Ten Most Populated Cities in The World and the Reason of Population Growth

All the inhabitants of a particular place consisting of residents, citizens, community, society, natives, etc is termed as population. From past two to three decades we can see a rapid increase in the population in the globe.

Which has resulted in widespread consumption of natural resources, pollution, unemployment, poverty, epidemics, hunger, etc. if the current trend continues, the human race and the planet earth are in tremendous danger.

• Some of the causes of rise in population are:

1. Decline in death rate
2. Better medical facilities
3. Poverty
4. Immigration
5. Technological advancement in the field of maternity.
6. Lack of family planning and lack of education infrastructure.

According to an UN publication named “World Urbanisation Prospects” the top 10 most populated cities proper in the world are.

Here are the top 10 Most Populated Cities in The World in 2017-2018

10. Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India Top Most Populated Cities in The World 2017

Population: 12,442,373 and Increasing

Mumbai is a metropolitan city of India and the state capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the wealthiest city of the country and records the highest GDP all over central, south and west Asia. It also accommodates the highest billionaires and millionaires in the country. Apart from being the wealth capital it is also the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It generates 6.16% of the country’s GDP, 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade and 70% of capital transactions to Indian economy.

Mumbai is a true cosmopolitan city in nature housing migrants from all over the country, making it a mixture and a hub of culture. In 2008 the city was named as an alpha world city. The area of the city is 603.4 square kilometre and the population density is a humongous 20680 people per square kilometre.

9. Guangzhou, Republic of China

Population: 13,080,500 and Increasing

Guangzhou is a sub provincial city of China located on the Pearl River. It is a major port and transportation hub of china and was once a terminus of maritime Silk Road. Guangzhou is the third most populated city in mainland china. It is ranked as a Beta+ global city. The city is best known for its annual Canton Fair, the largest and oldest fair in China. From 2013 to 2015 the city was ranked as the best commercial city in mainland china by Forbes. The total area of the city is 7434.4 square kilometer and the population density is 1759 people per square kilometer.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Population: 13,513,734 and Increasing

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and the most populous metropolis in the world. Tokyo has around 51 of fortune 500 companies. Apart from that it ranks third in the international financial development index edit. Tokyo is also an alpha+ world city, listed by GaWC in 2008. Tokyo has many awards under its belt. It was named as best overall experience of world city survey by trip advisor.

It also ranks first in the following categories helpfulness by locals, nightlife, shopping, local public transportation and cleanliness of streets. Tokyo is also the most livable city of 2015. Safety of public is also a top priority of the city as a result Tokyo is also the safest city in the world and also ranks third in the world to be a university student. The total area of the city is 2191 square kilometer and the population density is 6168 people per square kilometer.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Population: 14,160,467 and Increasing

Istanbul historically known as Constantinople is the 7th most populous city in the world. It is the capital city of Turkey and also the administrative center of Istanbul metropolitan municipality. It is a historic, cultural and economic center. The city is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, located across Bosporus strait, between the Marmara Sea and Black Sea. Two third of the population of the city resides on the European continent and the remaining on the Asian continent. The city is a tourist attraction with around 12.5 million tourists visiting the city in year 2015. Istanbul was named European Culture Capital in the year 2010. The area of the city is 5461 square kilometer and the population density is 2591 people per square kilometer.

6. Tianjin, Republic of China

Population: 15,200,000 and Increasing

Tianjin the sixth most populous city in the world and is also the fourth most populous city of china. It is a municipality city. It is one of the five central cities of the country and is located in the northern coastal mainland China. Tianjin serves as a major sea port gateway to the capital city of Beijing. The city of Tianjin is a dual core city. The main urban area is located on the Hai River and the other core called Binhai is located on the Coast of Bohai Sea. The Binhai area of the city is an advanced industrial hub and a center of financial activity in the country. In the year 2010, 285 out of 500 fortune companies were located in the Binhai area. The total area of the city is 11760 square kilometer and density of population is 1293 people per square kilometer.

5. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria Top Most Popular Populated Cities in The World 2018

Population: 16,060,303 and Increasing

Lagos the fifth most populous city of the world is Nigeria’s and Africa’s largest city. The city is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The megacity of Lagos has the highest GDP in the country as well as in the entire continent of Africa. The port of Lagos is the busiest port on the African continent. Lagos is the capital of Nigeria. The city is a collection of islands namely Lagos Island, Apapa, Amuwo-Odofin and Eti-Osa. The area of the city is 1171.28 square kilometer and the density of population is 13712 people per square kilometer.

4. Delhi, India

Population: 16,787,941 and Increasing

Delhi, the capital city of India is the fourth most populous city in the world and the second most populous in the country. Delhi is a metropolitan city and a Union Territory. Located on the banks of river Yamuna, it is the second wealthiest city of the country behind Mumbai with a collective wealth of $450 billion. The city of Delhi is a historical city which has been inhabited since the 6th century. Delhi ranks as the most productive metro area of the country. The area of the city is 1484 square kilometer and the population density is 11,313 people per square kilometer.

3. Beijing, Republic of China

Population: 21,526,000 and Increasing

Beijing, the capital city of Republic of China, is the third most populous city of the world and second most in the country. Like shanghai it is also a municipality. Beijing is the hub for the country’s states owned companies, national highway, express way, and the most popular high speed trains, also known as bullet trains.

The Beijing Capital International Airport is the second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic in the world. The Beijing sub way system is the busiest in the world and second longest in the world behind the country’s shanghai sub way. The total area of the city is 16410.5 square kilometer. The population density of the city is 1311 people per square kilometer.

2. Karachi, Pakistan

Population: 23,500,000 and Increasing

Karachi is a metropolitan corporation of the Asian country Pakistan. This mega cosmopolitan city is Pakistan’s main industrial, transportation and financial centre. Situated near the Arabian Sea, it hosts two of the Pakistan’s mega ports called the Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim. Karachi’s airport is also the busiest airport of the country. The city generates Pakistan’s 20% GDP and one third of the tax revenue. The total area of Karachi is 3527 square kilometer and population density of about 6663 people per square kilometer.

1. Shanghai, Republic of China

Shanghai, Republic of China Top Most Famous Populated Cities in The World 2018

Population: 24,256,800 and Increasing

Shanghai is a municipality city of China. It is a global financial hub and hosts the world’s busiest container port. Shanghai became a dominating Chinese force in the 19th century because of its important location in the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai is a major administrative, shipping and trading city of the republic of china. The city has an area of 6,340.5 square kilometer. The population density of shanghai is 3826 people per square kilometer. The most renowned places of the city are Lujiazui skyline, museums, historic buildings like The Bund, City God Temple and the garden called Yu Garden.

Other most populated cities proper in the world are:

11. Moscow, Russia
Population: 12,380,664
Area: 2510.12 sq/km
Density: 4859 sq/km

12. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Population: 12,038,175
Area: 1521.11 sq/km
Density: 7914 sq/km

13. Shenzhen, Republic of China
Population: 10,467,400
Area: 1991.64 sq/km
Density: 5256 sq/km

14. Jakarta, Indonesia
Population: 10,075,310
Area: 664 sq/km
Density: 15171 sq/km

15. Lahore, Pakistan
Population: 10,052,000
Area: 1772 sq/km
Density: 5673 sq/km

These all listed cities are most populated in the world which is not a very good sign for all of us. Throughout the article we got know about their population.


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