The Top 10 Longest Highways in the World: Let’s Go for a “Looo….oong” Drive.

One can judge the prosperity of a state or a country just by looking at the road connectivity network. The highways are the lifeline of countries. They enable the swift transportation of goods from one city to another in the easiest manner.

Therefore, the interlinking of cities is most important for the overall development of the country. It not only makes transportation easier but also makes travelling through the length and breadth of the country easy.

The major developed countries have beautifully maintained interstate highways crisscrossing the country. The USA has some of the longest road networks in the world. It also helps that the country is a large one. Out of the ten longest highways in the world, five are in the USA. The other big countries such as China, Australia, India, Canada, and Russia have one representation each.

Let us look at the list of top 10 longest highways in the world

10. Interstate Eighty I-80 (US):

Interstate Eighty I-80 Top Popular Longest Highways in The World 2018

The US is the most developed country in the world. Therefore, you can expect the best road network here. The Interstate Eighty (I-80) highway bears testimony to this fact. At No. 10 on this magnificent list, you have this interstate highway running across the length of the country.

Starting from the westernmost part of the country in San Francisco, CA, this highway runs right across cutting through the entire midlands to end at Teaneck, New Jersey in the East. Spanning a length of 2899.54 miles, this is partly a toll road and partly a free drive. The major cities on this highway include Oakland, California, Utah, Iowa, and Toledo. One can also access the top cities such as Chicago and New York from this interstate highway.

09. Interstate Ninety I-90 (US):

One highway from the West to the East will not suffice for the entire population of the USA. You need many such parallel roads. The Interstate 90 (I-90) is one such road that runs virtually parallel to the I-80. Starting from Seattle on the Western corner, the highway snakes through states such as Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, Illinois, and Massachusetts, etc. to end at Boston in the East. Similar to the I-80, this highway is partly a toll road and freeway most of the time. Having a total length of 3020.54 miles, this highway is No. 9 on the list of the Top 10 longest highways in the world.

08. US Route 6 (US):

The USA takes great pride in the services rendered by its armed forces. There are several monuments to commemorate their services to the development of this country. One such highway honoring the American Civil War veterans association is the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, also known as US Route 6.

Commencing its run from Bishop in California, it passes through various states such as Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, etc to end at Provincetown, Massachusetts. This is a very long route. However, the California Government renumbered most of its roads in 1964 whereby this highway lost some of its roads to other highways. In spite of this, the total length of this highway, ranked at No.8 is 3198.87 miles.

07. US Route Twenty (US):

The US has a peculiar method of numbering its highways. The ‘0’ in the name suggests that the route is a coast-to-coast route. Therefore, the US Route 20 runs from Newport, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts. This road runs parallel to the I-90 literally throughout its course. At many places, it overlaps with the US 30 because the US 20 is not a planned route. At some places, it does not have a number because it passes through Yellowstone national park. Having a total length of 3365 miles, this highway is the seventh longest highway in the world.

06. China national Highway 010 (China):

From the US, we shall move to China, another large country with numerous well-developed roads and highways. China is a huge country. Therefore, it should not be a surprise if you have one of the longest highways in China. The China National Highway 010 is around 3500 miles in length. Starting from Tongjiang, Heilongjiang, the highway ends at Sanya in Hainan. This highway has another name as well, i.e. Tongsan Expressway. This magnificent road is at No. 6 on this list.

05. Golden Quadrilateral (India):

Golden Quadrilateral Top Famous Longest Highways in The World 2018

India has some of the best highways and roads as well to compare with the best countries in the world. At No. 5, we have the Golden Quadrilateral connecting the four major metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi. On the way, it touches various other prominent cities such as Bengaluru, Jaipur, Kanpur, Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada, Pune, Ahmedabad, etc. Launched under the inspiring leadership of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the construction of this highway took twelve years to complete. Having a total length of 3633 miles, this highway is No. 5 on the list of the longest highways in the world.

04. Trans Canada Highway (Canada):

Until now, you have seen roads that pass through some states or provinces. At No. 4, we have a highway, the Trans Canada Highway that travels through each of the ten provinces of Canada. It connects two oceans, the Pacific Ocean on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East. The Trans Canada Highway is a combination of the Trans-Canada Route and the Yellowhead Highway. Starting in 1962, the construction was over in 1971. The total length of this highway is 4990 miles, making it one of the longest roads in the world to drive. The drive can take you through many picturesque locations.

03. Trans Siberian Highway (Russia):

When the US can have five representations in this list, its arch rival Russia should have at least one, if not more. You have a network of several federal highways forming the Trans Siberian Highway. Starting its journey from St Petersburg in the Baltic Sea, the highway winds its way through Russia to terminate at Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. Russia is a huge landmass. Hence, the total length of the highway is around 6800 miles, more than twice the length of the No. 7 ranked US-20. This monstrous length makes this highway rank No. 3 on this list of the Top 10 Longest Highways in the world.

02. Highway 1-Australia (Australia):

Just as India has the Golden Quadrilateral, Australia has a network of highways circumnavigating the country and connecting all its major cities such as Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, etc. The only major country it does not touch is Canberra, the capital of the country. Established in 1955, this is a magnificent road in all respects. With a total length of 9010 miles, this highway is the second longest highway in the world.

01. Pan American Highway (US):

Pan American Highway Top 10 Longest Highways in The World 2017

Until now, you had the highways running cross the length and breadth of a country. Some of the highways connect the major cities in a circumnavigation of the entire country. At No. 1 we have a truly international highway that connects more than 21 countries. We are referring to the longest ‘motorable road’ in the world. The countries include Canada, the US, Mexico, Gautemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama in the North pan-American leg of the highway.

There is a rain-forest break in the highway known as the Darien Gap for about 100 miles. The Southern Pan American leg covers Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. You have links to countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Hence, this highway serves every country in the continent of America. The total length of the highway is around 19000 miles, thereby beating its nearest competitor by more than 10000 miles.

You have just seen some of the longest highways in the world. Driving on these roads is always a pleasure. This is the best way to tour any country and learn about its culture. You get the chance to visit the interiors and the countryside of these countries enabling you to have a rich experience.


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