10 Richest Authors in The World Right Now: A good writing can give goosebumps

Apart from sources of entertainment, books can help us relieve the stresses of today’s life, transform our view of the world, and encourage people around us to change their lives. There are many great people in the world who have passion and zeal of writing which they have transformed into their business.

Because of their consistent writing success and excellent work, they have become today a millionaire by becoming a author. The highest-paid author on the list grossed almost five times higher than the second wealthiest, depicting just how profitable the book industry has become.

Are you interested in knowing who are the great people who became millionaire just by writing and composing their written work? Well, below section will help you get a detailed picture of this:

List of top 10 most famous and Richest Authors in The World in 2017-2018

10. Stephenie Meyer- $125 Million

Stephenie Meyer Top Popular Richest Writers-Authors in The World Right Now 2017

Stephenie Meyer is an American young adult fiction writer as well as worked as a film producer, who is finest identified for her vampire romance series entitled Twilight. The Twilight novels written by her have attained global recognition as well as sold more than 100 million copies, having translations made into 37 languages. It was known that Meyer was the bestselling author of years 2008 and 2009 in country-America, with sell of more than 29 million books in 2008, as well as 26.5 million books in year 2009 respectively.

After her best-selling twilight book series, Stephenie Meyer has by now a net worth of 125 million dollars. This author was ranked No. 49 on Time magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in 2008”,as well as she was positioned in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list of the world’s most influential celebrities in year 2009, ranking at No. 26. In year 2010, Forbes has ranked Meyer as the No. 59 most powerful celebrity having yearly earnings of $40 million.

9. Dean Koontz- $125 Million

Dean Koontz is known for his horror sci-fi as well as thriller books majority of which have been accepted for films. It is identified that several of his novels are sold in and around Orange County, in California. The writer lives with his wife named Gerda (Cerra), in Newport Coast, California after the gates of famous Pelican Hills.

You can perceive his wealth as in year 2008; Dean was the world’s sixth most maximum paid author, collaborated with John Grisham, at $25 million yearly. Dean Koontz wrote under a variety of pen names before in his writing career, containing “Leigh Nichols”, “David Axton”, and “Brian Coffey”. The writer from California has sold more than 450 million copies as mentioned on his official website.

8. Nora Roberts- $150 Million

Each of the books written by Roberts has jumped up to the top list of the New York Times for years presently and it is known that she has written over ten thousand novels. Nora Roberts has passion to write the island trilogy, trilogies: the night trilogy, the storm trilogy and many such novels. Nora Roberts is considered one of the most successful romance writers all over the world which is the reason why she earns a hefty amount of wealth. This female writer has also publishes under the pseudonym J. D. Robb and Jill March, as well as in the UK under Sarah Hardesty.

7. Jackie Collins- $180 Million

Jackie Collins holds record of writing more than 29 best-selling novels, many of which have been accepted for both feature films as well as TV series. Her novels written and appearance of the same in films, TV made her to earn high net worth of $180 million dollars. Collins has wrote 32 novels, all of which ranked on The New York Times bestsellers list and overall, her books have made sell of more than 500 million copies and it ha been translated into 40 different languages.

6. John Grisham- $200 Million

Having set record of more than 2 million copies of best sellers, John Grisham is one of the most popular book authors of the previous decade. Through adaptations for few major film launches to his credit he has presently attained a high net worth of 200 million dollars. It is known that by year 2012, his books have made sell of more than 275 million copies globally. Grisham is acknowledged as A Galaxy British Book Awards winner, and he is one of only three authors to make sell of 2 million copies on a first printing itself.

5. Tom Clancy- $300 Million

Tom Clancy Top Most Famous Richest Writers-Authors in The World Right Now 2018

Tom Clancy got his writing career kicked off with the block buster named Red October and the author specializes in spy novels, majority of which were accepted for films with huge casts. Clancy became so rich by his success that he grossed $300 million net worth from which he owns a 80-acre estate, located in Calvert County, at Maryland. Om Clancy also owns a stone mansion, which d $2 million, consisting of 24 rooms and includes a shooting range in the basement.

4. Danielle Steel- $310 Million

Danielle Steel is the daughter of a Jewish-German father and a Portuguese mother and this writer was brought up as an only child in France. In her early days while studying, Steel has attended many European schools. The writer has sold nearly half a billion books and she was married five times in her life time, has nine children. Some of her novels highlight regarding the girl who is being abused at home and how the hard-hearted mother lastly drives her off to a convent school.

3. Stephen King- $400 Million

In his writing career, Stephen King has written more than 50 best-selling novels and sold more than 350 million books. All his books combine with several film adaptations, television shows, comic books and so he has gathered a high value of 400 million dollars. Because of his writing passion, King has published 54 novels, comprising seven under the pen name -Richard Bachman, as well as published six non-fiction books. The author has written around 200 short stories, majority of which have been gathered in famous book collections.

2. James Patterson- $570 Million

James Patterson has written best sellers covering several styles with book sales that alone made income of 300 million, while his present net worth is 310 million dollars. Apart from this, the aged writer has long worked in field of advertising. He has good sense of exactly what the readers want, and he presents it to them: emotions, thrill, etc. Patterson has also become one of the global best-selling authors and his books have made sell of more than over 100 million copies and it has been translated into 40 different languages.

1. JK Rowling- $1 Billion

JK Rowling Top Most Famous Richest Writers-Authors in The World Right Now 2018

JK Rowling was earlier rejected by around 10 top publishes, but through her consistent effort she went from rags to riches after her Harry Potter series got published. Because of this great success, Rowling today owns a high worth $1 billion dollars. She is also known as a British novelist, screenwriter as well as film producer apart from best recognised as the author of the Harry Potter series.

Her books written have attained global attention, won many awards, and sold over 400 million copies. It was estimated that Rowling’s fortune reaches £600 million according to The 2016 Sunday Times Rich List, which ranked her as the joint 197th richest person all over the UK.

Writers/authors listed here have made immense contribution in this field which made their work to be sold worldwide along with winning many awards and recognition. Because of their consistent writing efforts, they have turned to be the richest individual presently.


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