Glass is a substance that has wide applications in our day-to-day life. It serves a lot of industries like construction, transportation, electronics, medical, ceramics and energy. At homes, the windows are en suite with glass pieces that provide us clear vision and hinder the outside materials from entering our room. Mirrors are placed in our rooms for us to have a clear outlook of our appearance and aid us in dressing-up. Glass is also used in manufacturing cups and drinking glasses. It forms the lens of eyeglasses we wear and allows us to perceive well.

They are fitted in our vehicles permitting us to see objects behind us thereby providing us with ease in driving. Apart from these, glasses can also be used to aesthetically enhance our buildings. Its pieces are used in decorative items such as clocks, mirrors, vases, furniture, tube lights, paintings and stained glasses. Glass can be transparent, opaque or translucent depending upon the purpose and type of glass needed. Glass is conductor of heat but insulator of electricity and is non-absorptive as well as non-porous. There is plethora of brands that manufactures glass and out of all these brands we have come up with our list of top 12 best manufacturing companies in the world 2022.

12. PPG Industries

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World 2019

PPG Industries is an elite company that is headquartered at Pittsburg. It produces coatings, glass, speciality materials and fiberglass. The company had massive sales of around $ 1.1 billion last year in its glass segment. It manufactures finest quality glass. The company uses oxy-fuel furnace technology for its Starphire glass thereby becoming the first company in the world to do so. It employs advanced technology in manufacturing glasses. The company operates 141 manufacturing units in 44 countries and has around 46k employees.

11. Morgan Advanced Materials

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

The company is headquartered at Windsor Berkshire, England. It produces advanced materials that include carbon-based materials, composites, refactories and ceramics. It manufactures glass of superior quality mainly in three categories i.e. opaque, transparent and translucent in order to serve various industries and purposes. It has about 100 manufacturing units in 30 countries and employs more than 9k people.

10. RHI AG

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

RHI AG headquartered at Vienna in Austria, is a premier company that serves industries like cement, steel, glass, energy, nonferrous metals and chemicals. It produces over 1.7 million tons of refactory each year. The company supplies customized products and system solutions. The company has more than 700 sales offices, 33 production units and boasts of having more than 8k employees. It serves over 10k customers all across the globe.

9. CoorsTek, Inc

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Coors Tek is a renowned and esteemed company that produces tons of ceramic products. It products are used in semiconductors, oil and gas, air and defense, automotives, rail industry, household durables, energy and mining. The company operates 50 units that are running in 14 countries and has employed around 6k people.

8. Vesuvius plc

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Vesuvius is a venerated company that has it headquarters in London, England. The company specialises in foundry technologies, advanced refectories and steel flow control. It is known for providing superior quality of glass that can be used in a host of industries. The company has its branches across 38 countries and boasts of employing more than 12k individuals.

7. Schott AG

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Schott AG is a German company that proffers glass of finest quality and serves a lot of industries. It offers speciality glass and materials equipped with advanced technologies serving many fields like architecture, electronics, pharmaceuticals, optics and transportation. The company has its branches throughout the globe and is currently having around 15k employees.

6. Kyocera Corp.

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Kyocera Corp. is a Japanese company that is renowned across the globe for providing exceptional quality glass. The company generated revenue of around $2.1 billion last year in its glass segment. It has 230 operating units that are scattered all around the world and have workforce of nearly 70k people.

5. The NSG Group

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

The NSG Group is another widely acclaimed Japanese company. It generally produces high-quality glass and glazing solutions. Its glass can be used in numerous products such as solar control glass, self-cleaning glass, architectural and building products, automotive products and technical glass that manufacture products such as LCD glass. The company has its units in over 30 countries and employs more than 28k people.

4. Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Murata Manufacturing Company is headquartered at Nagaokakyo-shi in Japan. It specialises in the manufacture of technical ceramic components that are utilised in the electronics industry. The company is known for producing products such as piezoelectric ceramic components and multiplayer ceramic capacitors-MLCC. The company has its branches all across the globe and has catered 48k employees till date.

3. Corning Inc

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Corning Inc is a premier glass manufacturing company that is based in New York. Its research centers are located in Europe, Asia and North America. The company serves various industries like consumer electronics, transportation, telecommunications and life sciences. It manufactures damage resistant cover glass for smart phones and precision glass for advanced displays in LCD’s. Its branches are scattered all round the globe and are nearly situated in 130 locations worldwide. The company has employed around 30k people till date.

2. AGC Group

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World 2019

The AGC group is among the best glass manufacturing companies of the world. The group is known for manufacturing top-notch glass. It is divided into four major areas of operations- Glass, Electronics, Ceramics and Chemicals. The glass segment produces materials such as float, low-e and automotive glass. The electronics segment manufactures glass for appliances, glass frit and synthetic quartz glass. Ceramics produces refactory material. The company operates in 30 countries and has employed around 30k people.

1. Saint-Gobain

Best Glass Manufacturing Companies in the World

Saint-Gobain is the most popular and credulous brand whose products can be seen in every household all around the world. It is a producer, designer as well as distributor of various materials ranging from photovoltaic glass to industrial ceramic. It presented sapphire engineered armor to U.S Army and Marine Cops, which was specifically designed to improve bulletproof windshields and door and windows of M142 artillery launcher. The company has its branches in 64 countries and is having workforce of around 190k.

Glass is used in homes, offices, industries, crockery, appliances, vehicles etc. Glass industry is one of the most prominent industries and is always a blockbuster bestowing to tremendous demands of glass all over. Though, there are oodles of companies but we should trust on the best ones as they deliver top class products. These top brands will never disappoint you in terms of quality and workability. These companies will definitely fetch you with supreme quality glass.


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