Every Human being on this earth loves to look beautiful. Some people also take the help of makeup to hide any mark or blemish on their face. Those who have an eye sight related problem love to wear contact lens instead of glasses. The glasses make you feel more mature and big. A contact lens is like a thin membrane which is placed in the iris of the eye.

The glasses sometimes hide the beauty of the person whereas contact lens helps to make the person confident, smart and beautiful. The contact lens has many benefits over the glasses. The contact lens improves the vision and sharpens the level of focus. One can also wear sunglasses with contact lenses. With the increase in eye related problems, the brands of contact lens are also flooding in the India. I have searched several articles and found some of the 10 best contact lens brands in India in 2022.

10. Oxy max

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India 2019

This company was launched in 2005 and it is a brand of S.Con lens India Company. The contact lens of this brand is made of pure substance. These lenses can be worn for correcting vision and for fashion purpose. The company strictly follows the GMP and FDA standard of USA. These lenses keep your eye pupil safe from any damages and are also very cost effective as compared to other brands. The company also produced colored lens for daily wear fashion purpose. Some of the products of this type of lens are Blue one day color lens, Brown one day color lens, Color toric lens, contact lens container, contact lens kit, Green color lens, Honey color lens, Iris lens yearly, Light green lens, One day color lens, Monthly color lens, UV55 monthly color lenses and other products as well.

9. Silk lens

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

This is a very famous brand in the country and its office is located in Kolkatta and New Delhi. The company produces silky, smooth, moisturized and lightweight lens for the customers. It provides a wide variety of products. These lenses are of International standard and are made by CNC controlled lathe cutting machine. These lenses are best for those who have dry eyes as these lenses are super soft and also have moisture. These lenses are also best for long working or driving hours. These lenses are available at a reasonable rate. Some of the best lenses of this brand are S1 and S2 series, VISIBLU, RGB and more.

8. Sparkle

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

This contact lens is marketed by the Visions India Company and it is basically the product of Korean firm. The lenses are available for monthly and for one time use only. These lenses come in various colors and also in single, double and triple color combination. These lenses come in thousands of colors and designs. They add glamour in the eyes and are also very comfortable to wear. These lenses add more beauty in the eyes by adding more shine, colors and designs. Some of the designs of these lenses are shimmer, sparkle, star fire, star glow, Glimmer gold, feather lens, Glimmer silver, hazel, Iced colored and many other lenses.

7. Biomedic 55

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

This brand of lenses was produced by the Copper Vision Company. These lenses are available at reasonable prices and are durable. These lenses come in various colors and are made up of Ocufilcon. They are easy to dispose, give clear vision and are easy to maintain. The aspheric contact lenses of Biomedics are designed to manage the spherical irregularity in the human eye. The premier lenses of this brand can focus on the light and provides sharp and clear vision. The round edge lens of this brand provides an excellent comfort. This lens improves both nearsighted and farsighted vision of the eye and improves the overall vision of the eye. This type of lens protects your eye from UV rays.

6. Alcon

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

This company produced and markets various products including contact lenses, surgical products, devices and various other vision care products. This company delivers its products to 180 different countries. Every year the company invested $1 billion in the research and development of the eye care products. The team of Alcon is continuously exploring new methods for providing its customers comfortable lenses. This company has 25 thousand connections in the world. Each lens of this brand is tested to ensure the safety and comfort of the person’s eye. Some of the products of this brand are Dailies Aqua comfort plus, Air optix Aqua and many more.

5. Freshlook

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India 2019

These lenses are good for both medical and as well as cosmetic purpose. These lenses must be worn by the prescription and supervision of the professional. The sharing of these lenses may cause serious health related problems. For near and far sightedness, you should wear these lenses daily. One should follow the replacement and wearing method to avoid discomfort and burning with these lenses. One can also change his eye look daily as we have a wide range of lens color in this brand including, green, blue, brown, gray and many more. This brand of lens makes you look better and also care for your eye by providing safer eyesight.

4. Ciba Vision

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

Earlier this brand of contact lens is an Independent company, but now it is a part of Novartis Company and it works with Alcon Group. This brand of lens provides a complete eye care for its customers. It provides its services in India and as well as in other countries. This brand is also available easily in all the Indian stores. This brand is good for those who have vision defect. These lenses are light weight, give high level of accuracy and are also available in a wide range of colors. These are silicon hydrogen lenses and help to provide oxygen on the surface of the lens. This makes your eyes healthy and moisturized.

3. Coopervision

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

This company of lenses was started in 1980 and delivers its services in all over the world. It is one of the most respectable contact lens brands. This brand of contact lens is more comfortable, soft and helps to keep your eyes moisturized as it has a high level of moisture. These lenses are also breathable and are unique in their own way. This brand is available in all over the world and also has its 3 research and development centers in the world. Some of its most popular contact lenses are pro clear, Bio infinity, Clariti and more. The Pro clear lens of this brand is good for dry eyes whereas bioinfinity lens is very comfortable and easy to wear. This brand also got many awards, including Rebrand Award and Manufacturing Leadership Award.

2. Bausch & Lomb

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India

This is an American company and the largest supplier of eye care products. This company was started in 1983. This brand of lenses is very famous for its high quality, design and advancement. These lenses are mostly suggested by doctors and are also easily available. This brand is one of the most trusted lenses for eye vision and care. These lenses have moisture that helps to keep your eyes moisturized and protect them from being dry. These lenses are also available in various colors and designs. This brand has Lacelle and Optima natural look as color contact lenses. The brand has a wide variety of lenses for short and long sightedness including soft lens daily disposable, pure vision 2 HD, bio true, One day lens and many more. It also provides Optima 38 as yearly lens.

1. Acuvue

Best Contact Lenses Brand In India 2019

This is a brand of Johnson & Johnson Company and it is one of the most popular brands of lenses. This is the first company to manufacture daily wear and disposable lenses. Some of the most popular lenses of this brand are acuvue2, acuvue advanced, acuvue1 day moist, acuvue oasys and many others. These brands are famous for their high quality and comfort. This is the bestselling brand in India. These lenses are safe and are very easy to maintain. These lenses protect your eyes in multiple ways. This brand of contact lens keeps your eyes moisturized, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and helps oxygen to reach your eyes.

All these are the India’s best brands of contact lenses in 2022. Contact lenses can also improve the vision of your eye if selected properly. The contact lenses may be divided into wearing time like daily ear, continuous wear and other categories as well. But some lens may also cause dryness, itching and discomfort in the eyes. So, I recommend you to purchase contact lens for your eyes after being consulted with your eye specialist. The best contact lens for your eye is that suits your eye more.


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