A sunglass is an accessory that not just compliments our persona but also shields us from the detrimental UV rays of the sun, dust and heat. Sunglasses are trendsetter that makes us look stylish and on the other hand it acts as a defender allowing us to travel and feel at ease during blazing summer days.

There are different kinds of sunglasses present in the market namely cat-eye, wayfarer, aviators, butterfly, round/semi-rimless, square, rectangle, shield, sports and wrap. However, each face is different so one sunglasses may look good on a face and might not suit another face. Before buying sunglasses you should always determine the shape and size of your face so that you can opt for a goggle that gives a proper fitting and makes you look stylish.

Choosing a brand is also essential, as elite brands would fetch better quality of lenses, frame and will provide more UV protection. If you are looking for the best quality brands of sunglasses in 2022 then this list of ours is meant for you.

10. Van Heusen

Best sunglasses brands in India 2022

Van Heusen is an elite brand that proffers various types of chic sunglasses. It is a brand that is known to provide top-notch sunglasses at affordable rates. It offers a variety of sunglasses like oval, oversized, rectangular, aviator, and wayfarer. Lenses with varied features are available that include gradient, polarized, UV protected and mirrored. One may use these sunglasses for driving, biking, eye protection and style. The price range of the sunglasses is between INR 1000 and INR 4000.

9. Flying Machine

Best sunglasses brands in India

Flying Machine is a renowned brand that offers superior quality sunglasses at reasonable rates. The brand provides modish sunglasses for both men and women in different styling such as aviator, oval, rectangular, oversized and cat-eye. The lenses are of a superior quality giving excellent protection from UV rays and at the same time it complements your look. The sunglasses are available in small, medium and large sizes. Its sunglasses are moderately priced between INR 595 and INR 2000.

8. Lacoste

Best sunglasses brands in India

Lacoste is another premium brand that manufactures sunglasses for men and women. It proffers best quality sunglasses that are solely available in medium size along with attractive color options. One may choose from various styling options that include aviator, oversized and rectangular. Its lens features include mirrored, UV protection and gradient. The price range for Lacoste starts from INR 4000.

7. Vogue

Best sunglasses brands in India

Vogue is one of the most treasured and preferred brands of sunglasses in India. It manufactures sunglasses for all age groups. These are available in alluring color shades and can be procured in large, medium or small size. Its sunglasses are best for driving and biking purposes by virtue of offering excellent UV protection. The styling options of the brand include cat eye, oval, oversized and rectangular models. The price of the sunglasses ranges from INR 2000 to INR 4000.

6. Gucci

Best sunglasses brands in India

Gucci is a brand that is adored by plethora of Indian women who prefer chic sunglasses. These are available in an eye-catching range of color shades that are ideal for women. One may choose between oversized and rectangular sunglasses that usually suit all faces. Its lens features include gradient and UV protection. The goggles can be used for both driving and styling purposes. Gucci is a plush brand with its sunglasses ranging from INR 10000.

5. C.K Jeans

Best sunglasses brands in India

C.K Jeans is an illustrious brand of sunglasses in India that is equally cherished by both men and women. The company offers styles like cat eye, oval, rectangular, oversized and aviator. The glasses come in small, medium and large sizes with striking and exclusive color shades. Its lens features include UV protection and gradient. The price range for its sunglasses starts from INR 4000.

4. Polaroid

Best sunglasses brands in India

Polaroid is a renowned brand that has a wide range of sunglasses for all age groups. It offers a variety of models like oval, oversized, rectangular, spectacle, sports, wrap around and wayfarer styles. The sunglasses can be chosen according to the purpose like driving, biking, style or eye protection. The lens features of Polaroid include polarized, gradient, mirrored and UV protection. The sizes available are free, small, medium and large. The price range is between INR 1000 and 4000.

3. Oakley

Best sunglasses brands in India 2019

Oakley is one of the most loved brands by the populace of India. It is known to offer top class sunglasses for men and women in fascinating shades. Its sunglasses are available in small, medium and large sizes. The styling options include oversized, oval, rectangular, sports, wayfarer and wrap around. The lens features of the brand include polarized, UV protection and mirrored. Oakley offers sunglasses at a price range of INR 4000 and above.

2. Fastrack

Best sunglasses brands in India

Fastrack is the number one brand among teenagers as it offers cool and trendy sunglasses with enticing shades. The brand is also considered as one of the most affordable brands offering top quality sunglasses. The style range consists of cat eye, oval, sports, wayfarer, wrap around, aviator and oversized. The available lens features are gradient, polarized, mirrored and UV protection. One can choose from small, medium and large sizes. The price of Fastrack sunglasses ranges from INR 795 to INR 4000.

1. Ray Bann

Best sunglasses brands in India 2022

Ray Bann is the paramount brand of sunglasses that is loved by men and women all around the world. Its international standard quality makes it the topmost brand in India. It offers exceptional and classy sunglasses for boys, girls, men and women. Ray Bann proffers sunglasses in different styling like aviator, rectangular, oversized, oval, sports, wrap around and wayfarer.

Out of all its styles the oval and rectangular models are the best selling ones by virtue of being best suited for all face shapes. The lens features include UV protection, gradient, polarized and mirrored. All its sunglasses are available in different size range i.e. free size, small, medium and large. Ray Bann is among the most expensive sunglasses brand in India and the price range starts from INR 2000 and goes upto INR 30000.

Sunglasses can be worn for driving, biking, safeguarding and style. Buying right sunglasses is not a child’s play as you need to be very specific about the kind of sunglasses you want from various available options. It is essential to buy a goggle that suits your face as that would not just look trendy on you but would also give you a pleasing experience. There are so many brands that manufacture sunglasses in India. However, if you want superior quality sunglasses then these brands are the right choice for you.

It is a common myth that branded sunglasses is too expensive but pioneer brands like fastrack and flying machine provide some goggles that cost below INR 1000. So if budget is your setbacks then don’t worry and go for these brands that will fetch you paramount quality sunglasses within your means. For the rest, all other brands can be tried and we are dead sure you’ll land up buying a piece that will give you utmost satisfaction in every term.


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