Korean film industry is burgeoning and trying at the best level to improve the quality films and television shows with new generation actor and actresses. One common fact about all film actresses around the countries is that they are beautiful. Their beauty is a plus point in their acting career.

Here we will talk about beautiful Korean actresses in this article, who are the most gorgeous, talented and cutest actresses of the modern era. Unlike all the Korean women’s, they a specific feature, which define their beauty such as flawless skin, beautiful silky hair, innocent face and slim figure. Though, it’s very difficult to rank them, as all of them are brilliant in their profession. Let us have a glance at the top 11 most beautiful and hottest Korean actresses in 2022.

11. Song Hye-Kyo

Hottest Korean actresses 2019

SONG Hay Kyo is a South Korean actress who gained her familiarity through acting on television dramas. She is a powerful actress as well as beautiful. She gave her best in some drams like Autumn in my heart, the world that they live, All In, Full House and much more. She was born on 22nd Nov 1981. At the age of only 14 years she appeared in a contest for Smart Model and won the first place, and thus her career began as a model of a school uniform company. Besides acting in films and television dramas, she takes active part to save the life of street animals. So as a cute actress and as a human being she is unique.

10. Jun Ji Hyun

Hottest Korean actresses

Jun Ji Hyun is popularly known as Gianna Jun. She is from South Korea and an eminent television personality. Her popularity as an actress came after she played the role of a girl in a romantic comedy film, “A sassy girl”, in 2001. She got inspired by her mum to be an actress. She is lovely and slim. Her face is photogenic, and in 1997 she began her career as a model. Her acting shows her versatility, and she is the highest-earning comedy actress in Korea. Some of her movies are — II Mare, Windstruck, My love from the stars and The Thieves. Her name as a beautiful Korean actress comes in the top 10 list.

9. Bae Suzy

Hottest Korean actresses

She is familiar by her mononym,”Suzy”. Being a South Korean, she has multiple talents is singing, dancing, acting and modelling. Before beginning her career as an actress, she was a model in online shopping. Her acting career started with her appearance in the high school drama, “Dream High”. Suzy appeared in her debut film as a younger protagonist in, “Architecture”. So far she is well remembered for her acting as GO HYE-Mi in KBS2 television series. Her pleasing personality and graceful looks made her popular among her fans, and she has a record number of followers on twitter (One Million). Her innocent charm and fashion sense she becomes the Icon among youths and most demanded actress in Korean film industry. There is a wax figure of Suzy has been set up in Madam Tussauds’s museum. As an actress, she won several awards in her country.

8. Ha Ji Won

Hottest Korean actresses

Her real name is Jeon Hae Rim, and in the film industry, she is familiar with this stage name Ha Ji Won. She belonged to South Korea and gained international fame by acting in a role in Hwang Jini in KBS’s. She is connected with both television and film industry as an actress. Her acting in different types of role proves her capacity as a versatile actress in drama and films and she has been recognised by her fans worldwide. She is considered to be the hottest Korean celebrity and comes in the list of beautiful Korean actress as well. She is the most versatile actress as she can perform in comedy, thriller, action and sports based films. One such comedy film is, “Miracle on 1st street’, where she played the role of a boxer. She won many awards in her career.

7. Han Ye Seul

Hottest Korean actresses

This gorgeous Korean actress was born in America and she worked both in television drama and in Korean films. Her acting career started with her debut film, “Sitcom Nonstop 4,” She performed in many television drama shows Like, “Couple or trouble, Birth of beauty”, and much more. She is also a successful model and her modelling career get a high speed when she wins the title of SBS supermodel contest in 2001. With her increasing demand as an actress in Korean film and television, she left US citizenship and established herself as a Korean citizen. She looks gorgeous and has all the qualities that of an actress, and she gets huge popularity in this field.

6. Kim Tae-hee

Hottest Korean actresses 2019

Kim Tae-hee is recognised to be one of the most beautiful women in South Korea. She works both in television dramas and films. She has acted in some good movies in her career which boosted up her status as an actress. Some of them are, “stairway to Heaven, Love story in Harvard, Iris, and My Princess”, etc. She entered into this show world as a model on television commercials, and in 2001 she got the chance to act in a small role in the Last Present. Her stardom began to flourish when she portrayed a step-sister’s role in a television drama, and she never had to look back.

5. Lee Da Hae

Hottest Korean actresses

Lee da Hee is a South Korean actress with a linguistic skill. Besides the Korean language she can speak, Chinese, Japanese, and English. She gained success in Chinese films as she has worked in Chinese drama, Love Actually, co-starred with Chinese actor Joe Cheng. She has considered being one of the pretty Korean actresses. She enters into this world of entertainment after she became the winner of 71st Miss Chunhyang beauty pageant in the year 2001. Later on, in 2004 she gets a lead role in Lotus flower Fairy Written by I’m sung-Hung. Her stardom broke out in 2005 after she got the chance to show her acting versatility in two different series, which were very successful among the viewers. She has rewarded with many awards for her acting talent.

4. Park Shin Hye

Hottest Korean actresses

One of the creative actresses in South Korea. She is multi talented as she can dance, sing and act. At the beginning of her career, she appeared in a music video, “Flowers”, and then went for a formal training in dancing and singing. Her acting career started with a Korean drama, “Stairway to Heaven”. Beside Korean drama series she also gave her appearance in Japanese series, “Tree of Heaven”. Some of her successful dramas are, “You are beautiful, Heartstrings, Flower Boys Next door a much more’’. In 2015 she stands in the 33 rank in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List and in 2017 ranked in the 12 position.

3. Yoon Eun Hye

Hottest Korean actresses

Here comes one of the hottest model, singer, actress, director of South Korea. She is no doubt multi talented personality. As a young star, she debuted at the age of 15. She is best known for her appearance in Television dramas like Princess Hours, Missing You, Marry him if You dare”, etc. Her enchanting presence made her popular beyond Korea. She was rewarded Best actress award as a young actress. Apart from all her acting activities, Yun set up her own Management company in September 2008. As a director, she debuted with the short film,” the Knitting”. The film screened at the 38th seal Film Festival and in 17th Busan International film festival in the short film category.

2. Han GA-IN

Hottest Korean actresses

Han Ga In belongs to South Korea and she ranked 2nd most beautiful actresses in the list. She is a lead model, actress in film and television. She began her career in television series, Yellow Handkerchief and Terms of Endearment, but she gained her success with her periodic drama series in television, “Moon Embracing the Sun”, and her rank in T.V. rating chart increased instantly. Her blockbuster film, “Architecture 101”, has made a serious turn in her career graph and it touches a high point. 2012 was the most successful year for her as her role in the drama Moon Embracing the Sun praised highly, and the drama ranked as the number one in the list as a most viewed series.

1. Choi Ji Woo

Hottest Korean actresses 2019

Cho Ji woo was born on June 19, 1975. She is the most beautiful and distinguished actress in Korean film industry. Her remarkable acting is the main reason of her growing popularity. She is best known for acting in melodramas like, “Beautiful days, winter Sonata, Temptation”, etc. She also acted very well in some comedy series like, “Twenty again and Woman with A suitcase”. She came first into notice after she won a talent audition in 1994 organised by MBC. Choi Ji woos also gave her appearance in Chinese and Japanese Drams as well. She took part in reality shows like, “Grandpas over Flowers”. Her acting talent gets the recognition of critics and viewers from a positive angle.

So, friends, these are top 11 most beautiful Korean actress of 2022. All of them has proven their talent in dancing, singing and acting as well. They are the strength of Korean film industry and television shows. They are hot, gorgeous and their sizzling appearance has won million of viewers’ heart. All of these beautiful actresses of this generation have set up a modern trend in Television dramas and Films to cope up with the world cinema viewers.


  1. Why is lee sung- kyung not in this list. She might not be the prettiest actress ever but I think she should be on this list. She has great acting skills and is very pretty.

  2. This list is screwed up big time. Song Hye Kyo #11? She should have been listed no lower than #2. And #1 should have been someone overlooked by the list entirely: Nana.


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