Top 10 Inverter Brands in India You are watching your favorite series on the tube that has reached its climax or a cricket match heading for a nail biting finish and bam goes out the power supply. Does it not frustrate you to the core? We bet it does! In India, power cut comes as nothing but a full blown crisis that has been dealt with/ without patience for ages now. Besides, with our ever progressing life getting enslaved to all sorts of electronic equipments, having an inverter is the need of the hour.

Power deficit is the single biggest hurdle that challenges various business venture and daily household chores alike. Hence the inverter market has made a huge leap and its market is growing at a brisk pace. However, the boom in this segment and multiple companies in the fray, the consumer are left flummoxed as to which inverter to go for. Therefore, this list compiles the top 10 best inverter brands of India in 2022 that you can choose from. Read on!

10. Amaron

Best inverter brands in India 2019

Beating all odds and cut throat competition, Amaron stays in the top 10 list even after two decades. Its inverters are finest performers in fluctuating power supply. Amaron inverter’s batteries are made of heat resistant calcium and have zero maintenance due to the use of Hybrid alloy for its grid. They also use DSP technology, unique to Amaron that electrical equipment’s enhancement and noise reduction. Some of Amaron inverters are available for INR 5400 to INR 7000.

9. Arise

Best inverter brands in India

This brand of inverter has risen rapidly in the ranks of top 10 inverter brands by providing a bevy of inverters in it five different categories namely Shinestar, Wonder, Sinewave, Golden and Superb. The company has grown in numbers due to its strategy of making low cost inverters that don’t call for frequent maintenance. Prices start from INR 2900. Apart from short circuit reduction technology, some of its inverters have warranty period of 36 month.

8. Delta Power Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Best inverter brands in India

With its strong presence in countries like USA, Canada and in European continent, Delta power is a one stop inverter brand which is well established in India as well. Delta has segregated itself in the string and central inverter category to better address the issue of power cut in India. It provides decent power back up after 12 hrs of complete charging. Delta inverter is a tremendous option in low budget in case one is to use them in harsh temperature.

7. True Power

Best inverter brands in India

The build of True Power inverters are meant to long term heavy use thereby making it an ideal candidate in Indian market of inverters. True Power functions with its well thought agenda of enhancing power back up in load shedding hit rural India. Its Solar Square Wave Series and Solar Sine Wave series have been affordably priced for INR 3500 which is capable of running basic electrical appliances like fans, tube light and computers. Higher capacity inverters are available in the IBM charging technology enhanced HULK series which also offers lift inverters.

6. Exide

Best inverter brands in India

Exide can never be written off from the market of inverters as this brand was a one time leader before stiff competition from newer players challenged its supremacy. Nevertheless, Exide delivers excellent service and it continues to be great value for money. Exide Industries has been operating with its limited range of inverters that may not look sleek like its counterparts but they surely manage to cater huge market which is looking for uninterrupted power supply in the budget of INR 9000 to INR 12000.

5. Genus

Best inverter brands in India 2019

Genus inverter may be called as small power back up source but it packs a punch with its sinewave inverters that have great reputation in the market for many years. In fact, the company makes further claims about bringing the sine wave inverters loaded with GENUS ASIC technology in 2005, a period when Square Wave technology was the best option available in the market. Genus banks heavily both on its single as well as three-phase line of inverters. The company provides excellent after-sale service in 20 major cities in India.

4. V-Guard

Best inverter brands in India

Kochi based V-guard is South India’s largest brand for inverters, voltage stabilizer and other electrical essentials. V-Guard has inverters of 1500 VA for lower capacity usage and 2500 plus VA for heavy usage. The former has DU and EI Power series whereas the later has models like DU 2500, 3500 to name a few. All inverters start from the steep price range of INR 4500. The additional benefit of choosing V-Guard inverters comes in the form of original V-Guard battery’s availability that never fails on compatibility front. All inverters use LED display and have been sleekly designed to ensure they take less installation space.

3. Su Kam

Best inverter brands in India

Globally renowned brand Su Kam is one of the best inverter brands to be available in India. The company which is presently operating in 71 countries has been producing eco friendly alternative source of power using cutting edge technology. Su Kam has models like Falcon+, Falcon HBU for small apartments, Fusion, Colossal for bigger homes and business establishments. Su Kam also has dedicated line of inverters meant exclusively for industries and commercial use. The entire array of inverters is in the vicinity of INR 3900 to INR 29900.

2. Microtek

Best inverter brands in India

Microtek has been the go-to brand for inverters in India and the company enjoys enviable popularity across India especially in the Eastern region. It has various awards and appreciation for quality standards by various excellence awarding forums in its kitty. The brand claims to have 11 crore satisfied users and has inverters ranging from Hybrid series to JM SW series that have been competitively priced between INR 4500 to INR 33000. Additionally, Microtek has its own line of products in the Solar UPS category. It has excellent efficiency record and use the main power only when solar energy is totally unavailable.

1. Luminous

Best inverter brands in India 2019

This brand is a clear mass favorite in India’s inverter market for more reasons than one. To start with, Luminous inverters have little to no maintenance cost and it has been appreciated for its hassle free operations. With Lithium Ion batteries as power source, the inverters get charged in significantly less period of time. As many as eleven variants to choose from including the bestsellers of its group like Luminous Eco Volt and Josh, consumers are in for lots of alternatives based on both requirement and budget. Lastly, the brand has managed to rope in Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar which gives it unparalleled brand supremacy when compared to its rivals. Price bracket for Luminous inverters is between INR 5500 to INR 15500.

Although the list compiles leading brands of inverters in India, a bit of homework to ascertain what your requirements are might just come in handy. It must be noted that even the most high-end inverter can pump up just enough power to run basic home appliances like fan, Computer, refrigerator albeit they cannot run at the same time. Another point to be noted is that inverters of present day are said to be low on maintenance but that does not discount the fact that these batteries have shelf life in excess of three years. Most importantly, it’s always wise to install inverters the most ventilated corner of the house.


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