Enhance your Career with these Top Ranking Engineering Colleges Around the World

Today’s world is fully constructed with machines and devices and the creators of these machines and devices are the engineers. However, they still continue to amaze and enchant the world with their creations. With the rapid growth in science and technology, there is always new and unique problems for the engineers to solve.

Engineering is a broad field. In fact, there are more than 26 major specialties that are recognized under the field of engineering technology including civil, mechanical, technical, industrial, nuclear etc.

There are several engineering colleges and universities across the world that provide undergraduates and graduates courses in engineering. The top twelve are listed below:

12. National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore Top Famous Engineering Colleges in World-USA 2017

National University of Singapore (NUS) is a leading university across the globe. It is based in Asia. It globally approaches to education with a strong focus on Asian expertise and perspectives. It has a total of 17 schools in Singapore across 3 campuses; namely Outram, Kent Ridge, and Bukit Timah. About 38,000 students from 100 different countries take admission in this University each year. The university has its own 3 RCE (Research Centres of Excellence) and has also a partnership with Singapore’s fifth RCE. It is well famed for its research strengths in the field of engineering, biomedicine and life sciences.

11. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or the École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is a well-known university in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a public research university and is ruled by the Swiss federal government. The university was originated from a school named ‘Ecole Speciale de Lausanne’ with just 11 students. It is well known for its teaching and research in engineering. Here the selection is based on the first year examination results of the student. It is a home to a fusion reactor, a nuclear reactor & a Blue Gene/Q supercomputer.

10. The Georgia Institute of Technology

It is founded in the year 1885 as a trade school and is now one among the world’s top scientific and technological research institutions. It is also ranked as North America’s top 10 public universities by the U.S. News and World Report. The university produces more female engineers than any other institutions based in the nation. It caters more than 22,300 students each year and offers degrees through many colleges under it such as the Scheller College, the Ivan Allen College, and the other colleges of Computing, Designing, Engineering, and Sciences. The university also offers vocational studies to the students who wants to generate and develop practical skills to get high-end jobs and to get involved in the community service projects.

9. The University of California

The University of California is a public research university founded in the year 1868. It is regarded as among the best state universities in the country and is widely known across the world. It is located in San Francisco. The university is a home to nearly 28,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 postgraduate students. Their faculty has won a near about 19 Nobel prizes mainly in chemistry, physics, and economics.

8. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich, also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was established in the year 1855 as a Federal Polytechnic School. However, It is now regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious institutions/universities of science and technology. It is located in Zurich, Switzerland and has produced about 19 Nobel Prize Laureates including Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics. The university has made a notable contribution to the global science industry. It is well-known for its research in architecture, biology, chemistry and physics. The students who follow the intense course of study gets the opportunity to attend regular concerts, orchestras, and exhibitions.

7. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the second oldest university in the world. Its exact foundation year is still unknown. It comprises of 44 colleges and near about 100 libraries in the UK. It caters near about 22,000 students, half of them are undergraduates while the remaining are international from 140 different countries. Their 40% faculties are been hired from overseas. The university comprises of 11 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, 16 in medicines and 5 in physics. Some of the notable Oxford scientists includes Stephen Hawking, Tim Berners-Lee, and Richard Dawkins. It is among the top ten universities in the world specialized in life science, social science, physical science and the arts and humanities.

6. Imperial College London

Imperial College London Top Most Popular Engineering Colleges in World-USA 2018

The Imperial College of London is a science-based institution which is considered as one of the leading institutions in the world. It has a near about 15,000 students and 8,000 faculties, with a strong focus on medicine, engineering, and business. It was founded in the year 1907. The college has produced 14 Nobel Prize winners, including the discoverer of penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming. The most notable landmark of the college is the Queen’s Tower.

5. University of Cambridge

The Cambridge University is a collegiate public research university, founded in the year 1209. It is the world’s fourth oldest university. It is a home of more than 18,000 students from across the world. Near about 4,000 of its students are from 120 foreign countries. It is split into a total number of 31 different autonomous colleges. There are six schools namely the Biological Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Humanities and Social Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Physical Sciences and Technology that are spread all over the university’s colleges. It comprises of over 100 libraries with a near about 15 million books. While in the library of main Cambridge University itself there are 8 million books in total. It also owns 9 museums and a botanical garden as well, that are open to all throughout the year. Their faculty has won a near about 92 Nobel prizes in almost every category.

4. Princeton University

Princeton University, ranked among world’s top 10 universities is also one of the oldest and reputed universities in the world. It is well known for its illustrious higher education. The university was founded in 1746 by the name of ‘College of New Jersey’ and was renamed as ‘Princeton University’ in the year 1896. It also provides residential accommodation to its every undergraduate student for all the four years of study. However, its student body is a bit small as compared to other universities i.e., 10,000 in total with 12% of international students. It has produced 40 Nobel laureates, 17 National Medal of Science winners and 5 National Humanities Medal winners. The university is spread across 500 acres of land with about 180 buildings. It has 10 libraries containing more than 14 million books. About 800,000 visitors visit its campus each year, making up to 2 billion dollars in revenue.

3. The California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is among the top three science and engineering institutions in the world. It is a 124-acre campus, located in Pasadena, California. It was founded in the year as 1891 as ‘Throop University’ and in 1920, it was renamed as ‘The California Institute of Technology’.

2. Stanford University

It has one of the most prestigious universities/institutions in the world and has one of the largest campuses in the country. It was founded in the year 1885.

Its main campus is on 8,180 acres of land. It provides residential accommodation to all of its students. It has 700 main university buildings along with 18 different laboratories, Institutes, and centers. At present, it is also one among the leading producers of United States Congress members. It counts numerous well-famed alumni associates including 17 astronauts, 30 living billionaires, 2 Fields Medalists and 18 Turing Award winners. The Google’s co-founders met at Stanford while pursuing their degrees in a doctorate. Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space, have also graduated in physics from this university in 1973.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Top Most Famous Engineering Colleges in World-USA 2018

MIT or The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the world’s number one ranking university. It is an independent and private research university based in Massachusetts. It was established in the year 1861. It lays claim to near about 85 Nobel Prize Laureates, 29 winners of National Medal of Technology and Innovation, 58 winners of National Medal of Science and 45 MacArthur Fellows. Its famous alumni include the former secretary general of U.N., Kofi Annan. The Scientific discoveries discovered by MIT includes the discovery of quarks, the development of radar, the first chemical synthesis of penicillin, and the invention of magnetic core memory. It is currently split into 5 different schools- Arts and social sciences, architecture and planning, humanities, management and science and engineering. The university has about thousand faculty members and more than 11,000 graduate and undergraduate students. Its current research areas include human health, digital learning, and sustainable energy. It is arranged across 168 acres land within Cambridge along with 26 acres of playing grounds, 18 student residences, and 20 green-space areas.

Hence, the above are the list of top twelve engineering universities in the world that a student can opt for. As science and technology are rapidly increasing, there is a huge demand for new and more specialized skills. Meeting this demand are these engineering colleges, present globally. Students of all age groups, culture and nationality can find opportunities to pursue their engineering studies and career here.


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