Ten Famous & Richest Drug Lords of the World of All Time

In today’s era, drugs have become one of the principal sources of profits for those associated to cartels and some large-scale operations. By involving in the business of drugs dealings, some drug lords have made incredible amounts of money throughout the passage of their lifetimes.

A drug lord is even known by other names like kingpin, drug baron, or narcotrafficker is the one who regulates a lavish network of persons intricate in the illegal drug profession. These drug lords are frequently tough to bring to justice, because they are usually not openly in ownership of illegal business, but are sequestered from the real profession in drugs by some layers of underlings.

Therefore, it is recognized that the action of drug lords is typically the consequence of carefully planned accesses of their networks, frequently relating informants from within the association.

If you are interested to know what are the names and deeds undertaken by some of the richest drug lords of the world, refer below section:

List of the world’s top 10 most Famous & Richest Drug Lords of all time

10. Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco Top Popular Richest Drug Lords Right Now 2017

This is the only female on this list; identified as “Cocaine Godmother” Griselda Blanco who was considered as one of the nastiest and dangerous drug lords. Prior to Boston George, this drug lord was the Medellin Cartel’s most productive smuggler, operating many tons of cocaine into countries like Miami, New York, and Southern California. When a 150 kilogram shipment was interjected by Federal agents in year 1975, which is the chief coke broken ever at the time, she moved on the run to Colombia and relished additional 10 years of freedom.

It was identified that, during her career, she dedicated or ordered over 200 murders. Therefore it is of no astonishment that she was finally shot and destroyed after many failed assassination efforts. This drug lord was also identified by the name- “godmother” and because of her widespread drug smuggling; her complete net worth was $2 billion which was maximum compared to other drug lords.

9. “Freeway” Rick Ross

Rick Ross involved selling cocaine after his illiteracy hindered him to earn a tennis scholarship for college. Later, he started spending time with an upholstery teacher at the school he studied who discovered that he dispensed with cocaine. Ross ultimately started to ask for amounts to trade that bested what the teacher was wishing to acquire, hence he put effort to discover a new dealer.

From period 1982 to 1989, this drug lord acquired and traded up to many metric tons of cocaine, and it is supposed that in single day he made business of around $3 million worth of cocaine. It is also recognised that, the overall net-worth of Rick Ross drug lord is more than $1 billion. Rick Ross was condemned to life in prison in year 1996, but he was unconfined in year 2009, which offered him an opportunity to once again excel in the field.

8. Khun Sa

Khun sa started functioning in drug profession since year 1974, and for about two decades, almost 80 percent of the heroin beating the New York roads originated out from the renowned “Golden Triangle” areas of Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. Khun Sa had been capable to combine a bigger portion of the region than any previous drug lord through his drug-funded private mass.

Through his steady effort in this field, Khun Sa built the major heroin empire in the globe. It was recognised that in year 1977, he confronted the government of America to purchase his entire opium crop, terminate it, and only permitted him “have the cash for his people” and they refused. In year 1996, Khun Sa yielded to Myanmar establishments, and there is little info about what has happened to him after that.

7. Carlos Lehder

In the era of 1980s, the government of Colombia started expelling known drug lords to the US for sample, and it is identified that Lehder was at the top position of that list. This drug lord was sentenced in year 1987 to life plus 135 years, however after presenting witness in year 1992 against Panamanian dictator named Manuel Noriega, the period of his sentence was decreased to almost 55 years.

The recent news suggests that Carlos is presently dedicating a life sentence in prison. This self-proclaimed Nazi Carlos Lehder made it confirm to acquire an entire island of the Bahamas to fund his prevalent cocaine trafficking, and his net worth is $2.7 billion.

6. Rafael Caro Quintero

Rafael Caro Quintero Top Most Popular Richest Drug Lords Right Now 2018

Rafael is known to be the eldest of four brothers who form the Caro-Quintero association of Sonora, in Mexico. The association is basically a marijuana smuggling organization and this cartel is supposed to have numerous farms in Sonora. However, they don’t discriminate—cocaine and methamphetamine as they are also considered as major sources of their drug business. In period of 1980s, the brothers were capable to unite themselves with government and local law enforcement to the level that they could well function with impunity.

5. Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (Orejuela Brothers)

Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela are the two brothers who once ruled over 90 percent of the cocaine market of entire world. It is known that their net worth combined is over $3 billion. The association –Cali was run by the Orejuela brothers, which quickly became the major supplier of cocaine to the US in period of the ’90s, accountable for operating over 200 tons of it by the time they were finished.

4. The Ochoa Brothers

Three Ochoa brothers started trading drugs in year 1977 when they had their boss accomplished to turn over to cocaine exports. It is known that the Ochoa Brother’s combined net worth is over $6 billion. The Ochoa brothers association consisted of Jorge, Juan David, and Fabio working to the Medellin organisation from the starting notwithstanding the fact that they originate from an educated, upper-class family. All of these three brothers had surrendered to administrations by year 1991, and all three were out by year 1996.

3. Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha

Colombian drug lord named Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, (nicknamed as “El Mexicano”) grossed a high net worth of $5 billion in his drug business. He was ultimately caught and surrounded by 300 police, but instead of surrendering, he killed himself through a grenade to the face.

In spite of being born in Colombia, he was recognised as “El Mexicano” because of his love of Mexican popular culture and he pioneered trade routes up through Mexico and into the Southeastern parts of US. He was also known to play a major role in setting up remote laboratories in the Colombian forests, where many workers would live and produce cocaine.

2. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

Indian drug lord named Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is one ruthless person with high worth over $6 billion. This drug lord is tied to year 1993 political bombing in Mumbai city that destroyed over 250 people, has close association to Osama Bin Laden, and operates an influential organisation mentioned as “the Goldman Sachs of organised crime.” Recognised as “D-Company,” his association includes a massive drug operation, and dabbles from counterfeiting and arms operation to terrorism, extortion, and also the film industry.

1. Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Top Most Famous Richest Drug Lords Right Now 2018

Holding the most recognized name on this list, Pablo Escobar essentially earned his notoriety in the business. This drug lord was the major cocaine kingpin and, in his business, he grossed a net worth of $30 billion, which was excluding the $20 billion he had buried all over Colombia. It was known that Escobar was associated to 80 percent of the US’ cocaine imports, and he is also associated to the murders of more than 1,000 people.

Drug lords have gathered incomparable net-worth by dealing with drugs and similar business over years. The mentioned drug lords are prominent one when it comes to their dynamic nature in the business.


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