Top 10 Best Chemists Of All Time

Many people do not think that chemists are all that important. However, these scientific individuals are important to modern life. They help to make things easier for all people today. Chemists are great scientists. In the past they made many great discoveries. These discoveries helped to improve various processes and industries. Here is a look at the top ten best chemists of all time.

Before we explain who the top ten best chemist of all time are; we first must look at why chemistry is so important. Chemistry is a necessary part of modern science. This branch of science is needed for many of the products that people use within society. Many cosmetic, processed food and hygiene products typically require some form of chemical process. The following people helped to make it possible for people to live an easy life.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Chemists of All Time

10. George Olah

George Olah, Top 10 Best Chemists of All Time

George Olah was a chemist who helped to improve the field of physical-organic chemistry. He created super acids and he even ended the debate about the existence of nonclassical ions through his study of carbocations. He also known as a major chemist who change the areas of organoflourine chemistry and organic synthesis. His contributions to the field of chemistry helped to change the whole field of organic science.

9. Carl Djerassi

Carl Djerassi Top Best Chemists of All Time 2017

Carl Djerassi created the birth control pill which is used to stop unwanted pregnancies. Djerassi was in his 90’s when he created this pill. The pill allows people to engage in sex without the fear of creating life in the process. It was released to the public during the 60’s and 70’s. The birth control pill helped to change sexual norms and values within the U.S. and the world. Many young teens have been taking birth control since its inception.

8. Paul D. Bartlett

Paul D. Bartlett

Paul Barlett was the main operator of Barlett Labs which was used to improve the field of physical organics. Barlett made his contributions to the world of chemistry through his various discoveries pertaining to stereochemical studies, carbocation stabilization and hydride transfer. Kinetic versus thermodynamic reaction control was used as well. His greatest contribution to the world of science has to do with how organic chemistry is taught today.

7. Sir Robert Robinson

Sir Robert Robinson

Sir Robertson is known for his work with dyes, alkaloids and steroids. He was a brilliant chemist who understood the process of draw reactions from mechanisms. His discoveries were considered some of the most ground breaking achievement in chemistry. He even figured out to produce tropinone within a one-step synthesis process. He also invented formalism which is a chemical activity that pushes electrons to produce a reaction.

6. Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts

The chemical system of cycloproppylcarbinyl was defined by Jack Roberts. This legendary chemist made sure to outline this process and to make it a standard system for chemical production. He also developed procedures for molecular rearrangements. He also played a major role with popularizing the use of MO theory. This is a common system of thought that is used by many chemists. Nonclassical carbocation and benzyne. He also made a practical way to define organic compounds.

5. R. B. Woodward

R. B. Woodward

R.B. Woodard was a famous chemist that actually won the Noble Prize in 1965. He won the Noble Prize in 1965 for his work organic synthesis. He is also known for organometallics and orbital symmetry. While these particular areas of chemistry are not familiar with the average person. Woodward was an extremely great chemist and his work was among the best in this field.

4. Antoine Lavoisier

Antoine Lavoisier

Antoine Lavoisier was a chemist that many American students learned about during middle and high school. This chemist defined how gases worked, nomenclature for science and chemical education. Lavoisier was a great chemist. His work is very important to the field chemistry because he helped the average person to understand the importance of chemistry to everyday life. His discoveries were also important for commercial and industrial processes.

Here is a fun tidbit, Lavoisier figured out the best way wot use street lighting for large cities. He is the father of the street lighting system that is used to illuminate cities today. His methods were designed around the chemical processes that he was famous for knowing and implementing during his time. All nations now use Lavoisier’s methods of street lighting because they understand the importance of his methods. Lavoisier’s methods including massive lighting on a grand scale. This has helped to make cities illuminated at night.

3. Willard Gibbs

Willard Gibbs

Willard Gibbs laid out the foundation of chemical thermodynamics. This is an aspect of chemistry that that defines physical changes within the law of thermodynamics. Keep in mind that thermodynamics is the scientific laws between heat and forms of energy. Gibbs highlighted these changes and how important they are to how modern man. He showed people various processes that could be used by various people within different industries.

2. G.N. Lewis

G.N. Lewis

G.N. Lewis is not a familiar person in history. However, his contributions in thermodynamics is extremely important. He is also important to the disciplines of photochemistry and acid-base theory. All of these theories are important aspects of chemistry and science in general. They are necessary for various chemical applications that are used for commercial and industrial applications. His work within these various areas has helped him to become a very important chemist within the modern era.

1. Linus Pauling

Linus Pauling, Top 10 Best Chemists of All Time 2017

Linus Pauling was very knowledgeable about quantum mechanics. He figured out how to comprehend the nature of chemical bonds. This is very important to the world of chemistry. Remember that chemistry is all about understanding chemical bonds. This is the essential aspect of chemistry. This is why chemistry exists. Pauling was also a giant in chemistry because he made contributions to proteins and he figured out the structural biology of many objects and lifeforms. His work was revolutionary to the world of chemistry.

The chemist mentioned on this list were among the best in all of history. Their knowledge and discoveries have made breakthroughs within various different fields which has made life in modern times practical and easy for millions of people.


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