The global cement industry has undergone through major changes since 2008. Cement industry contribution in the GDP is immensely outstanding. There were 2273 active integrated cement plants around the world according to the global cement directory.

Although there are many cement manufacturing and selling company in the world but some of them add their names in top ten lists. In the below article you will find about the top ten best and largest cement companies in the world in 2022. You will also find detailed information about the company and their operations. Please have a look one by one.

10. Votorantim: (Revenue-US$ 11.2 billion, Net Income-US$ 101.5 million):

Largest Cement Companies in the World 2019

Votorantim Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Latin America. It operating in various fields like, steel, Pulp and paper, finance, siderurgy and energy, cellulose, cement, aluminium and agribusiness, this prestigious organisation was found in 1919 in Votorantim, Sao Palo. Its headquarters is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently 98,600 employees are working in it and contributing their hard work to make it even more famous in the world.

It is family controlled company that was founded by “Jose Ermirio de Moraes” an engineer from Prenambuco. The company is proud to have been recognised by the Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Bank and IMD Business School as the world’s best family company in 2015. According to Global Cement data, it had 45.02Mt/yr of cement production capacity and 41 cement plants.

9. Eurocement: (Revenue- 55.7 billion, Profit- 10.2 billion):

Largest Cement Companies in the World

The EUROCEMENT group is the biggest supplier of ready mix concrete, cement and aggregates in Russia. It has 16 cement plants across Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine as well as several concrete goods factories, concrete mix plants and aggregates mining quarries.

This biggest and prestigious cement company was founded in 2002 and its headquarters is in Mascow, Russia. The annual production of Concrete is 10 Mcm and 40 MT of cement. The company originally had 4 plants: Mikhailovcement, Maltsovsky Portlandcement, Savinsky cement and Lipetskcement but since 2005 EUROCEMENT group has become a leading company in the Russian cement market.

8. Taiwan Cement: (Revenue-NT$116,099,000,000, Profit- NT$15,118,000,000):

Largest Cement Companies in the World

The Taiwan cement corporation is a largest cement company in Taiwan and in the world as well. It was founded on 1 May 1946 and its headquarters is in Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan. This public company is operated jointly by the government of Taiwan and Ministry of Economics and resources. Company was restructured as Taiwan Cement Corporation on 1 January 1951. It had production capacity of 69Mt/Yr of cement according to global cement directory.

7. China Resources Cement:

Largest Cement Companies in the World

China resources cement holding limited is a leading concrete and cement producer in Southern China. This company was founded in 2003 and it’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China. It is second largest concrete producer in china by sales volume while it is largest cement producer and NSP clinker producer in southern china by production capacity. It had 24 integrated cement plants and 78.3Mt/yr of cement production capacity, according to the China resource cement.

6. Italcementi: (Revenue- €4.791 billion, Profit- €45.8 million):

Largest Cement Companies in the World

This is an Italian multinational company that produces ready mix concrete, construction aggregates and cement. This company was established in 1864 almost 153 years ago. It’s headquarter is located in Bergami, Italy. It is acquired 45 percent by the HeidelbeCement in 2015; Bothe companies forming the world’s second largest cement producer.

New grade of cement produced by the company that is used in various projects such as, the Suez Canal (underwater concrete), Venezia Santa Lucia railway station and bridge above the Adda river. The company was merged in the early 1920s with famous construction group owned by the Pesenti Family, forming a 12 plant and 1500 employees group producing +200 tons of cement annually. Company claims to have 60mt/Yr of cement production from 46 cement plants.

5. Cemex: (Revenue- US$ 15.7 billion, Profit- US $507 million):

Largest Cement Companies in the World 2019

CEMEX is a Mexican multinational building material organisation that was founded in 1906, almost 111 years ago. The headquarters of the company is located in Monterrry, Maxico. Worldwide area served by this prestigious company. It distributes and manufactures ready mix concrete, aggregates and cement in more than 50 countries. It is 2nd largest building material manufacturing company worldwide only after LagargeHocim. Currently cemex operates on 4 continents, with 2000 ready mix concrete facilities, 66 cement plants, 80 marine terminals and 400 quarries and 260 distribution centers. 44,000 employees are employed by the CEMEX. Cemex states that it has 94Mt/yr of cement production capacity from 55 cement plants.

4. HeidelbergCement: (Revenue-€m 13,465, Profit-€m 800):

Largest Cement Companies in the World

HeidelbergCement is German multinational building materials company. The company was founded in 1874 and its headquarters is in Heidelberg, Germany. It produces ready-mix, concrete, asphalt, cement and aggregates. This company has became the number 3rd in ready mixed concrete, number 2 in cement and number 1 in aggregates production worldwide. This largest group has activities in 60 countries with 63,000 work forces.

HeidelbergCement said that it has 129.1Mt/yr of cement production capacity, as well as 102 cement and grinding plants. This pristigous cement company was founded by Johann Philpp Schifferdecker, at Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In 1896, it was making 80,000 tonnes per annum of Portland cement.

3. China National Building Materials:

Largest Cement Companies in the World

This prestigious cement company was founded in 1984. It is a public traded organisation that engaging in lightweight building materials, cement, fibre-reinforced plastic product, glass fibre and engineering services businesses. Currently CNBM is the largest gypsum and cement board producer company in China while it is also largest glass fibre producer in Asia.

Under IPO, this company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With the help of strong work force 100,000 employees company touching the sky. Its headquarters is situated in People’s Republic of China. Mr.Song Zhi Ping is the chairman of the company. CNBM claimed that it had 400Mt/yr of cement production capacity.

2. Anhui Conch:

Largest Cement Companies in the World

Anhui Conch Cement Co. Ltd. is the largest cement seller and cement manufacturer in the mainland China, this prestigious company was founded in 1997. It’s headquarter is in Wahu, Anhui, People’s Republic of China. It covers the business scope of sales and manufacturing of cement and clinker.

In its 2014 annual report, Anhui Conch said that it had 400Mt/yr of cement capacity from an unspecified number of plants. It also acquired Jiangxi Shengta Group, increasing its cement capacity by 5.4Mt/yr. internationally; it started or continued projects in Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

1. LafargeHolcim: (Revenue- 29 Bn CHF, Profit- -1,361 million CHF):

Largest Cement Companies in the World

LafargeHolcim is a largest manufacturer of building materials like, aggregates, concrete and cement company. It claims that, it is the largest company with a presence in 90 countries and 115,000 employees. This company was established by the merger on 10 July 2015; around 20 months ago. Its headquarters is in Jona, Switzerland. According to company, it has a manufacturing capacity of 368.5 million tons a year.

LafargeHolcim was the largest cement company in 2015, with 286.66Mt/yr of cement production capacity from 164 cement plants, according to the Global Cement Directory 2016. This means that LafargeHolcim’s financials will be very different to its former parents companies. Eric Olsen is the CEO, and Wolfgang Reitzle and Bruno Lafont are the co-chairmen.

This article contains the list of top ten cement manufacturing companies in the world in 2022. Through the above article we got to know that, building material products plays an important role when it comes to development of country. While on the other hand, handsome contribution given by the cement companies in the GDP of country. This article is very informative for the business people and as we as for those who want to seek some business information about the cement industry. All these companies got their respective rank according to the USGS mineral survey.



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