A non-governmental organisation is an independent from international and states governmental organisation. The NGOs usually founded by donations that provide their services to needy and poorest people around the globe.

NGOs provide their services free of cost and they conduct wide range of activities and take different form in the different parts of the world. If you are planning to donate something for the poor or needy people then, this article will help you a lot in this regard.

Although there are many non-profit organisations in the world where you can contribute but this list contains top ten list of most famous and best NGO’s in 2022 that offering their services in various countries along with wide range of activities.

10. Mercy Corps:

Best NGO in the World 2019

This non government organization was established in 1979 when they were known as save the refugees fund. This NGO focus on political upheaval or economic collapses, place in transitions, disasters, conflicts and provides emergency reliefs in times of crisis.

This beautiful organization helps to needy people and works in many countries like, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Kenya, India, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Haiti, Colombia, China, DR Congo, Syria, Yemen and many other countries as well. they work in the fields of women and gender, agriculture, children and youth, education, environment, health, innovations, disaster preparedness, economic opportunity, water, conflict management etc.

9. Cure Violence:

Best NGO in the World

This prestigious Non Government Organization was founded by University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health Epidemiologist Gary Slutkin, M.D. in the year 2000. It is ranked one of the top 20 NGOs in the world by the global journal. Its main focus to stops the spread of violence in communities, identifying and treating high risk, individuals and changing social norm.

8. Medecins Sans Frontières:

Best NGO in the World

This NGO was founded by the various people such as, Max Récamier, Jean-Michel Wild, Jacques Bérès, Philippe Bernier, Gérard Pigeon, Vladan Radoman, Raymond Borel, Jean Cabrol, Pascal Grellety Bosviel, Gérard Illiouz, Marcel Delcourt, Xavier Emmanuelli in the year 1971;around 45 years ago.

It is also known as doctors without borders. It is known for its developing countries affected by endemic diseases and projects in war-ton regions. This is medical humanitarian organization that served world wide area. It provides its services in over 70 countries with the help of nurses, doctors, logistical experts, sanitation and water engineers, administrators and other medical professionals.

7. CARE international:

Best NGO in the World

CARE stands for (Cooperative for assistance and relief everywhere) is a one of the biggest international humanitarian NGO that delivering long term long term international development projects and emergency relief. This great organization was founded in the year 1945 by the Wallace Justin Campbell and Arthur C. Ringland. It is one of the oldest and largest humanitarian aid organizations that focusing on global poverty; it supporting 880 poverty fighting project and humanitarian and reported working in 90 countries. It works in the field of the climate change, economic, water and sanitation, emergency, development, agriculture, emergency response, health and education, agriculture and food security.

6. Ceres:

Best NGO in the World 2019

This is a Non-profit sustainability advocacy organization founded in 1989 by Joan Bavaria. It is based on Boston, Massachusetts and only United States area served by it. The aim of this organization is to mobilize business leadership and investor to build a sustainable and thriving global economy. It brings together companies, investors, stakeholders and public interest groups to expand and accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices and solution to build a healthy global economy.

5. Partners in Health:

Best NGO in the World

This Non-profit health care organization is based in Boston, Massachusetts plus founded in 1987 by Paul Farmer; Jim Yong Kim; Ophelia Dahl Thomas J. White; Todd McCormack. World wide areas served by this NGO while its main focus on Humanitarian. The main aim of this NGO is bring the additional benefits of modern medical science to those who have most need to them. It provides their healthcare facilities in the poorest area of developing countries. It also eliminates barriers to maintain good and secure health, such as, lack of dirty food and water, and strengthens the rights of the poor.

4. Danish Refugee Council:

Best NGO in the World

DRC was founded in 1956 and it is a private Danish humanitarian organization. This NGO was formed after the Second World War and it serves as an umbrella organization for 33 member organizations. It provides its services to needy and poorest people around the world. It works in more than 30 countries. More than 500,000 persons receive emergency relief each month in the region from the Danish refugee council. The situation around and in the Syria is the largest humanitarian crisis and almost 40 percent of the population of the country have left their homes as consequence of the violence. It provides relief aid as, clothes, mattresses, hygiene kits, shelters, blankets etc.

3. Acumen Fund:

Best NGO in the World

This is non-profit global venture was founded in 2001 by Jacqueline Novogaratz. It uses its fund to solve the problems of poverty. The aim of this organization is it to deliver affordable good and services to poorest people and improve their lives. Its headquarters is in New York City, United States while its regional offices located in Kenya, India, Pakistan and Ghana. It creating 60,000 jobs and helping over 100 million of people around the globe.

2. Wikimedia foundation:

Best NGO in the World

This charitable and non-profit organization was founded on 20 June 2003; around 13 years ago by the Jimmy Wales. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California, US. It is mostly known for its Wikimedia movement. The goal of this organization is to maintain and develop open content, wiki based project and provide them to those public free of charge, while political advocacy is another main objective of this non-profit organization.

1. BRAC:

Best NGO in the World

BRAC is a Bangladeshi non-governmental development organization that formed in 1972 by the Fazle Hasan Abed. It was established after the independence of Bangladesh, It offering its services 64 districts of the country while 14 in other counties like Asia, Americas and Africa. This organization had concentrated on community development through village development programs that includes, cooperative, agriculture, rural crafts, fisheries, health and family planning, adult literacy and vocational training for women and construction of community centers.

While some of its other achievements like, in 2001, BRAC established a university called BRAC University, in 1991, the Women’s Health Development program commenced. The following year BRAC established a Centre for Development Management (CDM) in Rajendrapur, in 1998, BRAC’s Dairy and Food project was commissioned. BRAC launched an Information Technology Institute the following year, its Social Development, Human Rights and Legal Services program was launched in 1996.

This article is uploaded with most valuable and informative information about the top ten Non-Governmental Organizations. NGOs not only help poor or needy people but make them even stronger. Huge and supportive role played by the non-profit organization in the world. from the above important discussion we got to know about top ten NGOs in the world and their role; All of them playing a great role when it comes to poverty, education, shelters, water, hygiene, education, agriculture, health etc.


  1. There are many other NGO’s that are working for good causes and they are doing what they can. But, because these organizations are working on small level due to less donors so they are not in the list but there are many.


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