Ten Richest Black Rappers In The World Right Now

As the generation is passing by, fast lyrics and rapping are making the younger generation crazy. These loud tracks have become popular around the globe cutting across the old tradition of the societies. The singer who has the capacity to sing fast lyrics are separately called as ‘rappers’.

Some of the black people have come up with the special lyrics which are creative and unique, unlike the normal songs. Most of these black people have earned much fame and wealth through their skills and creativity in the rapping world.

So, these are the black rappers who have flaunted themselves by their skills and have become very much wealthy by performing raps :

10. Akon

Akon Top Richest Black Rappers 2017

Net worth- $80 million
D.O.B-16 August 1973

Akon is a known name which needs no introduction for the people who loves rap. He is a very talented rapper who has done his rap in different languages around the globe. Also known as an R&B singer is a son of a percussionist- Mor Thiam Aliaune Thiam. Akon was born in Missouri but settled in the Jersey at the age of 15. Akon released his first album in 2004 and his journey of success started from them. He got a chance to sing with famous artists such as lady gaga, Gwen Stefani and many others.

He launched his own urban clothing ‘ Konvict clothing in the year 2007 and achieved Billboard Music awards the same year. With the collaboration of his business and songs, his net worth increased tremendously making him one of the richest rapper in the black world.

9. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

Net worth- $135 million
D.O.B- 20th October 1971

Snoop has been giving his back to back hits since his debut in the music world. His real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. His uncountable live performances with 30 million tracks have placed him as 9th richest rapper among the group. He is one of the rappers from 90s times and still his raps are hits among the modern generation. He has released 10 solo albums since his debut in rap world in 1992.

8. Ice cube

Ice cube

Net worth- $140 million
D.O.B- 15th June 1969

This rap singer has gained his net worth from live performances rather than doing solo albums. He is the 8th richest black rapper of the year.Ice has also started his career in acting and producing films. Ice cube is also known as O’ Shea Jackson who have sold about 40 million albums in his rapping career.

He has started his career from singing on the west coast with street rappers and has developed himself to one of the successful people in Hollywood. His net worth comprises of his acting and singing the raps.

7. 50 Cent

50 Cent

Net worth- $140 million
D.O.B- 6th July 1975

He is one of the most splendid personality who has made the music in its newer and creative form. The rap lovers are the huge fan of him from the entire world. He is the 7th richest rapper in the black rapper list which is an incredible progress as seeing his previous life. His real name is Curtis Jackson and apart from a rapper, he is also a great businessman who owns a large fortune.

6. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

Net worth- $150 million
D.O.B- 27th September 1984

Wayne also was known as Dwayne Michael Carter has started his career when he was 15 years old and after his debut in the rap world, he never looked back. He has a natural attracting capacity to enthralls the audience with mind blowing stage performances. He is one the richest black rapper in the world.

In the year 2005, he started with the young money entertainment and also became the president of cash money records in the same year.

5. Birdman


Net worth- $180 million
D.O.B- 15th February 1969

The man of tattoos which is his style statement through which he is liked by his fans. Also known as Bryan Williams but got famed through the name Birdman which he coined himself. He is the co founder of cash money records

Birdman is one of the ancient rappers who has started his career in the 80s and still is vigorously running achieving achievements after achievements. His 2 labels Cash money records and big timers are the main contributor of his net worth.

4. Master p

Master p

Net worth- $380 million
D.O.B- 29th April 1970

The main fever among the struggling rappers is mainly about the Master P. His style statement such as fashionable attires is very much alluring the younger generation. He is the 4th richest black rapper in the world. Master P real name, Percy Robert Miller, started his career giving a debut in 1991 with his self-made solo album.

He was a basket ball player once and was into the different business before coming to the music world.He is one of the most influential rappers who has built his own destiny with very much hard work and without any source.

3. Jay z

Jay z

Net worth- $560 million
D.O.B- 4th December 1969

The most energetic rapper and a simple person who becomes famous after his Casanova rap music. Since his debut in 1996 he started off his music career he has sold 75 million albums and now is a 3rd richest black rapper.

He is also a decent businessman and owns a record label- Roc Nation which contributes large part of his net worth

2. P Diddy

P Diddy

Net worth- $700 million
D.O.B- 4th November 1969

The rapper famous for P Diddy real name is Sean Combs and Puff Daddy. P Diddy is a second wealthiest black rapper, who creates his own kind of music. Apart from his music career, he owns a vast empire of self-made spread business ranging from restaurants to clothes label.

1. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre Top Richest Black Rappers 2018

Net worth- $800 million
D.O.B- 18th February 1965

The richest and most handsome black rapper of the list among the rap music is Dr. Dre. He is a very skilled rapper of all the time and began his career in music in 1984. He is the CEO of aftermath entertainment that was initiated in the year 1996. His label received recordings of top artists from the world like Eminem and Busta etc.

After the so much disturbance of excluding blacks from their rights, some of these versatile personalities came up with the skills that have made everyone numb and speechless. These wealthiest rappers around the globe have gained much fame and wealth which has made it possible to list them separately for the year 2017.


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