With the increase in population and business in India, the need for security is increasing day by day. One thing that everyone is using for the security is the camera. Even if, someone has a security guard for the protection, they still use camera in various locations. It is one of the most famous and cost effective method using for security.

The camera is used to monitor everything happening inside any office, home, ATM, bank, hospitals and at other places. It is one the most important tool that is used to monitor all the activities. As the demand of security increases the number of camera brands also increase. In this article, I am sharing some of the leading brands of CCTV camera in India in 2022.

10. Godrej

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India 2022

It is a very famous brand name that provides us different products to use in our daily life. The company’s headquarters is located in Mumbai, India. The company provides customized solution of security and manufactured cameras using advanced techniques. Its videos of this brand of camera are detected using advanced technology. The company also offers various cameras including Dome, Eye trace, HD, CU V1 cameras and other cameras as well. The company provides three types of home cameras including, See Thru Octa HD, Solus Quadra HD and Solus Octa HD. Some of the most popular cameras of this brand are Sphere like cameras and portable cameras.

9. Vantage

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

This Company was launched in 1990 and its headquarters is located in Noida, India. The company manufactured its products in India and distributes it in the other countries as well. The company has its experienced research and development team and the team manufacture different products including video recorder and cameras, Surveillance system, Electronics products, alarm and access control system and other products as well. The company manufactured two types of cameras, Network and Analog. The company distributes its products in 14 other countries. Some of the most popular cameras of this brand are Megapixel IP cameras, IR PTZ, high end DVR and NVR, multi apartment VDP, metal detectors and other security products and cameras.

8. LG

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

It is a famous brand name. It is basically a South Korean company and is started in 1958. It is a multinational electronics company and manufactures CCTV camera products outside India. The company offers a wide range of electronics and security products. This company has a major role in the electronics market of products. The company manufactured various products including PTZ, IP, Dome, Bullet, Analogue cameras and other cameras. Some of the most popular cameras of this brand are Dome, IR, box, zoom and CCTV camera lens.

7. Bosch

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India 2022

Bosch Company manufactured high quality security products. The company has its famous brand name. The company’s headquarters is located in Bangalore. It provides different types of cameras, including Fire and social alarm system, access control and conference system, security purpose cameras and other products. The company aims to protect home, office, assets and other things.

This is a German based multinational company that offers variety of products including Video system, Intrusion alarm system, Conference system and many other products. The company delivers its products in more than 150 countries. The company has development centers in various locations in India and the company also has 12 sales offices in India.

6. AVTech

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

This Company produced video surveillance cameras and also famous for its name as Taiwanese company. The products of this company are durable and work in different environments. The products can record videos and voices. These cameras are best for home, school, offices and also for college. The starting price of the camera is Rs 3,000. The company also provides outdoor security bullet cameras. The company adds CMOS Sensor in the camera products. The camera works for 24 hours day and night and can record up to 25 meters of distance.

5. Samsung

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

In 1977, this company was started in South Korea. Indian headquarters of this company is located in New Delhi. The company does not manufacture its CCTV camera products in India. This Company has 19 branch offices in the world and Its products are available in India from the other countries. The company provides different varieties of cameras, including IR, Zoom, PTZ, thermal, Doom and box cameras. The company uses advanced and latest techniques to produce this camera. The products of this camera are used in ATM as well. Some of the most popular cameras of this brand are Dome, PTZ, IR network and analogue cameras.

4. Sony

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

The Company manufactured advanced security products and delivers it globally. This company does not manufacture cameras in India. It has a large number of partners in India through which the company provides its product to customers. Some of the best camera products of this company are Fixed, Minidome and PTZ cameras. SONY is famous for its ultimate and high quality products and it also provides various other products including IP, Wireless and 4K security cameras and Network solution as well.

The cameras provide better pictures, can work in all conditions and are best for office. The company provides Bullet cameras and have adjustable sunshade. The products are easy to install and setup. Some of the most popular cameras of this brand are Hybrid, network and analogue PTZ Cameras.

3. Zicom

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

This company was launched in 1994. The manufacturing plant of this company is located in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh and its headquarter is located in Mumbai. The company delivers its products in 5 other countries. The company has an annual income of 1122 crore. The company offers a wide range of good quality and reliable products. The company developed a range of products including CCTV examination System, Fire and intruder alarm system, Finger print locking system, RAM and more products.

The company delivers trusted and superior quality products and offers wide variety of cameras, including IR, Vandal proof and speed Dome cameras. The starting price of this company product is Rs 1,400. The products are very easy and quick to install. The products are good for the company and as well as for houses. Some of the most popular cameras of this brand are Dome, IR dome, vari focal dome. Vandal proof dome, outdoor speed dome, IR bullet and box cameras.

2. CP Plus

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India 2022

This Company was launched in 2007 and its headquarters is located in Noida. This company provides trusted and best varieties of cameras and recorders. This Company is German based and provides a wide variety of cameras including, Hidden, Night vision, HD, Zoom, software, Analogue, DVRs, VPD, Spy, Wireless, Outdoor, Indoor, IP and Bullet cameras as well. One can choose from various options like megapixel cameras, security cameras, HD and LCD monitors. It is one of the youngest brands of camera. This company is ISO certified and also won an Excellence Leadership Award.

1. Hikvision

Best CCTV Camera Companies In India

It is considered as one of the top most brand of camera. This brand of camera founded in 2001 by the HIK Information Technology. The company’s main headquarters is located in Hangzhou, China and its Indian headquarters is located in Mumbai, India. The company manufactured cameras and Network Surveillance Systems. The company has 7,181 engineers and 18 thousand employees that work on research and development of the product.

The company supplies its products in 155 countries and has 2,400 partners in the whole world. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of camera. The company manufactured different types of cameras with a wide variety of features like zooming feature, Network PTZ, Analog, Dome and many other features as well. This company also offers a warranty of 1 to 2 years and the starting price of the camera is Rs.1, 350. The company also manufactured digital video recorders, Network and Analogue camera, Hybrid video recorder and more products.

Today, the demand of cameras is increasing everywhere as the awareness of security increasing. With this advanced technology one can monitor the activities of workers and feel safe for his assets. There are number of CCTV camera brands available in the market, but it is difficult to choose the best one. In this article, I have shared top 10 CCTV camera brands on the basis of providing better security, durability, customization, price and usability.


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