Football is not just a sport game, but also a cult, which is followed by millions of individuals all over the world. Players of Football are regarded almost as a celebrity in today’s era and that has quite obvious reasons of their supreme talents. Players of footballs are now facilitated to play smoothly and well with help of some renowned football clubs.

These football clubs are the rich one facilitating almost all requirements that are needed to convey a true talent of football while playing. Through there are increasing fandoms in football, the value of each team has even increased because of these rich clubs.

You may be confused for a while regarding the details and order of richest football clubs of 2022, but without any much tension, you can get complete details below.

10. Juventus

Richest football clubs 2019

Juventus from Italy holds this position as one of the richest football clubs of the world. This team has certainly created a change as it has developed from the value of 837 million dollars to great figure-1300 million in just one year. This team also owned additional revenue of 379 million dollars and presently it has raised its value to 390 million dollars. Though the rank is yet the same as compared to last year, the numbers have boosted and it is yet one of the richest football clubs of present time.

As per the Deloitte Football Money League, a research issued by consultants named Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in year 2014; Juventus holds the place of high earning football club in the world with assessed revenue of €272.4 million, the majority goes for an Italian club. The club is too ranked on Forbes’ list of the most rich football clubs of the world with an evaluation value of US$850 million (€654 million), positioning them the second richest football club all over Italy.

9. Tottenham Hotspur

Richest football clubs

Tottenham Hotspur from England is undoubtedly one of the most followed football team and hence has landed in this place. It entire team has the worth around 1020 million dollars with extra revenue of around 310 million dollars. It was established in year 1882; Tottenham conquered the FA Cup for the very first time in year 1901, landing them the only non-League club to accomplish so subsequently the creation of the Football League in year 1888. Tottenham is also regarded as the first club of the 20th century to attain the League and FA Cup Double, captivating both of these competitions in the season of 1960–61.

8. Liverpool

Richest football clubs

This football club team from England has made to the number 8 of the list of topmost richest football clubs in the world in year 2017. Apart from its basic worth, it has also got the additional revenue worth of 471 million dollars, making it to position in the list. It has been known that Liverpool has consistently been ranked as number 8 on the ranking list for a while now. There were improvements in its worth figures, however it didn’t reflect in the ranking.

7. Chelsea

Richest football clubs 2019

Based on analysis, it is known that Chelsea football club has moved down one rank from the previous year in ranking of richest football clubs. It owns a team value of around 1,660 million dollars and apart from that, it has additional revenue of 505 million dollars.

It is identified that though these numbers are higher than the last year, Chelsea dropped down one point in this ranking list. In year 2015, it had a team value of around 1370 million dollars as with revenue of around 526 million dollars. Though the drop was noticed, it was not significantly affecting the rankings in the list presently.

6. Arsenal

Richest football clubs

This team belonging from England is positioned at this number due to its high worth and revenues. This football club team truly has improved a lot in matter of ranking as compared to some previous years. With hit the roof team value from 1310 million dollars to 3315 million dollars in just one year, it is really worthy. It owns additional revenue of around 645 million dollars and stays around some wealthy areas.

This football club’s location, touching wealthy areas such as Barnsbury and Canonbury, mixed areas such as Holloway, Islington, Highbury, and the nearby London Borough of Camden, and principally working-class areas like Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington, has suggested that Arsenal’s supporters have originated from a diversity of social classes.

5. Manchester City

Richest football clubs

At this number stands The Manchester City belonging from England which has the worth of 1920 million dollars. Apart from this basic worth, it even has additional revenue of around 558 million dollars. While comparing, it is found that there is significant rise in its worth and revenue but still there is not much change in its rankings. This football team is known to have all the amenities and lavish facilities required to facilitate football players while playing.

4. Paris Saint Germain

Richest football clubs

Chaired over by a collection of wealthy businessmen, comprising Guy Crescent, Pierre-Étienne Guyot, and Henri Patrelle, Paris Saint-Germain was established in year 1970. The club developed at an amazing pace from the start and the Parisians were Ligue 2 winners in their initial year of play. Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is actually a French professional football club founded in Paris, whose initial team play in the greatest tier of French football, named as the Ligue 1. Presently, PSG stands as one of the highest revenue in the footballing world with early revenue of around €520.9 million, and are the globe’s thirteenth most worthy football club, with worth of $814 million.

3. Manchester United

Richest football clubs

This football club team from England has a high worth of 3450 million dollars with revenue of 524 million dollars. It was found to have 3100 million dollars as team worth and 703 million dollar revenue before years. While comparing, it is found that it has dropped two ranks as compared to the last year. The position and situation of Manchester United has moved severely as what it is perceived now can see.

2. Barcelona

Richest football clubs

Barcelona football club is maintaining steadiness at number 2 position of the list. Barcelona, from Spain has the worth of around 3520 million dollars and owns additional revenue of 694 million dollars as well. Last year, you can check its additional revenue figure to be 657 and now it has reached to 694. With help of astonishing football players, it is certainly one of the favourites and hence included as rich football clubs. The richness can also be guessed as Barcelona is a big name in football with fabulous players having billions and billions of fans all over the globe.

1. Real Madrid

Richest football clubs 2019

Real Madrid football club has always been at the top position of the charts and it continues to be the best in present time also. Real Madrid is regarded as one of the most valuable football teams in entire world. It has a team value of 3640 million dollars and has amazing revenue of around 700 million dollars.

Not only this football team is extremely strong, it is the richest one also, hence included in the list. People today admire Ronaldo and he is considered the most marketable sportsperson in the entire world from this football club. He alone contributes a considerable share of making this football club the richest one.

Football clubs all over the world includes some of the renowned football players and an aspect like it’s worth and additional revenue makes them rich. You can pick any one out of the list and you will find the profound richness and history in every aspect.



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