Sports is basically related to some physical activities and mental strength. All of us should have a physical activity to keep the body healthy. There are different types of sports in this world. People from different countries are associated with different games. With the change of the country, the style and feature of the game change as well.

Volleyball is a popular sport which is a team sport. In this game there are two teams consists of six players each. There are extensive rules as well. Basically, it is played in three types of places such as Indoor, beach, and grass. To play this game requires much energy. Many beautiful players play this game enthusiastically. There is a list of top 10 hottest UAAP volleyball players in 2022.

10. Kim Dy

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players 2019

One of the most beautiful, charming lady and elegant Volleyball players of the world named Kim DY is a middle hitter for De La Salle University volleyball team. This 20-year-old athlete is also the regular member of Philippines women’s national volleyball team. She is a young, pretty and perfectly fit athletic. She is one of the most valuable players in the volleyball world. With some remarkable performances, she has made her presence firmly. Her beauty, slim and fit figure has made her fan base strong.

9. Jema Galanza

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Before becoming one of the most valuable players of a UAAP volleyball team, the beautiful and charming Jema Galanza was played for the Adamson University. She earned a lot of fame from her early days as a volleyball player. She is regarded as one of the boldest and sexy of all the Volleyball players of the sports world. She plays as an outside hitter for her team. Jema is 5 feet 7 inch and is blessed with super glowing skin, a pair of long beautiful legs which makes her appeal flawless. Apart from those beauty quotients, she is also a great athlete.

8. Princess Gaiser

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

As her name, she really glows like a princess in the court. Her mesmerizing beauty and looks have listed her one of the beautiful volley ballers around the globe. She started her career as a libero for the University of the Philippines. She is regarded as having one of the cutest and beautiful faces among all the Volleyball players of her country. Princess Gaiser plays UP Lady Maroon team. The 5 feet and the 1-inch 20-year-old player currently studying Sports Science at the University. She is admired for her defensive aces in the court. With her cute, childish personality and growing game, she will definitely go to make something big.

7. Maddie Madayag

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Undoubtedly Maddie Madayag is one of the most charismatic and cutest among all the Volleyball players. According to a lot of football fans, she is some of the cutest and most beautiful volleyball players. Her presence in court with the flawless beauty and smile can melt the most stone-hearted of men. Maddie was a middle hitter of Lady Blue Spikers and currently, plays for Ateneo de Manila University. The 6 feet player is known for her aggressiveness on the net. The breathtaking tall girl has perfect body of an athlete and smart looks.

6. Leuseht Dawis

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

This beautiful charming lady Leuseht Dawis is not only one of the best Volleyball players of the Philippines but is also one of the prettiest players around the globe. She is also a mother of a child. The most beautiful curves of her in all the right places make her very attractive in the court as well as outside of the court. After her pregnancy, she has made a strong comeback with a great fitness and of an athletic figure. Is also known for some of them who show some remarkable fitness in the court.

5. Carmela Tunay

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players 2019

The beautiful Carmela Tunay is undoubtedly one of the most active volleyball sensations in the history of the volleyball tournament. Her flawless beauty and smartness attract a lot of people inside and outside the Taraflex court. She is considered as one of the most beautiful players who have a great personality and inspiring character. The 22 years old player plays for Petron Blaze Spikers in the position of the open hitter. She is also an actress and a TV show anchor.

4. Therese Gaston

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Therese Gaston is one of the soft spoken and beautiful women among all of the Volleyball players in the tournament. She is especially admired for the combination of ultimate grace and intellect the make one of the most desirable sports people. Her soft wavy hair, glowing skin, and a very graceful smile have made her one of the most of the charming character. Gaston is an open skipper of Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles. This 5-foot 10-inch player was a part of the University of Auto Tomas Girls volleyball team.

3. Amanda Villanueva

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Amanda Villanueva is one of the most famous volleyball players in the history of this popular game. Her beautiful smile and shiny and radiant skin made her more attractive to the spectators. As a human being, she is a very kind woman as she always very helpful to everyone in her team. Amanda’s facial expressions are very energetic and flawless which adds a charming look to her. There is no doubt that Amanda Villanueva is one of the prettiest stars in UAAP women’s volleyball history. She is one of the established volleyball players in the modern era. In the present time, she is playing for Adamson University volleyball team.

2. Denden Lazaro

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Denden Lazaro is one of the most beautiful girls in this interesting sports and a good human being as well. She is gorgeous and confident for her game. Denden helps her team to snatch the first UAAP volleyball championship. She was born on 21 January 1992 in Paranaque. She is in the national volleyball team since the year of 2008. In the team of Ateneo de Manila University volleyball team, she is a unique player. This Philippe girl is grateful to the audience and responsible for her country.

1. Mike Reyes

Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Mike Aereen Marcalinas Reyes is a beautiful Volleyball player who belongs to the Philippines. She was born on 21st June 1994 in Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines. She is considered as the top most beautiful volleyball player right now. Mike is a middle blocker. She is playing as a member as well as the captain of the women volleyball national team in the semi professional league in the Philippines. She has a good height which is essential in this game. It is an advantage of her career. She was the best attacker of 2013 PVF volleyball championship. This 21-year-old beautiful athlete is a champion of two years in UAAP championship. This player’s attitude to the audience is very good.

To keep the body healthy we need to prepare ourselves physically and mentally as well. It is basically recognized as a system based on physical dexterity. Different renowned sports have different records of performances. These players are so rich in their ability that they do not have to worry about the game. Another special feature of this game is the game is played throughout the year. There are some obstacles in this game but these famous and beautiful players overcome these hurdles by their extraordinary performances.



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