You might have wondered wonder what is the role of ammonia in a hair color; and why use an ammonia-free hair color? Ammonia plays an important role in coloring of hair. Ammonia molecules are very small and they easily penetrate the hair follicles, which lets the color molecules to enter the hair shaft. Ammonia also reacts with the melanin in the hair and helps color to stay fast.

Thus ammonia helps in better absorption of hair color and it stays longer within the hair. However, ammonia is a very harsh chemical and it causes damage to the hair and scalp in the long-run. Moreover, chemicals in the hair colors are considered carcinogenic. Also, ammonia has a strong acrid smell and is irritating to sensitive scalps. Although ammonia makes the coloring process easy and efficient and also makes the color last long; ammonia-free hair colors are being preferred the world over.

Top companies, who are in the hair color segment, have introduced ammonia-free versions. In these colors, ammonia is substituted with some alkaline chemical in the developer which is mixed with the colorant while coloring hair. Few companies use oil or water to help the color penetrate the hair shaft. Top companies like L’Oreal, Revlon have a product range containing several products which are ammonia-free. Here is the list of top 11 best ammonia-free color brands 2022.

11. Natulique Professional Natural Hair Colour

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World 2019

Natulique is the most popular brand in beauty salons, which is made out of natural ingredients and provides a more gentle hair colouring experience with extra conditioning. Its unique and exclusive formula includes pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil. It offers 73 fabulous shades. Its innovative exclusive natural based permanent colouring system is 100% ammonia-free, lauryl sulfate and parabens free. It gives 100% grey hair coverage and gives pleasant mild odor while it is applied.

10. ONC Natural Colors Healthier Permanent Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

This product is not just ammonia-free, but also free of resorcinol, parabens, silicone and nonoxynol. It is gentle protein based formula containing certified organic argan oil, aloe vera, orange extracts, chamomile, comfrey and coconut oil. ONC is a safe and natural permanent hair color product. After applying the color mix to hair, medium heat must be applied with a hair dryer for 10 minutes. This opens the cuticles to allow the natural colors to penetrate the hair. Heat is required for result because hair which does not contain ammonia or chemicals require heat to open the cuticles and let the hair shaft absorb the color.

9. CoSaMo Love Your Color Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

CoSaMo Love Your Color hair color is a non-permanent hair color which does not contain any ammonia or peroxide. It gently blends away grey hairs while adding volume and shine to your hair. It is easy to use and is as gentle as your shampoo. It presents an easy one-step application which takes just about 20 minutes. Love Your Color restores healthy-looking shine and texture to the hair. It lasts 6 to 12 wash and shampoos.

8. Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color is a gentle, no ammonia hair color that requires no hydrogen peroxide. It is very different from other products. It is neither a cream nor a liquid, but a unique powder formula that is easy to use because it’s activated by water. It is ideal for those looking for a safe and mild colorant that is long lasting and provides 100 percent grey coverage.

7. Schwarzkopf Essensity Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

Schwarzkopf has a product line many brands that are ammonia-free. Essensity is the organic version of its hair color. This permanent ammonia-free oil color provides natural reflecting and intense colors. It gives up to 100% grey hair coverage and up to 4 levels of lift. During the coloring process, the color stabilizes the hair structure resulting in a healthy-looking shining and glossy hair. It also helps protect the hair against UV rays for long-lasting color. It provides 58 shades of color and the color intensity is 30% more and the color retention is 50% more than other similar brands.

6. Matrix Color Sync Seamless Creme Demi-Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

Matrix is a trusted name in ammonia-free hair color and has a several brands in its product range. Color Sync is ammonia-free and provides a bold, rich and full-bodied look. It contains Cera Oil conditioning complex that help rebalance the hair texture while coloring, to give a seamless, rich, long-lasting color that stays true. It has a range of several shades to match any requirement. It is ideal for color balancing, toning, grey blending and grey coverage.

5. Keune So Pure Permanent Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

Keune’s So Pure Color is a mild and safe, ammonia and paraben free permanent hair color. It is enriched with certified organic plant extracts essential oils of jasmine and sandalwood, and Argan oil to add shine and gloss to the hair. The unique PhytoKeratin rebuilds the natural hair structure from within and protects hair during the coloring process. Argan oil contains vitamin A and vitamin E for healthy hair and Coconut base provides extra conditioning. Essential oils give an aroma experience which reflects the So Pure philosophy.

4. Clairol Natural Instincts

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

Clairol advertises its “Natural Instincts” brand as the healthier way to radiant color with 0% ammonia, the color that lasts 28 washes. Clairol Hair Color is made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe and vitamins which are imparts health and vitality to each strand of hair. This hair color is clinically proven to be less damaging than other dyes. It has the largest shades of color to offer a wide choice to the consumers. It is effective on even chemically treated hair

3. Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World 2019

Garnier Olia Hair Color is unlike any other traditional hair color. It has no ammonia and instead its unique oil powered technology is a revolution in hair color technology. The oil technology propels colorants deep into the hair, which imparts a pure, vivid and long-lasting color. Unlike traditional hair color which uses ammonia, Olia uses an exclusive 60% oil blend with natural flower oils from sunflower, meadowfoam, passion flower and camellia to achieve brilliant radiant color.

Its velvety, non-drip formula gives a pleasant fragrance during application. The 60% oil blend formula with natural flower oils helps to reverse roughness and dullness leaving hair more hydrated silky soft and glossy. Olia provides 100% gray coverage and is available in 30 brilliant shades ranging from lustrous blacks to luminous blondes.

2. Loreal INOA Ammonia Free Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

L’Oreal Paris was among the first companies which popularised the concept of ammonia-free hair color. The word INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia. It L’Oreal’s flagship product in this niche and is the most popular product in top beauty salons across the world, not only for its ammonia-free color but also because it gives no unpleasant odors. This hair colour without ammonia delivers the colour to the heart of the hair.

It is enriched with oils that leave the hair feeling conditioned with colour that is bright, radiant and looks natural. It gives 100% grey coverage while providing intense hydration and nutrition to the hair. The color is quite fast and lasts for weeks together despite washing and shampooing. It also gives more than 50% shine and gloss. L’Oreal also has another best-selling brand called Castings.

1. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Permanent Liquid Hair Color

Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brand in The World

Revlon was one of the first companies to launch ammonia-free hair colors and create awareness about the harmful effects of ammonia based hair colors. Revlon’s Colorsilk is the most popular product in the ammonia-free hair color segment. It comes in a liquid form, unlike other products most of which are presented as cream. The rich liquid colourant and ammonia-free developer create a rich glossy color tone, which is easy to apply and spreads easily to cover the grey areas. It gives 100% grey coverage.

It is formulated with silk proteins and pro-vitamins to nourish hair from the inside out leaving the hair silkier, shinier and healthier. The hair color is equipped with it has a UV defence to prevent sun rays from fading the color. The pack includes ammonia-free colorant, cream color developer, after-color conditioner and gloves. The company recommends strand-test before coloring entire head of hair. The trusted quality of the color, developer and conditioner leaves your hair in better condition. Revlon already has a very popular ammonia-free color, ColorSilk, in the market.

Besides the above most popular brands, many more companies in hair color segments are coming up ammonia-free versions. Products with natural ingredients are becoming more main-stream than being a product in the niche segment. Consumer awareness is very high on the safety of chemicals used in the hair color and more improved products are slated to be launched in the coming days.


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