Ten Deadliest Earthquakes in the World – Dreadful situations that no one wants to remember

Earthquake is the word, the fear of which lurks in the minds of people always. With a sudden moment in the earth’s crust, the surface of the earth starts shaking which is known as earthquakes. Earthquakes ruin the happy world of people.

There are lots of examples of these dreadful earth shakers that left behind only fear and worries. Lots of lives are lost and lot many become homeless. The destruction of Mankind, Infrastructure etc occurs on a real big scale due to these earthquakes.

There have been several earthquakes over the years in various countries and cities and among them, the 10 worst Earthquakes which caused the maximum damage are listed over here.

List of the top 10 most Deadliest Earthquakes in the World


GREAT KANTO EARTHQUAKE, KANTO REGION, JAPAN Top Famous Deadliest Earthquakes in World History 2017

The Great Kanto earthquake struck on Saturday, 1st September 1923 at 11:58:44 a.m. at the Kanto Plain on the Japanese which is the main island of Honshu. This earthquake duration was between four to ten minutes. The scale of the earthquake was 7.9 with the focus Izu Oshima Island in Sagami Bay. In this earthquake approximate death about 1,42,800, including 40,000 who went missing and presumed dead. 105,385 deaths confirmed according to the Kajima Kobori Research report on September 2004.

Many people died in the large fire because when the earthquake struck, that was lunchtime, people were cooking food and that fire swept across cities. That also broke water mains all over the city and putting out fires nearly for two days. One more tragedy happened at the same time of the earthquake, a strong typhoon struck Tokyo bay, this result more fire due to winds. The Government declared the Anniversary of the earthquake on 1st September, as an annual “Disaster prevention day.


The Ashgabat Earthquake Struck on 6 October 1948 at 2.17 in the morning, in Turkmenistan, Ashgabat with the surface wave magnitude of 7.3. The earthquake center was located near the small village Gara- Gaudan. This event was not reported in the media of USSR because the damages didn’t allow the Soviet government to allocate enough financial resources.

This earthquake caused the collapse of all brick buildings, extreme damage in Ashabat and near villages, freight trains were derailed, concrete was heavily damaged, city infrastructure was badly damaged and electricity restored six days after the earthquake. At the time of the earthquake 10,000 to 110,000 people died, according to the rumors, including the Future Turkmen president “Saparmurat Niyazov’s Mother Gurbansoltan Eje.


The Messina earthquake is also known as Messina, and Reggio earthquake happened on Monday 28 December 1908 in Sicily and Calabria, Southern Italy, with a magnitude of 7.1. The cities of Messina and Reggio were completely destroyed. Almost 75,000 to 200,000 lives were lost in such a drastic earthquake. This earthquake is struck near about 05.20 to 05.22. Its epicenter was located in the Strait of Messina.

Almost 91% structure of Messina was destroyed and the almost whole city was damaged. In Reggio Calavria and near locations were heavily suffered, some 25,000 people killed, their house and buildings destroyed very badly. Europe never faced such destructive earthquake before. The earthquake affected along the 300 Km radius and it was felt for good 30-40 seconds.


On 28 Feb 1997, 16:27 local time, Ardabil was shaken by a severe destructive earthquake of 6.1 magnitude. This earthquake lasted for 15 seconds killing more than 1100 (up to 3000) people, injuring 2600, rendering more than 36000 people homeless. Approximately 1,60,000 livestock was also killed. More than 350 aftershocks were reported with the largest one being 5.2 on the Richter scale.

There was huge damage to roads, communication lines, and power lines. Hospitals were overflowing with patients and more than 83 villages experienced some form of damage. Heavy snowfall of 18 inches after the quake hampered the rescue efforts. More than 80 tons of bread, 8700 tents, 2000 bottles of baby formula, 15300 heaters and lanterns and 21800 blankets were given as relief aid.


HAITI EARTHQUAKE Top Most Popular Deadliest Earthquakes in World History 2018

On January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced a catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 7.0 Mw at 16:53 local time, that left more than 220,000 people dead and more than 300,000 people injured. The epicenter was 25 km west of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and at a shallow depth of 13 km. This earthquake left 1.5 million people displaced of which 55,107 are still displaced and lived in makeshift camps. By 24th Jan, 52 aftershocks were reported, with many being greater than 4.5 MW.

The earthquake caused severe infrastructural damage to Hospitals, communication systems, air, sea and road transports, disrupting the process of aids distribution to the affected areas. By 2012, 13.34 Billion Dollars aid was collected from international agencies across the world as per the UN office.


Deadliest Earthquake in History held in Syria commonly known as Aleppo Earthquake occurred on 11 October, 1138. This earthquake devastated millions of lives and killed approx 230,000 people. High magnitude waves shook whole Syria turning lives of millions into a nightmare. Due to its high magnitude of 8.5 as reports say, most strong walls of Aleppo’s Citadel crashed down in a while. More than 2,30,000 were killed and buried under collapsed houses.


Indian Ocean Earthquake is the third largest deadliest and longest duration between 8.3 and 10 minutes. This earthquake occurred on December 26, 2004, with 9.1-9.3 magnitude and 30-kilometer depth. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Madagascar are the deeply affected areas of this disastrous 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake.

This deadliest and atrocious earthquake killed 230,000-280,000 people in fourteen countries. Indonesia was the hard effected area with the highest death toll. An earthquake with Tsunami caused serious damage. According to the relief agencies, one-third of children were found dead. Local people and foreign tourists also were found dead in a huge number.


This disastrous Tangshan earthquake occurred on July 28, 1976, with 7.8 magnitudes and 7.5 depths. It’s also known as Great Tangshan earthquake as it was the largest earthquake by death toll. There is no rigorous figure of the death toll, an estimated figure is 242,419 losses of lives.

Some sources say that the death toll can be as high as 7,00,000 people as well. At 4:00 am when people are dreaming and the silence was all over, an earthquake occurred and kept the people in the lap of permanent sleep for forever, Seeming the world was going to end. A massive loss of lives gave a deep wound to the country’s people.

A 14-16 second of this disaster filled the people’s lives with emotions in grief and sorrows. Before this earthquake, prediction of Abnormal signals was there in Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Bohai and Zhangjiakou regions.


Haiyuan is also one of the deadliest earthquakes. Haiyuan earthquakes or 1920 Haiyuan earthquake shook the Haiyuan country, Ningxia Province, the Republic of China with 7.8 magnitude on December 16, 1920, according to Gansu -Sichuan Time. This earthquake is also referred as 1920 Gansu Earthquake as then, Ningxia was a part of Gansu Province.

There were a large number of landslides, cracks, demolished buildings, collapsed houses everywhere. Around 2,00,000 people lost their lives in Haiyuan and Guyuan Country during this dreadful earthquake. Majorly effective cities were Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Xining, Yinchuan and Xi’an.


SHAANXI EARTHQUAKE, CHINA Top Most Famous Deadliest Earthquakes in World History 2018

Shaanxi Earthquake is the deadliest earthquake which killed approximately 830,000 people. It was the morning of January 23, 1556, in Shaanxi; vibrations from the earth’s embryo with 8.0 magnitude were occurred destructing more than 97 countries in the provinces of Shaanxi. Most affected areas were Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Anhui.

The Approximately 850-kilometer area was destroyed and 60% population of affected countries was killed. Destruction and death were everywhere. The earthquake has also triggered landslides which contributed to the massive death toll. Due to this massive destruction over the 500 kilometers from the epicenter, this earthquake is referred as Jiajing Great earthquake in Chinese historical record.

Millions of lives got affected from these frightening instances. Top 3 incidents out of these ten occurred in places situated in China, which ruined whole areas and countless lives of people. An earthquake causes huge damage which is sometimes unrecoverable. Recovering such natural calamity is not easy especially when your near and dear one is gone because of it.


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