In a world that’s moving so fast, there’s something happening in every corner almost every minute. And it’s necessary for any person to be updated and abreast with the information about what’s going on around him. Newspapers and news channels are the primary means of information to most people. With television sets now in every household, news channels that provide fast, easy access to current affairs are a hit among people.

Many households dedicate hours to news channels so they can get every information on every issue. News channels have upped their game and introduced the variety of programs ranging from fast headline news to full coverage of worldwide news in a time of half-an-hour. News channels are constantly competing to make the news reach people faster and be the first ones to provide the news to viewers. With live talk shows, political debates, and some additional lifestyle, Bollywood-related news programs, all the news channels are trying to garner attention from people of all age groups.

To be the trusted and sought-after sources of fast news, most news channels have adopted questionable forms of journalism. But as long as they still provide reliable news to viewers, they’ll continue to be the leading news channels. Here’s a list of the top 10 best and most watched news channels in India 2022.

10. Zee News

Best News Channels in India 2019

Zee Media Corporation’s news channel Zee News ranks tenth on this list. The Hindi news channel founded in 1999 has made its way to being one of the best news channels in the country. Headquartered in Noida, this news channel has Subhash Chandra as its Chairman and notable personality Sudhir Choudhary as CEO. The channel is known to have generated a revenue of 551 crores in the year 2015. Its popularity has only been on the rise since then. Despite a few scandalous allegations, the news has gained a TRP rating of about 138,135. For Hindi news viewers, Zee News would make a good choice.

9. NDTV India

Best News Channels in India

Owned by New Delhi Television Ltd., NDTV India ranks ninth on our list. Conceptualized by Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy, the Hindi news channel went on to gain wide popularity among the masses. With people like Ravish Kumar associated with the channel, the channel has garnered much attention in recent years. The channel received flak and a blackout for a day because of its coverage of the Pathankot attack. But later on, went on to redeem its old position. With a TRP rating of around 0.7 to 0.8, NDTV India is deemed as one of the news channels that cater to the less sensationalized news.

8. BBC World News

Best News Channels in India

BBC’s very own international and current affairs English news channel, BBC World News ranks eighth on the list. The channel is known to have over 76 million viewers worldwide. The news channel’s correspondents and reporters are large in number, and its international bureau is known to be the largest among news channels. Owned by BBC Global News Ltd., the funding for this channel is attributed to the subscriptions and advertising. With different kinds of shows on lifestyle, travel and news bulletins itself, the channel has garnered the attention of the affluent in the country. With weekly impression sum of 136,000, the news channel is only expanding its base. This news channel is surely a recommended one if you want massive, good coverage of world news.

7. India TV

Best News Channels in India

The Hindi news channel India TV ranks seventh on our list. Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this news channel was the brainchild of renowned personality Rajat Sharma and his wife, Ritu Dhawan. India Tv has received investment from Fuse+ Media which has over $1.5 billion assets under management. With big term investments from the likes of Mukesh Ambani, this channel has taken over the good television ratings for a while now. Shows like Rajat Sharma’s signature Aap Ki Adaalat are the primary reasons for its huge success. With a TRP rating of 133,276, the channel continues to be one the most sought-after Hindi news channels.

6. CNN-News 18

Best News Channels in India

CNN-News 18, originally known as CNN-IBN ranks sixth on our list. Owned by Network 18, in May 2014, the Reliance group of industries announced taking over the network, which has been proclaimed as “one of the biggest deal in the Indian media space”. The English news channel with shows like India at 9 that have great TRP ratings, and popular names like Rajdeep Sardesai working as the Editor-in-Chief of the IBN network, has gained attention from the masses. It’s one of the most trusted news channels in the country. With a rating of 354,000, the network, even after its merger, continues to rule the charts as one of the top three English news channels.

5. ABP News

Best News Channels in India

The popular Hindi news channel ABP News ranks fifth on our list for the best news channels. Owned by the ABP Group, ABP News was launched back in 1998 as STAR News before the group took over the channel in 2012. With notable personalities like Dibang and Neha Pant associated with the channel, ABP news is the second most popular Hindi channel in India. It has trusted viewers all over the country and provides good, fast news catering to the people. With a rating of about 115,506, ABP News will continue its rule as one of the leading news channels in the country.

4. NDTV 24×7

Best News Channels in India

Arguably one of the most popular English news channels in the country, NDTV 24×7 ranks fourth on our list. Owned by NDTV, the channel caters to its audience with fast and wide current affairs coverage. It holds on to its slogan “Experience. Truth first.”. It has won the Best News Channel Award once at the Asian Television Awards and twice at the ITA Awards. With personalities like Burkha Dutt, until recently being associated with the channel, shows as We The People and The Buck Stops Here garnered a lot of attention among people of all age groups. Notable people like Prannoy Roy and Vikram Chandra are closely associated with the channel. A BARC rating of 338,000 makes it the third most sought-after English news channel in the country.

3. Aaj Tak

Best News Channels in India

The premium Hindi news channel of the country, Aaj Tak ranks third on our list. The 24-hour news channel is owned by the TV Today Network. Founded by Surendra Pratap Singh who is also a news anchor on the channel and managed by Aroon Purie, this news channel with its good content has found its trust in its viewers. Known to cater to all kinds of news for viewers in a fast and efficient manner, the channel enjoys a good follower base. With a BARC rating of 129150, Aaj Tak continues to lead as India’s #1 Hindi news channel.

2. India Today

Best News Channels in India

The 24-hour English news channel, India Today ranks as the second best news channel in India. Owned by the TV Today Network, the channel was formerly known as Headlines Today. It has been always known to have sensational coverage of the news, like other popular news channels in the country. And this is what is attributed to its widespread success and big numbers. With all the big names like Rajdeep Sardesai, Consulting Editor and Rahul Kanwal, Managing Editor, the news channel has in itself become a brand. With a BARC rating of 371,000, India Today continues to strongly hold on to its position as the second best English news channel in the country, preferred by a huge audience.

1. Times Now

Best News Channels in India 2019

Without a doubt, the leading news channel in India is Times Now. One of the most popular and common household name in the country, the English news channel has for years now, enjoyed widespread success. Owned by The Times Group, the channel is headquartered in Mumbai. The channel is known for its highly sensationalized news and its controversial lawsuits.

Part of its success is credited to its star and leading news anchor, Arnab Goswami, who was the former Editor-in-Chief of the channel. With his debates on The Newshour, known for his loud and strong opinions, he took down any opponent, politicians, and celebrities, alike. This led the show and Times Now to be one of the most watched news channels on Indian television. With a vast viewer rating of over 606,000, India Today clinches the highest rung of the ladder and continues to rule among viewers.

With the internet being the newest source of latest news and slowly gaining more popularity, news channels have to be on their toes constantly. Alternate media is getting widespread acclaim because it refrains from some of the sensationalized news that primary news sources are falling into. That’s why to stay in the game; news channels are now resorting to being more trustworthy sources of information. News channels and viewers should both double-check any news that comes their way. Yellow journalism and spreading of false facts should never be done. Viewers these days are smart enough to make good choices and opt for networks that will give them news that’s true and efficient. On that concluding note, let’s hope for better news all over. Stay alert. Stay safe. Stay true.


    • After the 7th September 2019 ISRO Incident, we have removed NDTV India and NDTV 24×7 from our list, and we gonna remove every single article from this site which listed NDTV. We are proud of Scientist who works day and night for the glory of the nation. And we are ashamed at incompetent and arrogant journalists like Pallava Bagla (Pagla), NDTV and his bosses.

    • NDTV is the only crap channel in India and others are good. NDTV’s Journalist sell their soul for Tea and Samosa. Ban NDTV in INDIA which can’t respect our scientist.

  1. NDTV is definitely best channel because they covers ground reality with proof .Some channels only praising BJP agenda. If you think NDTV is supporting congress kindly watch Ravish kumar’s progammes before 2014 .Some Bhakts dont like NDTV because its not Godi Media.If congress is anti national party then where you were while this party was rulling over 55 years.did they destroyed our India ? Rea Antil Nationalist are RSS & BJP .theire main agenda is not development they just doing religion based politics.

  2. News18 Rajasthan focuses on the latest political and social happenings in Rajasthan. Watch all the fiery debates and special shows its a free streaming 24 hrs and you can also see it on voot app for free

  3. “News18 Lokmat
    An essential part of the largest Television Network in India, News18 Lokmat, focuses on the latest political and social happenings in Maharashtra. I think its the most reliable news source and also provides written and digital medium news updates. you can watch 24 hrs live news on your phone on voot.”

  4. ndtv is not only best its last hope of good journalism in this country. when other channels cant get enough of sensationalism ndtv raises the issue of poor education and employment issues. plz open your eyes before its too late

  5. NDTV is the best otherwise , Zee,Aattak,abp,republisc all are modis paid media . Zee news pe dikhata hai ki new 2000 ke note pe chips lage huye .. lol Zee is the wors . only fake new. #chipson2000note_lolzeenews.

  6. those who r suppoting ndtv as favourite r really fooled by his agenda ..ndtv is completely biased network supported by anti india forces…
    ndtv tells only one side of the story and u beleive it…just make ur thinking broad u will understand his propaganda. …
    understand how it supported antinational tukde tukde gang. ..

  7. As per BARC rating Republic TV of Arnob Goswami is the number 1 English news channel since it’s debut in 2017 and Times Now is the Second Best English Channel in India. India Today and NDTV 24×7 nowhere comes near these 2 top English News channel. If anybody has any doubt , he or she can go to BARC site and see for themselves the correct ranking of news channels instead of viewing this kind of wrong biased rating given paid sites. ND TV Hindi and English channels comes nowhere near the top 3 English and Hindi news channels as per BARC ratings and this the fact today. One can go to BARC rating site for confirming this fact. NDTV India and NDTV 24 ×7 are both in 5th
    and 4th position in BARC ratings as of now. NDTV only caters to seudo secular viewership in India and therefore it’s viewership is limited. It is mostly considered as hot beds of anything anti national. This is the perception of the majority viewerships. Aajtak is constantly number 1 Hindi news channel as per BARC ratings. Whereas, ABP News, India TV and Zee News vies for 2nd,3rd and 4th spot all the times. NDTV is constantly placed in 5th position in Hindi News category.

  8. NDTV is the best. Even Pakistan and Hafiz saeed likes it. They are 8th wonder of the world. They have great international reporters like barkha duty, niddhi & ravish Kumar. I saw one video of ravish Kumar sitting at the side of trump while having lunch. White house has given access to ravish Kumar to use trump personal toilet. I also heard news that valdmir Putin recently called NDTV for asking ravish Kumar to take his interview, valdmir is heard to be learning bohjpuri. I also heard Hafiz saeed is a big fan of NDTV specially that carkha dutt. It is a proud moment for fans like me. I always watch NDTV. I also watch NDTV while pooping in toilet, cus I love NDTV’s content and don’t want to miss anything. North Korea Kim Jong un has finally launched NDTV as there another channel. Now they have two channels on, propaganda news and ndtv news. I love NDTV. I also named my dog as ravish cus I think my dog have six sense and he can find my lost socks and other things. I have two cats I named them barkha and nidhi because my cats are very naughty they always poop here and there and jumping all around. I love my ndtv. I can’t survive without ndtv news. #Feelingblessed😌😇 😘

    • Aarush tiwari I wonder but why did they awarded NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar Ramon Magsaysay award I think the entire Asian media is fool except the great intellectual aarush tiwari alone has quality of jury in fact I think this guys are the same who publicized this nano chip in Indian currency notes what a worst journalism and your praising this guys I wonder how are supporting this guys 🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮

  9. Hyper secularism leads to cultural illiteracy. Congress and NDTV is the biggest enemy of Hindus, Hinduism, Bharat and friend of Pakistan. Hindu Rasthtra is a distant dream but will be a reality one day…… JAI SHREE RAM, BHARATH MATHA KI JAI.

  10. NDTV is the only news channel that can be trusted remaining all are Chamchas, Zee News is Dalla of BJP they have lost all credibility

    • NDTV is the only honest Hindustani channel in India, behind which there are millions of Hindustani people, and we also hope that NDTV is even more good, it is a matter of great happiness for all of us that in our Hindustan One of the best Hindustani news channels like NDTV, and all the officials of Ndtv congratulations on behalf of all the people,

      • True n Right. NDTV is best but News24, News India, ABP ARE ALSO TRYING TO BE OBJECTIVE.
        BBC hindi, Aljazeera BBC etc are good.
        Media on sale is painful and irritating.
        There is big need to change the syllabus and training modules of journalism courses.

  11. NDTV is the best channel not in India but in Asia always show the reality but unfortunately people who are critising this channel, they need to research on to say anything wrong against it.

  12. Try watch ZeeNews,ABP news,Aaj tak, fakenews on youtube, infact watch out NDTV. See who u find the most..
    NDTV is worth tursted..
    Specially Primetime with Ravish Kumar.9pm
    “Dont believe what people say believe what u check.”

  13. What a joke Times now , india tv like cartoon clubs are nothing more than paid workers of govt..
    NDTV is the best source of news among all..All others are just puppets of government ..Sudhir chaudhary, rohit, anjana om, rubika ye sab giri hui ghatiya journalism k role model hain..Dalaal of govt..

  14. NDTV’s Ravish Kumar Show is undoubtedly the best. Media should always act as a semi-opposition for a better & healthy democracy. It Should not sing the government praise all the time like Zee News/RN/TN etc

  15. NDTV
    Fake Media channel
    Its not a news network its a Congress, CPM & Muslim debate center.
    They are anti india, anti BJP & anti hindu.
    They only feed anti BJP news to their viewer.
    When Congress Caught in Biggest scams they had not shown any news about congress scams.
    How can this channel be in this list.
    I never watch NDTV fake channel.

  16. Anti-India, Anti hindu all the media. This is not correct list. AG’s RT should be first. NDTV fake news and Anti-Hindu, anti india.

  17. Rating data seems unrealistic… Zee News seems to be a biased media house… We have removed Media Channels interested in COMMUNAL DEBATES… Zee News Aaj Tak are the leaders in Communalism… Our Cable Operator Committee have responded positively…. No family would want their children to grow Communal… Most importantly why should one pay for Communalism…? Its NDTV that talks about realistic issues… NDTV is the best news channel… One thing must be remembered always… Media is at its best unless it is unbiased… the moment it is biased people will give it a tag of being biased, and this tag is very difficult to do away… ! Media is 4th pillar of democracy but this seems to be followed by very few media houses! Hope this views are kept in mind next time while considering TRP calculations!

    • what a joke NDTV is a chamcha channel of Congress. It’s a fraud channel which is run by illegal money investors. NDTV is anti-Hindu and anti-nationalist channel which supports terrorism. Leaks info from Indian army security and provides to anti elements of nation.

      • U say Right Sandhya Mam
        Congress is criminal party.
        Soniya Gandhis friend said who is from Greece and said to Sai baba she said soniya Gandhi said to me.
        In India my enemies are भगवा धारी and संघ वाले.
        And I will put them Jail.
        And Soniya Gandhi done with साध्वी प्रज्ञा and उमा भारती.
        As she said she did._Soniya Gandhi.

    • what a joke NDTV is a chamcha channel of Congress. It’s a fraud channel which is run by illegal money investors. NDTV is anti-Hindu and anti-nationalist channel which supports terrorism. Leaks info from Indian army security and provides to anti elements of nation.

      • Get well soon. Unlike other bhakti channels like zee and IndiaTV only NDTV talks about real issues of people and whatever it says or claims is based on proof and facts. Not like Sudheer chaudhary who is accused of bribery and foolishly explained how gps chip in 2000 Rs note work.


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