two occasions of Saturday Night Live, in period 1979–80, and 1984–85. Apart from this, Shearer earned great amount by co-creating, co-writting and co-starring in year 1984 film entitled This Is Spinal Tap.

7. Hank Azaria– Net Worth $70 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Hank Azaria goy major prominence being an American actor, voice actor, and he also worked as a comedian and producer. Azaria is recognised for featuring in the animated television sitcom entitled The Simpsons (1989–present), voicing Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Carl Carlson, Comic Book Guy, and many others. He even had done recurring roles on the famous television series entitled Mad About You and Friends, performed the title role in the drama entitled Huff, and performed in the famous stage musical Spamalot.

6. Mike Judge – Net Worth $75 Million:

Richest Voice Actors 2019

Mike Judge is a famous American actor, writer, animator, producer, director, and musician with net worth of $75 million. He is acclaimed for creating the television series entitled Beavis and Butt-Head and known as a co-creator of the television series namely The Goode Family, King of the Hill, and Silicon Valley. Because of his high prominence he gained high earnings and won a Primetime Emmy Award, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, two Annie Awards for King of the Hill, and Satellite Awards for Silicon Valley.

5. Jim Henson– Net Worth $90 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Jim Henson was an American artist, puppeteer, cartoonist, screenwriter, inventor, film director and producer who attained worldwide fame as the maker of the Muppets. Other than this, Henson has too grossed introduction into the Television Hall of Fame and attained this honor in year 1987. Henson turned as famous voice actor in era of 1960s when he collaborated up the children’s educational television program entitled Sesame Street, and supported to develop roles for the series.

4. Seth MacFarlane– Net Worth $200 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Seth MacFarlane is an American voice actor, cartoonist, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter and actor, with a high estimated net worth of $200 million. Seth is even noted to be one of the creators of American Dad! which was released since year 2005. The voice actor co-created American Dad! with Mike Barker and Matt Weitzma. His major earnings comes form he being a co-creator of The Cleveland Show which was released from year 2009 through 2013.

3. Matt Stone– Net Worth $300 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Matt Stone is an American voice artist, animator, and screenwriter with a high projected net worth of $300 million. He earned major part of his income by co-creating the controversial, satirical cartoon named “South Park” with his friend named Trey Parker. It was first released in year 1997 and the show rapidly became one of Comedy Central’s most famous shows.

2. Trey Parker– Net Worth $300 Million:

Richest Voice Actors

Randolph Severn Parker III who is usually identified as Trey Parker has an assessed net worth of $350 million presently. This voice actor is known as voice artist, animator, screenwriter, producer, director, and musician, apart from being a voice actor. Parker is finest acknowledged as the co-creator of South Park with best friend named Matt Stone. You can estimate that Parker earned great amount as he has won four Emmy Awards, four Emmy Awards as well as one Grammy Award.

1. Matt Groening– Net Worth $5 Billion:

Richest Voice Actors 2019

Matt Groening is presently known as an American cartoonist, writer, producer, animator, and voice actor of course, with high net worth of $5 billion. This voice actor is the creator of the comic strip entitled Life in Hell, the television series entitled The Simpsons and Futurama. Groening has received 10 awards for The Simpsons, 12 Primetime Emmy Awards, and two for Futurama. In year 2016, it was declared that Groening is in discussion with Netflix to form a recent animated series. Netflix is an animation series in consideration giving the series a two-season order, with 20 episodes in overall.

Various TV series, animation series and films in which you observe melodious or unique voice are creation made by these prominent voice actors. These voice actors have made immense contribution since decades by earning a sizable income.


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