When you are inviting someone to dinner, crockery is the first thing that comes in your mind. Crockery is the most important part of your dining table. It plays a great role in decorating the dining table. You may feel embarrassed, when there is a miss matched of plates. With proper crockery you feel awesome and superb with your crockery presentation. The Proper crockery set can add five stars in your food items.

The crockery is made up of different types of material like Melamine, Bone china, glass, steel, ceramic and many more. The crockery set includes plates, trays, bowls, spoons, casseroles and many other items. You can show your style with branded crockery to your friends at a dinner party. In this article, I am sharing some of the top 10 Indian crockery brands of 2022 that helps you a lot in buying crockery.

10. Fab India

Best Crockery Brands in India 2019

This brand was started in 1960 and it is one of the largest company that uses traditional techniques for making products. This brand also provides home products by created with original traditional techniques, fashionable designs and by hand based process. The company’s headquarters is located in New Delhi. This brand has 55 thousand craftsman. This brand provides you kitchen crockery products and also tables products. The products of this company are cost effective, based on craft, modern and natural. This company completely satisfied their customers by providing them a good product at reasonable prices. The products include plates, jars, bowls, cutlery and other items.

9. Lazzaro

Best Crockery Brands in India

This brand of material is free from any bone ash and it is completely made up of vegetarian material. The products are made up of tough, strong and scratch resistant materials. The shiny glass with white color, add five stars to your dining table. It is one of the excellent choice of crockery and adds a lot of class and style in your image. This brand is approved by FDA. The products of this brand are resistant to thermal shock and are also microwave safe. As the product is made up of non porous and stain resistant material, this makes the product more durable and versatile. The products of this brand can be used on special occasions and also used in everyday life. The products are also lightweight and can be easy to use and clean. This product is safer than plastic and melamine material products as it is a non reactant to heat.

8. Clay Craft

Best Crockery Brands in India

This company was started in 1994 and it is also ISO certified. The company has satisfied his customers by providing them high quality products. This brand is famous for its ceramic and fine bone china crockery. The products are available in different colors, sizes and styles. This company also delivers its products outside of India. It offers wide variety of products for home, restaurant, hotel and for special occasions. The products of this brand are free from cadmium and lead. The material of this product is microwave safe, durable and safe to wash. The fine bone china product is for hotel use, whereas bone china is for home and restaurant. You can use ceramic product for daily use.

7. Jaypore

Best Crockery Brands in India

This is one of the best brand available in India. It offers table products and dinner service including tea cups, water mug, kettles, trays, plates, bowls and other products as well. This brand offers the best designs of craftsman from the India. Every day, this brand produced new and unique designs. The designs are also of high quality. The skin of the products is built with modern and pottery designs and is designed by the best artisans and craftsman. This brand adds a signature style to your dining table.

6. Larah

Best Crockery Brands in India

This brand offers a large variety of dinner set at a reasonable to its customers. This brand was started in 1998. It offers a wide variety of products including glass set, bowls of fruit, lemon set, tea cups, dinner and soup set and many other items. All these items are professionally designed with the help of modern machines and tools. The products of this brand are designed according to current standard of market with attractive designs. The products are also light weight, scratch resistant, robust and require less maintenance. This brand is a part of Hopewell Tableware Pvt. Ltd. This company is one of the leading company for providing melamine and bone china products.

5. Yera

Best Crockery Brands in India

This brand is one of the oldest sellers of crockery products. This brand offers amazing designs, classic designs, traditional glass designs and many more. This brand also provides better services and standard to its customers. These products are also microwave safe and also be used in fridges. These products are also safe to wash, heat resistant and are also scratch resistant. This brand of product was started in 1907. The brand name year is the synonym of the word crockery.

4. Treo

Best Crockery Brands in India

This is a brand of Hamilton House wares Pvt. Ltd. This brand is famous for its high quality drink set, kitchen products, dining set and kitchen set as well. This brand offers unique and high quality products at genuine rates. Every product of this brand has modern and latest designs. This product adds five stars in your dining table. The products are also microwave safe and bowls of this brand are best to serve salad. This brand offers imported products having Glamorous style with Superior Quality. Other brands of this product are Milton, claro and spotzero. Some of the products of this brand are Zest cup, cookware, tumbler, bakeware, ceramicware, storage and jar, glass dinner and pudding set, bottle lemon set juice, bormioli, opalware and more.

3. Borosil

Best Crockery Brands in India

It is a brand of Borosil Glass Works Ltd. And it is established in 1962 in Gujrat, India. It is one of the largest glassware and microwavable kitchen product manufacturing company and also has its office in the Netherland and USA. This company also manufactured disposable plastic material, liquid handling system, lab instruments, glassware, kitchen products and many more products. The company manufactured unique and stylish crockery products according to the need of the customer. The company also provides microwavable glassware and flame proof and delivers it to more than 30 countries. The company has more than 150 dealers and 5 thousand stores.

2. La Opala

Best Crockery Brands in India

This brand was launched in 1988. It is one of the best seller and high level brand. This brand of crockery increases your lifestyle by using opal glass technology. The product of this brand is free from bone ash and it is made up of pure vegetarian material. The product of this brand is microwave safe, safe to wash, chip and shock resistant. The product of this brand is of high quality. The research and development team of this brand continuously delivering stylish designer products for its customers. This brand is also ISO certified and deliver its products in other countries as well.

1. Corelle

Best Crockery Brands in India 2019

This is one of the leading brand of crockery and offers premier glasswares, dishwares and kitchenware products. This brand was started in 1970. Earlier, this brand was the part of Corning Glass Works Company and now the products of this brand were sold by the World Kitchen LLC. The crockery of this brand is made of Vitrelle material. Every product of this brand is microwavable, non porus, chip resistant and also non breakable. The brand is also approved by FDA and are also light weight, easy to handle and store and are also easy to wash. The company also offer 1 year of warranty. Some of the products of this brand are cookware, bakeware, tableware, kitchen products, dining products, storage products and many more.

From my this article, you can easily select best crockery brand for your dining and kitchen. All these are the top brands of India for their durability, design, style, craftsmanship, care, wash and usability. Now serve your signature recipe in these top branded crockery. A complete or full meal, when arranged and served in the right container look perfect. Every home should have a good brand of crockery. So, select one brand of crockery from the above list. You can select the

designer or casual crockery set for occasional and regular use. It is also a very good option for gifting for any special occasion.



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