10 of the Richest Female Celebrities who Ruled the World with their Talent

Many celebrities are there in the world entertaining and presenting their skills to the world, making a place in the hearts of their followers. Not only males are concerned with this term but also a large number of females. These females are also side by side with males in all professions to make them prominent in the world.

These females have made their name in whatever field they chose to be in whether it was acting, singing or establishing a self own business. Achieving all these alone was not easy but proved beneficial to them with their sheer dedication and hard work.

List of top 10 richest female celebrities in the world in 2017-2018

10. Angelina Jolie – Actress (Net Worth – $200 Million)

Angelina Jolie Top Popular Richest Female Celebrity in The World 2018

The most desirable men for many in the world, Angelina Jolie is an American actress who is known for her acting in movies like The Tourist, Maleficent, Salt, Kung Fu Panda 2 and many more. Her voluptuous lips are very famous and women desire the natural lips of Angelina. Angelina has made a name not being an girl next door actress but raked in huge money with action movies like heroes do.

Ex wife of actor Bradd Pitt, Angelina Jolie shared the profits of $300 million with her ex husband earned. In 2011, Angelina had a Louis Vitton deal of $10 Million. Her average salary/earnings per movie is said to be between $7 million to $15 million. It is said that she spends around $1 million on her 6 kids. In 2015, Angelina Jolie bought a penthouse in Turkey valuing $2,700,000.

9. Judge Judy Sheindlin – Judge and TV Personality (Net Worth – $290 Million)

A lawyer by a profession who became a well-known TV personality later on, Judy Sheindlin was born in New York in America. After her Law school, she became a prosecutor at family courtroom. She was a judge at criminal court and then became a judge at Manhattan court. From 1996, Judy has been appearing on the TV series, Judge Judy earning her around $1,23,000 per episode. When her contract was renewed in 2012, she raked in $45,000,000 for hardly 2 months of shooting. Judge Judy has a condo in Beverly Hills’ bought at $10,700,000.

8. Rihanna – Singer ( Net Worth – $230 Million)

Rihanna is a worldwide famous singer who rose to fame with her amazing singing talent and style. She came in the music industry officially in the year 2005 when her first album “Music of the Sun” was released, which went on to be a big hit. Around 1 million records of the album were sold earning her $ 1 million for it. Her next album in 2006 “A girl like me” was a bigger hit than her first album earning her $4 million.

Her other albums released also earned her huge fortunes and she became a mainstream singer. Her earnings included from the tours she did which was around $8,00,000 per show. Apart from shows and albums, Rihanna has tried her hands in movies like Battleship and This is the End, which were also declared hit. There are lot many endorsements in Rihanna’s kitty earning her huge income.

7. Beyonce Knowles Carter – R&B Singer (Net worth $290 Million)

The R & B singer, Beyonce has been able to entertain the audiences since 1990s. Beyonce stated her singing career being a part of all girls group, Destiny’s Child. However, in 2003 she separated from the group and started her solo singing career releasing her first album called “Dangerously in Love”.

Since 2003, Beyonce has released four albums all of which have received success. Beyonce has also featured in four movies until now and her performance was applauded in all of them. Her source of income is from her concerts and live shows, endorsements and her real estate business. Beyonce also owns shoe brand, fashion line and perfume line earning her huge incomes out of it.

6. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen – Actress 7 Entrepreneurs (Net Worth – $300 Million)

The twin sisters, Mary and Ashley have seen the success since their childhood. Born in 1986 they got the opportunity to feature in TV show “Full House” in the 90s as baby Michelle. Started with their acting career, as they grew up they wrote book called, “The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen” which many of us would have read it with much curiosity.

Now they are budding fashion designers and own their fashion clothing line. The twins at the tender age of 9 started earning with starring in movie “It takes two” bringing $19,40,000 to them. Their appearance in every episode of Full House earned $1,25,000 and earnings from movie New York Minute was said to be $5,960,000 all of which have contributed to their whopping net worth of $300M.

5. Janet Jackson – Singer & Actress (Net Worth – $1 Billion)

Janet Jackson Top Famous Richest Female Celebrity in The World 2018

Janet Jackson is a popular Singer and dancer who is youngest sister of famous dancer Late Michel Jackson. Recently Janet at the age of 50 gave birth to a healthy baby boy Eissa Al Mana. Over the years, Janet earned $260 million from the sale of her albums,$458 million from her tours and concerts, $81 million from publishing of books and music while earned around $ 300 million from other handlings making her total net worth to over $1 billion.

Going by the income she earns, the net worth has been quite shocking. But after all the personal expenses and other expenses of Janet are deducted from her total net worth, her actual net worth stands at $175 Million. Her Husband Al Mana though is very rich and strong businessperson holds net worth of $1 billion.

4. J K Rowling – Book Author ( Net Worth $1 Billion)

The Harry Potter book author, Joanne Kathleen Rowling has been earning all her life because of her book Harry Potter. There is very interesting story behind her publication of book as well. She was a single mother when she started writing for Harry Potter on typewriter. After she completed her first of 8 Harry potter novel, she was not able to find a publisher as nobody was ready to publish it. Finally, when one of the publishers was ready, she was only paid 1500 pounds for it.

However, time had another story and Harry Potter became one of the most read novel finally landing to become a movie. Harry Potter series are until date the highest grossing movies ever with around $7.7 billion. Apart from film, Harry Potter merchandises are also very much popular in kids and there is whole amusement park in the Universal studio of it. J K Rowling has been earning huge royalty out of it since years and even if she does not come up with another great novel, she can enjoy earnings from Harry Potter all her life.

3. Madonna – Singer, actress & Entrepreneur (Net Worth $1 Billion)

One of the most enduring personalities, Madonna has achieved a lot over her career span of more than 30 years. She started her musical career with album Madonna in 1983. Around 10 Million copies of the album was sold summing to $11,5000,000 earnings to Madonna. Until date she has been able to prove her versatility in singing and has earned huge fan following.

Madonna has jumped into several business ventures like clothing line, fragrance line, Make up, Fitness brand and Maverick entertainment company. All of these businesses have earned her much well. She was the brand face for several brands like Pepsi. Her tour income has been outstanding with the most recent Rebel Heart tour earning her $170 Million. It is said that her total earnings in 2016 was around $ 76.5 million even though she is not much into singing now a days.

2. Dr Precious Moloi Motsepe – Doctor cum fashionista (Net Worth $2.5 million)

Among the most powerful couples of Africa and in the world, Precious is a qualified doctor and practiced as a doctor too. She is supposedly the first women to open up a health clinic for women in Johannesburg. But now she holds multiple ventures along with her husband. She is also referred to Queen of South Africa Fashion because of her impeccable fashion sense. The couple is considered among richest black family with whopping net worth of $2.5 Billion. They now wish to donate half of their earnings for the good of others.

1. Oprah Winfrey – Television Personality (Net Worth $3 Billion)

Oprah Winfrey Top 10 Richest Female Celebrity in The World 2017

Giving quite a competition to males, Oprah Winfrey tops the list of Richest female celebrity in 2017 with net worth of unbelievable $3 Billion. Queen of Television, Oprah had the longest running TV show by her name Oprah Winfrey Show. It was a talk show and her gullible energy on the show was instantly loved by all.

Now she has said to be moved on to journalism and become producer as well. Recently it was announced that Oprah would be seen in CBS new show. After witnessing a troublesome childhood, Oprah took solace in public speaking at schools and contributed to radio as well. She was a mother in her teens but her son died much early. Even at this age, she is much active and continues to work contributing more and more to her already stable net worth.

These females regardless of their gender rocks the world with their talent and also earn money and makes a place in the topmost richest female celebrities. Also, they are an inspiration for all other women throughout the globe to make them proud also. They make the point very clear that not only men but also women can independently make their name and earn huge fortunes.



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