United States in encompassed as one of the richest countries all over the world, however it is due to some of its richest counties that has made it possible. Based on the recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are few strong geographical inclinations with respect to income in the nation.

This nation is actually segmented into 50 different states which are even more partitioned into many counties. The terminology county is applied to relate to the geographical as well as political subdivision of state with governmental administrations. For example, in US, Texas has the greatest number of counties (i.e. 254) while Delaware holds the least number (i.e. 3).

Apart from states, counties perform major economic roles in the nation and are regarded as headquarters to few of the biggest companies in the world, signifying its wealth. The richness of counties can be graded based on their land area, population size, the size of GDP, and the household income.

Are you confused which are the richest counties located in US in 2022 that help US to rank higher overall in terms of richness? Well, you can get clear picture of this in your mid after reading below section:

10. Nassau County, New York (Median household income — $95,395):

Richest counties in USA 2019

Nassau County is situated next to east side of New York City on Long Island of US. The county is hub to over 1.3 million people residing, majority of who operate in the city. It contains four of the US’ best towns based on median income. Though its residents gross great amount of incomes, it’s not very easy street in this county, as the county grades as one of the most expensive area to live in the entire United States.

Right from the 1900s till the Depression and the early 1930s, several mountainous farmlands located on the North Shore were changed into lavish country lands for rich New Yorkers, with the region getting the “Gold Coast” title and turning out as the background of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel entitled The Great Gatsby. The comptroller of this county is recognized to be the chief fiscal officer as well as chief auditing officer who chairs over the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office.

He and his team regulates Nassau’s budget and financial dealings, audit government agencies as well as agencies with county deals to discover review county contracts and claims, waste and abuse, shot on matters that suggestively mark Nassau’s financial health and process. It works with the assembly and administration to benefit the county manage its fiscal challenges.

9. Somerset County, New Jersey ($96,947):

Richest counties in USA

Being share of the New York metro region, Somerset County is hub to around 330,000 residents and has registered fast population growth over the last few decades. While tracing back to history, Somerset County was essentially an agricultural county, which is the reason of its high wealth.

In the 19th century, the Somerset Hills section of Somerset County became a famous country home for rich entrepreneurs. The region is yet the hub of few wealthy pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, making this county as rich. This county was established in year 1688, from shares of Middlesex County.

8. Montgomery County, Maryland ($97,873)

Richest counties in USA

Known as the foremost of five Maryland/Virginia counties on the list, Montgomery County comprises such populous cities namely Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Rockville. This county is hub to many government agencies (specifically scientific agencies), containing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (briefly as NOAA), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (briefly as NRC), and the U.S. Department of Energy (briefly as DOE).

The county holds many leading corporations and the population is greatly educated due to its richness. Over 29% of them hold post-graduate degrees, which is regarded as one of the highest rate in entire U.S. This county like remaining inner Washington, D.C. suburban counties includes technical research, many major U.S. government offices, and learning centers, as well as business grounds, which presents a great amount of revenue for development of the county.

7. Morris County, New Jersey ($99,950):

Richest counties in USA

This county is known as part of the New York metropolitan region, and has around 492,276 people residing within. It is assessed that best Thirty-three Fortune 500 companies operates in this county, either in form of a headquarters or leading office location, comprising Novartis (the county’s biggest employer), ExxonMobil, AT&T, as well as Colgate-Palmolive, to name a few.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has also graded the county as possessing the 16th-highest per capita income of every 3,113 counties present in US and was registered as the second highest in New Jersey by year 2009. It was found that this county of US was ranked third in entire New York Metropolitan area in field of median income.

6. Arlington County, Virginia ($101,533):

Richest counties in USA 2019

This county of US is identified by name “Arlington” by many people and sits at sixth place as wealthiest counties of US. It is actually the minor self-governing county located in the United States, though it records as the second largest city in the D.C. area of US. As this county is located near to downtown Washington, D.C., it is the hub for several departments as well as organisations of the federal government of the US, comprising the Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Defense (DoD) at the Pentagon, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Several government contractors, federal agencies, as well as service businesses fund to Arlington’s rising economy.

5. Douglas County, Colorado ($105,192):

Richest counties in USA

This county of US is a portion of the Denver metropolitan area, registered as one of the richest in Colorado and the only county on this list that isn’t situated on the East Coast. Though it isn’t hub to any large corporations, Douglas County has a solid base of economy and was entitled as one of the top places for job development by Money magazine. This county has the greatest median household income of any Colorado county or arithmetical equivalent. This county is ranked ninth nationally in that category, and possesses the highest of any county or equivalent not in the eastern region of US.

4. Hunterdon County:

Richest counties in USA

Hunterdon County is also one of the richest counties situated in the US state of New Jersey and possesses a population of 125,488 people. This county is renowned for possessing the lowest level of child poverty in the entire US; hence this is one of the reason for its richness. It has a high median household income of $105,186 with agriculture funding significantly to the household income. The county is even a leading fishing and hunting base in the New Jersey.

3. Howard County:

Richest counties in USA

This county is situated in the central part of the US of Maryland, ranked as one of the richest counties in the US. It is famous for its influence, the life quality and the excellent education with an approximate median household income – $108,844. The growth in the county has been endorsed by the media and the market of employment in the Washington DC. The county is hub to Columbia, which is a leading planned community of around 100,000 founded by developer named James Rouse in year 1967.

2. Fairfax County:

Richest counties in USA

Fairfax County is situated in the Commonwealth Virginia and it county seat is in the City of Fairfax as well as host several intelligence agencies. The names include NGIA, CIA, NRO, NCC, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Having a median household income of $112,436, this county is registered as the second richest county in the US.

The economy of Fairfax County focuses around professional facilities and technology with the maximum of the employees serving with the government. It even has some of the largest employers including Volkswagen Group of America, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Capital One, and SRA International. This county has headquarters to seven of the Fortune 500 Companies and its economy is supported by Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

1. Loudoun County:

Richest counties in USA

Loudoun County is situated in the Commonwealth Virginia and it is seat of Loudoun is in the Leesburg where the maximum of the administration operations are conducted. Loudoun County is the richest county in the entire US with as assessed household median income of $117,876. The county holds a full-fledged economy and is hub to few of the Internet-related and high-tech businesses. The county’s economy has also advantaged from Washington Dulles International Airport, the developing wine industry, and the large wheat producing estate.

US is recognized as one of the wealthiest country and the listed counties funds to its economy. These counties reflect the great life style and economy level of its administration that made it possible to stand at this position.


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