Who’s the wealthiest rapper in 2021? Being a rapper in this generation is one of the toughest jobs as your every song is scrutinized strongly and your every move is monitored by the paparazzi. Even more so when most of them have rags to riches stories.

You might have noticed most of the rappers have their roots in backward areas which acts as a huge positive in their quest towards the success as it helps them develop a down-to-earth and never giving up kind of attitude. Most of the rappers probably deserve every chunk of happiness or success they get as through hard work and talent they have managed to force their way from the bottom to the top.

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Look at the legendary Eminem and how much he had to go through before he managed to become one of the best rappers in the history. In fact, he was the one who led the way for white rappers which was considered a taboo at that point. Eminem inspired numerous white rappers to give rapping a go and make it big in the music industry.

I’m sure lot of you will be wondering how much your favorite rappers make and how much is their net worth. That’s why we have decided to make a list of richest rappers 2021. Let’s have a look.

8. Ice Cube – $140 Million

Richest Rappers in the world 2019

Ice Cube is not only a great actor whom we have seen in numerous super hit movies, but he is also a highly talented rapper. Before he made it big in the Hollywood scene, he had a prolific career as a successful rapper and sold over 40 million albums. His success in the music industry has garnered him $140 Million.

Ice Cube started his journey in the city of Compton, California and soon became close friends with Snoop Dogg, another aspiring rapper. Two of them had a family-friendly relationship over the next decade and helped each other rise towards the top.

The amazing story of Ice Cube and his group NWA can be seen in the upcoming flick “Straight Outta Compton”. While you might not be able to see how he made the transition from a huge rapper to comedy actor but you can still see how the revolution started in the late 80s.

7. Eminem – $160 Million

Richest Rappers

Next on the list is the Real Slim Shady, none other than the Legendary Eminem. Eminem has been a source of motivation for several aspiring rappers and will continue to be one for many years to come. His life story is one of the most aspiring and motivational stories you will ever come across.

He has been one of the most successful artists of all times thanks to his numerous hits that have helped him become the top-selling hip hop artist of all time as he has sold around 50 million albums and 40 million digital downloads. His incredible success has also helped him rack up over $160 million in net worth.

He started out in the slums of Detroit on 8 Mile Road and had several personal problems related to the family. But through incredible hard work and immense dedication, he has managed to build quite a career for himself which has enabled him to laugh at his haters after he has proved everyone wrong and become a successful white rapper.

6. Birdman – $170 Million

Richest Rappers

Next on the list is Bryan Williams or better known as Birdman. He has been a successful rapper and has had a long and influential career from the late 80s until this day. He has also found two incredibly successful record labels Cash Money Records as well as Big Tymers that are helping him become not only a successful rapper but also a successful producer and entrepreneur.

Even though Birdman hasn’t had as many hits as most on this list, but his own record label has helped him generate a path to fortune that most producers lack. Whenever you hear a rap or hip hop song where “Cash Money” is uttered in the beginning, you can be sure that is from Birdman’s label. He currently has some issues with Lil’ Wayne who is also the owner of Cash Money, but it is highly expected that the two won’t do anything crazy which might harm their record label.

5. 50 Cent – $270 Million

Richest Rappers 2019

Starting the top 5 is none other than Curtis Jackson III or better known as 50 Cent. He is easily one of the most famous rappers of all time thanks to his unique name as well as unique rapping style. An interesting fact about 50 Cent is that he actually owes most of his fortune to a deal with Vitamin Water as he has earned over $100 million from his stock in that company. 50 Cent has invested wisely which has helped him amass an estimated net worth of $270 million.

He has also starred in his own Biopic “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. Well, not only has to become rich and successful but he is also alive after all of that. That’s not to say that his life has been easy, as once when he was a young man in New York City, he was shot through the cheeks yet he survived.

4. Master P – $350 Million

Richest Rappers

Number 4 on the list is Percy Robert Miller or better known as Master P. He started his career in 1991 with a solo album and since then his stock has grown higher and higher. Master P is one of the richest rappers thanks to his amazing investments and the record label that he owns. He has managed to amass a fortune of an unimaginable $350 million.

He had few hits as a solo act with his most notable song being “Make Em Say Ugh” which was released in 1997.

An interesting fact about Master P that most people don’t know is that he was once a professional NBA player. The teams he played for, Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Rappers put him on the roster before 1998 and 1999 seasons respectively, but unfortunately, he never managed to make the regular season. Later, he went on to play for Fort Wayne Fury in Indiana and then the Las Vegas Rattlers before calling it a day.

3. Dr. Dre – $740 Million

Richest Rappers

Number 3 on the list is arguably one of the biggest and most successful rappers of all time, Dr. Dre. I’m sure there is no one who would have expected any other rapper to top the list. Andre Romelle Young or Dr. Dre is one of the most prolific rappers ever after he began his career in 1984. He was already a highly successful rapper himself before he made further strides into greatness after becoming the head of Aftermath Entertainment in 1996. The label signed Busta Rhymes and Eminem, and both these rappers got off to a fantastic start and delivered numerous hits one after the other.

To add the cherry on top of the cake that is Dr. Dre’s career, he also started his music equipment company named Beats by Dre which sold equipment like earphones and headphones. The company was insanely successful, and its headphones were used by most of the high-profile artists and celebrities. Recently, Apple acquired Beats by Dre for over $3 billion.

2. P. Diddy – $825 Million

Richest Rappers

Second on the list is Sean Combs or better known as Puff Daddy or just Diddy. He has managed to build a massive empire which is hard to match for most. He has ventured into several territories, from Rapping to Restaurants to even fashion. His amazing investments have helped him become one of the most successful and richest rappers of all time as his net worth is over $825 million.

He might not have featured in many hit songs over the past few years, yet his net worth is only going in the upward direction. Last year only he managed to earn more than $100 million, most of which was due to his Revolt TV (a music channel owned by Diddy).

1. Jay Z – $900 Million

Top 10 Richest Rappers 2019

The number one on this list is the legendary producer and rapper Jay Z. He has had an amazing and prolific career since 1996 and has managed to sell over 75 million albums worldwide. He also owns his own record label, Roc Nation which manages artists like Rihanna and Kanye West which has made into a highly successful businessperson. All of that has helped him to rack up a massive $900 Million in net worth.

What’s even more amazing about his life is that he is married to one of the most notable singers in the world, the Queen bee Beyonce. The pair is always seen together at big events such as the Grammy’s and other important award shows. They also feature sometimes in the music videos of the other one.

These are some of the wealthiest rappers in the world as of 2021 who have made it big not only in the music industry but also in ventures outside their musical world. If you are a successful rapper, there is only one advice that you should keep in mind; you should never be afraid to express themselves, and you should feel confident about who you are. Rappers like Eminem have shown that even if you are different, you can always succeed if you work hard and give it your best shot.


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