‘DJs’ is the word which today holds most extreme significance in the lives of people. For any type of family gathering, bars, disc, and so on, DJs are preeminent. Basically, DJs plays electronic music for the group of onlookers. Their prestige is growing tremendously in today’s world. Not only they play music for the masses, but also have shaped up their personalities and turned out to be most famous and millionaire DJs. There are numerous DJs who have made their identity viable and procuring millions worldwide. So checkout the list of top 11 best and richest DJ’s in the world 2022.

11. Skrillex – Net Worth $45 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World 2019

Skrillex has been able to make his name in the music industry. His spellbound electronic music has made music lovers go down on their feet and dance to his tunes. Sonny Morre aka Skrillex began his musical career in the year 2004 from a band called From First to last as a lead singer. After 4 years being with the band, he decided to go solo with the name of Skrillex and became a Dj. He launched his first album My Name is Skrillex in 2010 which earned him a huge name. Skrillex holds the maximum number of Grammy awards won by any Electronic Music artist.

10. ARMIN VAN BUUREN – Net Worth $45 million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Armin Van Burren was born on December 25, 1976, in Leiden, Netherlands. The Burren is a DJ, record producer, and remixer. Being inspired by a French Electronic Composer Jean-Michel Jarre, Burren started making music at the age of 14. In 1997, he achieved popularity with his first major success “Blue Fear” under the Cyber Records Label. Immediately after this successful track, “Communication” track under the same label also gained huge popularity.

Now he kept on tasting the delicacy of his success with other big hits from which the State of Trance was the extremely successful program having more than 33 million listeners. In 2001, he started his own radio show on ID&T radio. He owns several Jaguar Cars and a company endorsed by him. He earns a big amount from his live shows, sponsorships, and product endorsement.

9. DEADMAU5 – Net Worth $53 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Joel Thomas Zimmerman is famous for his name Deadmau 5 is a Canadian DJ and record producer lives in Toronto, Ontario. He was born on January 5, 1981, in Niagara Falls, Canada. His height is 1.75 m. In his early teens, he found a dead mouse when he was chatting to one of his friends. From that day, Zimmerman became famous with the name of “dead mouse guy” among his friends.

Zimmerman produced a variety of styles within the progressive house genre. Various compilation albums have Zimmerman’s track. Completely dedicated towards his work, Zimmerman has received six Grammy award nominations. Zimmerman was awarded an International Award. He is himself the creator of the logo “deadmau5”.

8. AVICII – Net Worth $54 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Avicii is the well-known Swedish musician, DJ mixer, stage performer, and record producer. He was born on September 8, 1989. His real name is Tim Bergling. His music albums are very famous in the whole world. His performances and music albums always get a positive response from the audience and get worldwide popularity as well. Time to time, he launched his music albums and got tremendous astonishing reviews from the DJ lovers. His earnings are $80, 85,200 per year and from sponsorships, he earns $25,56,980. (on 20 April 2018,Avicii Passed Away).

7. PAUL VAN DYK – Net Worth $55 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Matthias Paul was born on December 16, 1971, in Elsenhuttenstadt, East Germany. Paul is a German Grammy-award winning DJ, record producer, and a musician. He is one of the first had achieved International DJ’s status. Paul developed his musical interest through the radio. Without facing any struggles or failures, he quickly got success with achieved popularity with his remix of “Love Stimulation” and hit single “For An Angel”. In his overall career, he won one Grammy award, 10 I International Dance Music Awards, 18 Trance Awards, 2 DJ Mag Awards, a total of 32 awards. He has sold over three million albums worldwide till the date.

6. STEVE AOKI – Net Worth $55 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World 2019

Steven Hiroyuki Apki was born on November 30, 1977, in Miami, Florida, US. Steve Aoki is an American record producer, electro house musician, and music executive. He got graduated with two B.A. degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He built his own record label named Dim Mack in his early 20’s.

He performed an average of 250 shows per year. The Bloody Beet Roots, Felix Varta, Mustard Pimp, Bloc Party, The Kills, Klaxons, Infected Mushroom, Scanner, Whitey and Mystery Jets are the electro house artists released music on the Dim Mack label. Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles was Steve’s debut mix album. Aoki has also remixed with many artists and bands. He was awarded many prestigious awards.

5. PAUL OAKENFOLD – Net Worth $56 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Paul Mark Oakenfold was born on August 30, 1963, in Mile End, London, England. He is an English disc jockey, remixer, actor, record producer and a chef. Initially, he wants to become a chef. Becoming a chef, his childhood dream, but nothing took him in the direction to fulfill his dream.

Then when he was 21, he changed his mind completely. One day he moves to Manhattan, close to Studio 54, He lived in a flat in Manhattan. Studio 54 was a very famous nightclub at that time and rich and popular personalities did visit that club. From that club, he came to know many popular industry people, which led him to the path of his brighter career. He has massive luxurious homes in the Hollywood Hills.

4. DAFT PUNK – Net Worth $60 million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo composed of two greatest musicians Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Both of them used to go the same secondary school in Paris. They gradually became good friends. They decided to make a pair and founded legendary house duo Daft Punk in 1993. They have unique signature masks, making them stand out of all other DJs. They have never been anywhere in public without their signature masks. In fact, hardly a picture of them without a mask can be found. The duo has received numerous awards. The duo is six times Grammy award winner and overall a total of 13 awards they have drenched.

3. DAVID GUETTA –Net worth $60 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Pierre David Guetta was born on November 7, 1967, in Paris, France. David is a French DJ, record producer, remixer, and songwriter. Along with a famous French DJ, he is also a co-founder of Gum Productions. His very first album was “Just A Little More Love” and some more albums of 2002-2007 have released but he achieved mainstream success in 2009 with the release of the album “One Love”.

From this album, three songs reached number 1 in the United Kingdom followed by another successful album “Nothing but the Beat”. Nine million albums have sold out so far and David was continuously stepping up the stairs of the stardom. The great David honored with two Grammy awards and some other major awards. He charges $250,000 for one show. He owns a luxury house in Los Angeles and many luxurious cars.

2. DJ TIESTO – Net Worth $150 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World

Tiesto was born on January 17, 1969. He is popularly known as Tiesto, although his original name is Tijs Michiel Verwest. He has the magic to pull the audience towards the world of music. He got honored with the Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording. It used to give the world new forms of music and has managed to get a special place in the hearts of the audience.

This Dutch DJ has maintained his position in a great manner. He is popularly renamed as ‘The Greatest DJ of All Time’. He has launched numerous music albums which got famous in the very short time span. His music albums and his stage performances are much popular worldwide. He got honored with “Best DJ of the last 20 years” in the year 2013.

1. CALVIN HARRIS – Net Worth $170 Million

Richest Dj’s in the World 2019

Calvin Harris is a famous DJ, singer, Scottish record producer, and songwriter. His former name was Adam Richard Wiles, but professionally he is renamed as Calvin Harris. He used to release his music albums and that got worldwide popularity as well. Almost all the songs released by him got famous and reached into the top 10 in the UK, which is a big achievement in itself. He has done work in collaboration with other artists too. With continuous and numerous live shows Harris has earned a lot. He is continually giving hits with his music albums and live performances. He has become most admired personality throughout the world, and his fans like his style a lot.

Witt the electronic music humming all around the world, These DJs are most listened to and are turning the Music era. These DJs are considered as idols of the music industry. By playing a variety of music and songs they won the hearts of the audience. They are most demanded by the people as they used to give them relaxation from worldly tensions.


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