Our world is graced and truly blessed with hot, handsome, hardworking and smart guys with great personalities. There are so many handsome and dashing man among which mostly are below 30. They give their best to make their fans feel proud and happy.

This list is packed with the handsome man surging in the present world, and it is a collection that can have any lady immediately fall weak at the knees. Let’s have a look at the top 10 most handsome men in the world as of 2022.

10. Prince William

Most Handsome Man 2019

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is the elder son of Charles and Diana, the prince, and princess of Wales. He was born on 21 June 1982 in England. His real name is William Arthur Philip Louis. He has a very dynamic personality. With a height of 1.91m and amazing outlook, Prince William is considered as the most handsome man in the world. He has completed his education from the University of St. Andrews. His innocent smile really attracts many ladies all over the world.

9. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Most handsome man in the world 2019

Omar was born on September 23rd, 1989 in Baghdad, Iraq. He has a well-built physique and is strikingly handsome. He is a poet by profession and is also a perfect model. He is an internet sensation. His romantic styles attract most of the ladies. He was once expelled from an occasional event as he was looking so handsome and charming that he was catching the attention of all the ladies present there.

8. Godfrey Gao

Most Handsome Men

Born on 22nd September 1984, Godfrey Gao is a very popular actor and model from Canada. He was born in Taiwan. His pleasant smile, charming looks, perfect dressing sense, and awesome personality will completely leave you in awe. This guy had completed his graduation from the Capilano University in North Vancouver. He has worked in several movies and numerous television dramas. With the same, Godfrey has worked for the Louis Vuitton fashion brand.

7. Noah Mills

Most Handsome Men 2019

The seventh most handsome guy in this list is Noah Mills. This stunning model and actor is considered as one of the most stylish and elegant actors of Hollywood film industry. He was born on April 26, 1983, in Canada. He is very humble, with a charming smile and gentle attitude. With the same, Noah Mills has a perfect dressing sense. Some of his successful films include Happy New Year, A Fisher of Men, Wracked, and Sex and the City 2.

6. Ian Somerhalder

Most Handsome Men

The 6th most handsome man in the world right now is Ian Somerhalder, who hails from America. He was born on 8 December 1978. He is a very well celebrated actor, director as well as a successful model. His deep blue eyes and awesome hairstyle are the most attracting parts of his personality. Ian has started his modeling career at a very young age of 12 years and is now a very successful model. He has worked in numerous movies including The Rules of Attraction, Life as a House and many more. Besides these, Ian has also worked on a few television series such as The Vampire Diaries.

5. Robert Pattinson

Most Handsome Men

Robert Pattinson was born on 13 May 1986. There is none in this world who doesn’t know this multi talented boy. He is a very popular actor and musician. Ladies go crazy after his mesmerizing and decent looks. His eyes are so beautiful that none can stop admiring. He is also a model as well and is very successful in his career. This man from the United Kingdom really rocked the Hollywood film industry. Just like Ian Somerhalder, Robert too has started his modeling career at the age of twelve. He is also rated as one of the best actors in the world. He has worked in numerous famous movies till now. Some of his notable works include Maps to the Stars, Ring of the Nibelungs, Queen of the Desert, etc.

4. Tom Hiddleston

Most Handsome Man in the world 2019

Born on 9 Feb 1981, Tom Hiddleston is a prevalent model, producer, and Hollywood actor. He hails from the United Kingdom. He is one of the most good-looking, charming and handsome guys in the world. Some of his very successful movies include, ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’, ‘Midnight in Paris’, and ‘The Deep Blue Sea’. His personality is so admiring that it can make your heart skip a beat at a single glance. He has also won the Laurence Olivier Award for the Best Newcomer in a Play, presented by the umbrella organization, The Society of London Theatre.

3. V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Hottest man in the world

If you are a big K-Pop fan, you will surely agree that the K-Pop world is filled with handsome, talented, and unique idols who are incredibly awesome. But among those numerous idols, there’s one charming man from BTS (Bangtan Boys/Bangtan Sonyeondan/ Bulletproof Boy scouts) whose character is definitely out of this world. The member of the South Korean boy group BTS, Kim Tae-hyung better known by his stage name V, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor. V was born as Kim Tae-hyung on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. Kim Taehyung is very popular idol in the boyband/group BTS. He’s the most precious human being you’ll ever see. The singer became the unsung hero of the group when he wowed fans with his performance on the show, leaving the viewers at home calling ‘who is the guy in the green jacket’ and giving a lot of love for ‘the blonde one.’ That’s our V and yes he’s a cutie.

2. Chris Evans

Most Handsome Man 2019

The 2nd most handsome man Chris Evans is a well known American actor. He was born on 13 June 1981, in the United States. He is a stunning man with very bold looks and is rated among one of the most handsome men in the world. The most impressing thing about him is his blue eyes. Another most admirable feature of his handsome looks is his different hairstyles that have always been attracting ladies all over the world. Because of his hot and stunning looks, Evans has landed in roles in many top rated movies like Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Four, Fierce People, The Paper Boy and many more.

1. Hrithik Roshan

Most Handsome Man

The most handsome man of 2022 chosen by your vote Hrithik Roshan is one of the most attractive and dashing actors from India. He was born on 10 January 1974. Hrithik is not only popular in India but also all over the world for his incredible physique and handsome looks. He is also one of the hottest guy in the world. Hrithik is also an excellent dancer. Many ladies went crazy for him, and he is still attracting girls all over the world. He is a beautiful actor and a great western dancer. This handsome guy has worked in numerous movies and has received several awards for his acting.

Hence, the above were the topmost handsome men of 2022 blooming in the current world. They have acted in several movies and has an enormous impact on the lives of many young people. Their amazingly attractive physiques and personalities have the power to captivate everyone’s attention. These handsome young men are successful in making their place in the hearts of every people.


  1. All korean men looks like transgender not even a pinch of masculinity 😂 how can they be included in handsome list all of them looks like women

  2. Sam Heughan should be on this list!
    It’s Feb.2019 …. Sam is , at this VERY moment the 7th most Handsome man in the world, in US polls for 2018. So where is he! 38 years old & in his prime…. !!!!!!

    • V should have been first and the rest of the members should have been there also as 1. V 2. Jimin 3. Jungkook 4.suga 5. Jin 6. Jhope 7. Rm 8. ? 9.?😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 these votes are super wrong!!!!!!!👿👿👿

  3. Not one Black or brown man in the bunch. I can’t vote fairly. But…of those you’ve so biasly chosen to represent, I guess I’d have to go with Brad Pitt. I guess tis poorly written article/survey wasn’t meant for people like me. Farewell.

  4. If Hritik is the most handsome man in the world (allegedly), then Elena who wrote this article needs ber eyesight checked by a certified ophthalmologist (obviously).

    • She wrote this article,but she not given ranks. ranks is given by peoples,people find Hrithik is more handsome. Hrithik get double vote than second position. So he is the most handsome man of 2018.


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