Ten Most Valuable Brands In The World Right Now

There are many valuable brands across the world renowned for providing their products of high-class. It is known that the annual ranking is usually controlled by American firms with global influence, creating the presence of a Chinese firm famous. Whether it is tech product or non-tech product, these brands have always strived to provide best products for people’s need. There are some people who cannot compromise with the quality of products and they always insist on purchase of quality products from reputed brands only. When you make purchase from valuable brands, you can be assured of long-life, high performance and efficiency of its products.

You can get complete details of the most valuable brands prevalent today for requirement of people, by reading below:

10. McDonald’s

McDonald's Top Most Famous & Valuable Brands in The World 2017

McDonald’s (briefly as MCD) is the solitary complete non-tech company to be presented in the top 10 ranking presently. The particular brand has attained a lift by presenting more healthy food choices. Moreover, it is too providing more locally-inspired choices in countries such as China and India. Since its establishment, the brand has been accomplishing very well compared to the competitor’s fast food restaurants. This is basically an American hamburger as well as fast food restaurant line famous worldwide. The brand was started working in year 1940 in form of a barbecue restaurant run by Richard as well as Maurice McDonald, in California. In year 1948, these people updated their business as a hamburger stand, applying useful production line values.

9. IBM


IBM has been included in the ranking of most valuable brand in the world since its start in year 2006. It is known that the present year the brand has been valued at high worth of $102 billion, up 18% from previous year. The brand has assisted enhance its consumer demand by the expansion of the artificial intelligence symbol named Watson. This brand produces and markets computer hardware, middleware as well as software, also offers hosting and consulting facilities. Such services are offered in areas fluctuating from computers to latest nanotechnology. Moreover, IBM is even a leading research organization, possessing the record for greatest patents produced by a business for 24 successive years.

8. Tencent


Directed by its media-shy CEO named as “Pony” Ma Huateng, the brand is great in China. This is the place where its messaging platform named as WeChat is utilised for everything ranging from texting to booking karaoke conferences. It is known that BrandZ stated that enlarged use of WeChat assisted to push this brand into the top 10 list for the very first time. This is the only other Chinese brand to have cleft the top 10 is China Mobile, however it has not made place in the list since 2013. Moreover, this brand is hoping to evade that identical destiny by expanding globally facilitating majority of people.

7. Visa


Visa (V) is essentially an American-based brand with a fame that is acknowledged around the world. It is found that the company’s brand value raised 10% to smash $111 billion present year. Moreover, this brand attained a chiefly huge boost after Costco completed its association with American Express (briefly as AXP) previous year in favour of a latest one with Visa and Citigroup (C) brand. Millions of past Costco AmEx cards were successively shifted to Citi and Visa. Each transaction is tested past 500 variables comprising 100 fraud-detection factors—like the locality and spending conducts of the customer as well as the merchant’s location – prior to acceptance.

6. AT&T


Recognized as telecom giant called as AT&T has made appearance in the ranking for seven successive years. This brand has augmented in value by 65% since its start and presently it’s now worth is s$115 billion. This is becoming a more vibrant brand as well as growing communications with customers. It is known that the brand is attempting to close an attainment of its CNN’s parent company named as Time Warner (TWX), of worth about $109 billion comprising debt. Moreover, if the purchase proceeds ahead, this would be one of the major takeovers ever in the history. Its popularity is high as AT&T is the second biggest provider of mobile telephone facilities as well as the major provider of fixed telephone services in US.

5. Facebook


The popular brand- Facebook endures to perform high, notwithstanding scandals spread over fake news as well as vicious events ran live on its platform. Most of the user think of Facebook brand as helpful and friendly and such aspects has benefited to persuade advertisers to travel onto the platform. Moreover, its users do not appear to mind the development done in advertised content, as per views of its authority. It is known that Facebook’s brand value increased by 27% since many years to touch $130 billion. Additionally, Facebook can be accessed by a wide range of laptops, desktops, tablet computers, and smartphones across the internet as well as mobile networks.

4. Amazon


Amazon brand has been on fire since the past year as well as its value rised by 41% to touch $139 billion. As per views of specialist, wherever the consumers go, the brand keeps going and this is right strategy presently. This retail giant provides an extensive range of services: grocery delivery, online shopping, cloud computing as well as entertainment. The renowned brand is persistent to advance artificial intelligence services as well as its private digital assistant named Alexa. Moreover, investors have taken notice also, since its start it has bid up shares by 34%.

3. Microsoft


Microsoft brand has secured the third position for three successive years and its brand assessment pushed up by 5% to worth of $143 billion. The prime key word is Microsoft Cloud and the achievement of the brand’s cloud as well as business services assisted to enhance consumer perceptions. It is known that Microsoft brand produces around a third of its revenue and nearly 40% of its working profits from its “Intelligent Cloud” type of trades. Moreover, till year 2015, the brand is dominant in market in the IBM PC-compatible operating system as well as the office software suite based market.

2. Apple


Apple’s brand value pushed up by 3% to worth of $235 billion, supporting it to grab the second place in the ranking. However this brand has lost few shine since year 2015 the instant it topped the prestigious BrandZ ranking. It is known that Apple’s innovation speed since last year is not apparent to be as speedy as brands like Amazon or Google. If in case people cannot see that the brand is being advanced, its brand value will have to face. Its global annual revenue sum is assumed to be around $215 billion for the last year. The present brand relishes a great level of brand faithfulness as well as it has been recurrently ranked as the most valuable brand of world.

1. Google

Google Top Most Valuable Brands in The World 2018

Google brand is still the greatest valuable brand prevalent in the world today and this title has been preserved for seven out of the last 11 years. It is found that its brand value of worth more than $245 billion — elevated by 7% from year 2016. The particular brand has changed itself from an easy search engine to an all-inclusive lifestyle brand. It is known that Google’s brand is connected with advanced research, self-driving cars as well as supportive online services such as Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Maps. This prestigious brand reliably positions itself as one of the best employers of globe.

In order to live life successfully, use of valuable brands prevalent today is vital. Even celebrities and successful people make use of high-quality products from such brands today. Hence, you can be completely assured of its performance, effectiveness, versatility, etc.


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