Who won’t prefer a guy who is handsome, good looking, hot, sexy, with an add on feature of being the most eligible bachelor in the world? Women would love to marry those guys and make them as their life partner for a lifetime. Yes!

Eligible as well as handsome bachelors do exist in today’s world you just need to look closely to find them. Those bachelors are properly in shaped, stout body, physically fit, well-formed and impeccably handsome. The Women are not only crazy for these bachelors but at the same time, they dream of marrying such men in life. Let’s look at the top 15 most handsome and hottest bachelors in the world right now in 2022.

15. Chris Evan

Most Handsome Bachelors 2019

Chris Evan is a fine actor and director as well, he is flawlessly handsome and good looking. He has a very stylish personality and character. Chris is still being a bachelor looking forward to starting a family of his soon. He is also the super hero of Marvel comics who played the role of Captain America in ‘Avengers’ and in ‘Captain America’ as well. He is astonishingly very handsome and has a remarkable character.

14. Andrei Andrei

Most Handsome Bachelor

Andrei Andrei is a top model with stunning look and magnificent physique. He is also among the top bachelor in the world for whom every woman is falling for. Apart from modelling, Andrei is also a talented web designer. He has done numerous modelling and ad campaigns and photo shoot as well. He has now become a competitive model in the modelling industry. Andrei is from Romania and he is very popular among woman as he is one of a kind.

13. Neymar

Most Handsome Bachelor

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is more popular by his team name Neymar and is regarded as one of the eligible bachelors in the world. Neymar is basically a Brazilian footballer and who also plays for FC Barcelona club. He is recognized as a young charming and stylish footballer. He has always made girls go crazy over his new looks which he has always tried to experiment on himself and he has always look magnificently handsome with his new look and new hair style.

12. Rafael Beutl

Most Handsome Bachelor

Rafael Beutl is one of a kind Swiss bachelor that he can be any girl’s role model. He very attractive to look at and has a very appealing body language and stylish tone. He has a much toned body with a muscular physique. Rafel is a fitness model and a TV moderator as well.

11. Cristiano Ronaldo

Most Handsome Bachelor

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most good looking, handsome, super hot sexy footballer of the football fraternity. He has his own style and status symbol, an iconic person with overwhelming style and fashion. He is one of the top most fashionable footballers in the world with brilliant shooting techniques and skill. Ronaldo plays for Portugal national team and Real Madrid as a forward player. He is a very popular bachelor among girls globally. A style quotient and a fashion icon that all sums up together for Cristiano Ronaldo.

10. Henry Cavill

Most Handsome Bachelor

Henry Cavil is a stylish British actor and also an eligible bachelor in the world. He is astonishingly smart and has upright features. He is always confident in what he does. He became a rising stardom after he appeared in films like ‘Stardust’, ‘Red Riding Hood’, ‘Tristan + Isolde’, and other successful movies. He has also played the character of DC Comics ‘Superman’ which was a box office hit in everywhere.

9. Drew Houston

Most Handsome Bachelor

Drew Huston is the most eligible bachelor and the CEO of Dropbox organization. He has got the most innocent smile and a professional personality. He looks stunningly handsome in the formal outfit. He is a young entrepreneur in the US and also one of the wealthiest bachelors in the world net worth of 1.04 billion. Houston has also won several business awards for his successful performance.

8. Jack Dorsey

Most Handsome Bachelors 2019

Jack Dorsey is again a young entrepreneur bachelor and the CEO of the most popular social networking site Twitter. He is a billionaire but a simple man as well. Jack is extremely outstanding in his look and personality that any woman at anytime can fall for him over and over again.

7. James Franco

Hottest Bachelors

James Franco is a very well known American actor who has gained his popularity after appearing in ‘Spiderman’. He was in the nomination of an Academy Award for his outstanding role in 127 hours. James has a very charming and gentle look. He has done and appeared in numerous movies and TV series. He is a great man at heart and a perfect bachelor of every girl’s dream.

6. Salman Khan

Hottest Bachelors

Salman Khan still at the age of 50 is the most handsome bachelor in the world giving tough competition to the newbies. Salman has the great physique with the most charming look. He still looks absolutely stunning and handsome. He has that tough macho look and both girls and boys fall for his sexy personality. Salman has done millions of movies and achieved huge success throughout his career. He has been popular with his stage name ‘Prem’ and ‘Salman Bhai’ in the industry. He is undoubtedly an immensely talented man with great humanity and a philanthropist as well.

5. Yoshikazu Tanaka

Hottest Bachelors

Yoshikazu Tanaka is the CEO of GREE, he is one of the young bachelorette and an entrepreneur as well. He has immensely grown up as a young businessman in recent year. He has successfully climbed the ladder of success rapidly in his career. He is very appealing and has small attractive eyes which are liked by many women.

4. Robert Pera

Hottest Bachelors

Robert Pera is again a young bachelorette entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Ubiquiti Networks. Though he is a man of 39, yet the charm instilled in him is still alive. Nevertheless, he is an astonishingly wealthy handsome man with charismatic features and form. Robert has an energetic smile and swag hair style over which girls go crazy for him.

3. Leonardo Dicaprio

Hottest Bachelors

Leonardo Di Caprio the most romantic hero of all time in Hollywood. Though his age is running, yet that spark of sexiness is still alive in him. He is one of the most eligible bachelors all across the world. He is a charming hero with full of wildness. Leonardo is a terrific ambitious actor and an environmental activist as well. Recently, he received the prestigious Academy Award for best actor in ‘The Revenant’.

2. Kit Harington

Hottest Bachelors

Kit Harrington is the name on every woman’s lip; kit is graciously handsome and has an appealing tone. Kit Harrington gained popularity from the famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ where he played the character of Jon Snow from the Stark family. Kit is the next most famous bachelor of the present generation. Recently, it was in the news that Kit is dating his co-star from Game of Thrones TV series, Rose Leslie which broke the heart of millions of girls.

1. Theo James

Hottest Bachelors 2019

Theo James is running on the top list of 15, achieving the top most position of bachelorette in the world. He is an English actor with well-built personality and sexy stout look. James looks extremely sexy in his black suit and black bow tie and gained huge popularity among girls with this stunning look. His attitude and dazzling eyes are impeccable to match with anybody.

Our list shows that these bachelors have extreme potential and talent to be at the top 15. They have that hotness and sexiness filled together that bring into the notice of many girls and woman who at some point dream of marrying them or making them as their soul mates.


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