Mineral water is perhaps one of the basic requisites while we are on the go. What makes it imperative is the fact that consumers from all walks of life have become increasingly conscious about consuming hygienic water and hence it comes as no surprise that a pristine packaged bottle of water and the mineral water market at large has seen exponential rise in the recent years in India.

The market for this sparkling life saving liquid is said to be reaching the $160 billion mark in 2022. In the midst of the fierce competition, some brands have already gained a strong foothold whereas some new entrants are giving a tough time to many well established names. Here’s the list of top 10 best mineral water brands 2022 quenching the packaged water industry in India!

10. Pure Life

Best Mineral Water Brands in India 2019

Nestle Group’s Pure Life is taking rapid stride in the mineral water market industry in India. The water released by Nestle Pure Life has been checked for quality and purity by a group of experts comprised of sommeliers as well. Purity coupled with consumer convenience is what Nestle has tried to merge in Pure Life which is available in easy to carry 300 ml bottles and even 18.9 liter jars for office usage.

9. Manikchand Oxyrich

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

An underdog in the mineral water market, Manickchand Oxyrich has been favored by many for it is a brand that has 300 per cent more oxygen in its mineral water, so say the company owned by the Dhariwal group. The mineral water brand has also gained attention for having coconut essence in it and its availability in the remote parts of India has been a big plus. Its price is the same as any regular mineral water brand.

8. Tata Water Plus

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

As per latest market trends, the purity factor of Tata Water Plus rivals with that of Bisleri. Yet another product from Nourishco, its copper brown label signifies the age old Indian tradition of serving water in copper vessels to enhance purity. Tata Water Plus is enriched with minerals like copper and magnesium that helps not just to hydrate but also to improve immune system. Tata Water Plus has devised a smart plan of launching small pouches priced just INR 2 along with 500 ml and 1 ltr bottles for INR 10 and 20 respectively.

7. Qua

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

If there is one brand that has bowled many over its unique bottle shape, it has to be Qua. Led by Narang group, Qua mineral water brand is a big name in the Northern parts of India and is rapidly growing in terms of market presence on Pan India basis. Qua mineral water is derived from the Himalayas and packed to perfection without any human touch at any time of its processing. Priced INR 45 for 1 liter, Qua is also loaded with electrolytes.

6. Kingfisher

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

Famed king of “good times”, UB group is also available in the market of lifesaving liquid! Available as Kingfisher Spring water, it adheres to the BIS safety parameters making it one of the cleanest mineral waters for consumption.

5. Himalayan

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

Indian stalwart Tata Global Beverages and global leader PepsiCo joined forces to launch Himalayan mineral water marketed under NourishCo. Staying true to its name, the brand takes pride in making purest water available to its consumers from the foothills of Shivalik range. Himalayan boasts international certification purity for its shiny clean water bottled between 200 ml and 1.5 liter. The brand is currently focusing on grabbing whatever market share available with its smaller variants. The 1 liter bottle is available for INR 60!

4. Bailley

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

The humble mineral water brand from Parle Agro Group has stayed strong for many years now minus all the marketing and promotional gimmicks. Bailley has strong presence down Southern India and it is served by many vendors across several major railway divisions in India. Bailley was lauched in 1993 and has now seen its fair bit of surge in smaller towns and cities of the country. Like other key players, Bailley too maintains the standard INR 20 price tag for its 1 ltr bottles.

3. Aquafina

Best Mineral Water Brands in India 2019

While Bisleri has an unassailable lead in the mineral water market in India; the second spot has always been closely fought by Aquafina which has always given Kinley a run for its money. Launhed almost in the same time as Kinley, Pepsi Co. backed Aquafina has been a fast gainer in the ultra competitive consumerist Indian market with their well executed promotional campaign to drive the youth. Makers of this well known bottled water brand claim about providing perfectly tasting water which goes through five step “state- of- the-art” purification. Aquafina’s 1 liter bottle is available for INR

2. Kinley

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

Owned by the Coca-Cola Company in India, Kinley is another mineral water brand to reckon with in India. The manufacturer boasts of reverse osmosis put to use for producing clean and mineral enhanced drinking water which contains 0.3 mg sodium and 0.1 mg of Magnesium per 100 ml. Though it does not have variants as small or as big as Bisleri, the standard 500 ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltr are still preferred by its loyalists. While the mobile 500 ml mobile bottle costs INR 10, its 1 ltr and 2 ltr bottles have been priced for 20 and 30 respectively. It is also present in the market in 20 and 25 ltr jars.

1. Bisleri

Best Mineral Water Brands in India

Bisleri has been the undisputed duke of mineral water brands in India since its inception; such is its popularity that the brand has become synonymous with the mineral water industry in India. Founded by Italian entrepreneur Signore Felice Bisleri, the company was bought by FMCG giant Parle in 1969. Used as generic name for mineral water across India, Bisleri commands over 70 per cent of market share pie and has market reach in every possible stretches of India. Once available mostly in 1 ltr or 2 ltr pet bottle, Bisleri is now catering to demands of changing times and is now available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltr bottles at INR 6, 10, 20, 30 respectively. Additionally Bisleri also serves for mass mineral water consumption with its 5 ltr, 10 ltr and 20 ltr variants available in jar for INR 60, 64 and 70 respectively. The company also has 1.2 ltr and 300 ml bottles albeit in few select cities.

Apart from this list of top 10 mineral water brands in India 2022, there are quite a few noticeable names in the packaged life saving elixir industry that have sizable market throughout the country. These include Aqua Sure that has earned gold certification for purity, DS Group owned Catch which also has fruit flavor mixed water. Tripura based Bluefin serves water sourced from the bamboo which makes its taste unique and enhancing.

However, reports of several leading names failing purity tests has rocked the mineral water industry that is aiming high with government’s push to making clean water available perpetually.


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