Plywood is a sheet type material produced from thin layers or layers of wood veneer that are pasted together in combination with adjacent layers having their wood grain swapped up to 90 degrees to each another.

Companies producing plywood produces a material that is an engineered wood from the family of manufactured boards which contain particle board (chipboard) and medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Best companies in this field not only deliver quality plywood products but also guarantees for after sale services in case of any faults or repairs. If you are looking around to get best materials made from plywood then here is the list of top 10 most famous and best best Plywood Companies in the world 2022.

10. Caledonian Plywood Company Ltd

Best Plywood Companies in the World 2019

Caledonian Plywood Company is one of the UK’s leading plywood suppliers providing fully traceable plywood from tree to customer. It was started in year 1990 and has developed steadily to turn out as one of the UK’s leading plywood companies. Through locations in Leeds and Tilbury, Glasgow, the company offer national distribution all over UK as well as to world.

The lesser known side its business are fire doors, quality bespoke doors, and door sets distributed to all prestigious projects. It is usual that every company will put customer service and quality first but latest awards and nominations suggest that this company can make this claim with justification. The company has recently won TTJ Plywood Trader of the Year 2016 and Lanarkshire Business Excellence Awards 2016.

9. The Joubert Group

Best Plywood Companies in the World

The Joubert Group has continued operation in france since last three generations that heirs to a family tradition. Situate in the heart of the Charente, in the south-west region of France, its corporate philosophy is founded on the essential values of sincerity, truth, and respect. The Joubert Group has progressed over the years to turn out as a benchmark, the foremost European manufacturer of legal and certified Okoume plywood.

The company continue to shape the future of the plywood production by different technical and environmental inventions. Being a pioneer with respect to industry-specific technical and environmental superiority, the Joubert Group implements only top choice wood. Its plywood material is methodically certified, healthy, safe, and compliant with the latest stringent standards.

8. Richard Russell

Best Plywood Companies in the World

Richard Russell is a well-established business dealing with every feature of panel products, ranging from import to wholesale, to end user specifier as well. The routes in the building can be date back to year 1928 when this company was primarily involved in Timber Importing. In year 1952 Richard Russell reinvented the company based out of a minor Stable Block in South Croydon, in Surrey. In year 1980 the administration of company was accepted over by the present Family Management Team and for the coming years this company developed rapidly into latest customer by expanding into a totally different stock range of Specialist Panel Products.

7. SGK Nordic

Best Plywood Companies in the World 2019

The company SGK Nordic, Russia provides competitive solutions managed for customer’s needs for plywoods. Being an official agent for one of the greatest Russian plywood mills namely Murom and red Anchor (which runs under Woodbridge trademark), the company supply Birch Plywood which is renowned of its superior quality and environmental openness. The company’s strategic partnership with Murom and red Anchor supports to attain its main priority to serve its customers with finest plywood products and best service. The company is renowned for its knowledge and expertise, making it a key to customer’s awareness and
growth of business.


Best Plywood Companies in the World

Hokusan manufactures nearly one million square meters of plywood products monthly from the woods which originate from all over the globe. Various available species is more than one hundred for which company involves actively. It also produces plywood with various backing, like paper, glass, plywood, plastic and also iron.

Plywood products from the company has covered the walls of high class cabins of trains and ships, homes and offices, palaces and symphony halls, but it is also depended on high quality furniture, high-grade boxes, musical instruments, and electronic equipment in several countries. One of the reasons for the unresolved achievement of the company is because it has been consistently searching for approaches to enhance the cutting process.

5. IPC Group

Best Plywood Companies in the World

IPC Group LLC is a leading producer of plywood from Russia known for more than 40 years. In its journey since establishment, it has continuously supported and promoted trade with other country network throughout Europe, US and in global markets as well. In year 1993, the company made the transition from a dealer of wood products to a manufacturer of giant birch plywood.

This company provides consistent reinvestment in its operations and essential pre-financing for the international sale and distribution of plywood products managed through its global network of offices and representatives. This has facilitated the company to successfully organize the entire range of activities, comprising the running of manufacturing facilities, careful and on-going supervision of processes.

4. GreenPly Industries Ltd

Best Plywood Companies in the World

This is one of the popular plywood companies from India, started in year 1993. This company holds an excellent distribution network all over the world. It deals variety of products such as plywoods, decorative veneers, restroom cubicles, fiber boards of medium density, decorative laminates, etc. The company is also listed into stock market that enjoys yearly turnover of more than Rs. 1997.69 crore. The company is also one of the largest Interior Infrastructure Company with turnover of Rs.2000 crore. The company claims that it account for nearly 36 percent of the controlled plywood market in its country.

3. Sinoply

Best Plywood Companies in the World 2019

This company from China is recognised for its waterproof plywood that is made with superior water resistant glue to create the sheet more convenient for humid conditions. In the procedure of plywood production by the company, the veneers are applied with glue and then after laminated together. The company is a professional plywood manufacturer and exporter from China that serves to entire world. The company also exports fancy plywood, film faced plywood, marine plywood to Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, etc.

2. Century Plyboards Ltd

Best Plywood Companies in the World

Century Ply Boards is a reputed name in the plywood industry, with its foundation traced back to year 1986. The company holds more than 27 years of skill and experience in business of in top quality ply boards. It primarily deals in plywoods, Nesta, plywood related products, decorative laminates, decorative veneers and Exteriatm.

It is also one of the leading ISO 9002 company for veneer and plywood. It is pioneers in Powder-proof PF Plywood and the revolutionary, Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Decorative Veneer, seven-year and Non-leachable Fire Safe Plywood. The company got more popularity as it was awarded as ‘The Fastest Growing Company with the Highest Turnover”, five times in a sequence for the years 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively by a business journal.


Best Plywood Companies in the World 2019

MKTI (full name-Myanmar Korea Timber International Limited) is one of the largest and most successful producers of plywood. The company offers equal importance in volume of products as well as in the quality of plywood to be delivered to world. This company is basically a joint venture company of Myanmar Timber Enterprise and Korea ( Sunchang Corporation).

The company also offer delivery service (door to door) for many destination based on quantities of plywood products. It also delivers to the port and transportation agents which cannot be easily accessible by many companies. It also implement trade sales promotion system target to traders/dealers and retailers.

Furniture is one of the basic requirements of any home or office and most of the furniture production works is incomplete without suitable plywood products. In this regard, the listed top companies manage to deliver supreme quality plywood products at an affordable price.


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  2. Wow. Great list you have here. Known some of them. Keep up the good work. Though, I know some other plywood companies who are more qualified to be in the list as “Best Plywood Companies in the World”. Keep it up. 🙂

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    Birch BB / BB sanded 15X3300x2070 100
    Birch BB / BB sanded 15X4300x2070 100
    Birch BB / BB sanded 15X5000x2070 100

    Birch BB / BB sanded 12X3230x340 200
    Birch BB / BB sanded 12X4230x340 200
    Birch BB / BB sanded 12X4930x340 200

    Birch BB / BB sanded 12x1975x340 300

    Birch BB / BB sanded 12x2050x260 300

    Kerto S beams 39x100x2092 7000


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