Violence can occur anywhere, this is in disregard of whether it is in a peaceful or war-torn country. However, there are cities where violence is prevalence, it occurs at any time of the day. Criminal gangs rein the streets and some parts of the city are no go zone more so if you are new or not part of the mission that operates in the areas.

While governments all over the globe do not compromise on issues of security, violence prone areas establish an environment that the government and security agencies find difficult to cut through. According to research by security agencies, violence in the cities arises from years of poverty and neglect which breeds crime and violence.

When drugs and illegal deals find their way into such areas, criminal gangs erupt in a move intended to safeguard the newly found way of life. Here is a list of 10 most dangerous cities of 2020 in the world.

10. Cali – Colombia

Most dangerous cities in the world 2019

A largely unknown city, Cali is home to a population of over 2.3 million residents. Despite the uprising and violence that has been escalating in the country in the recent past, Cali is a town of its own caliber. Criminal gangs reign in this town and the prevalence of drugs is high. It is these facts that make the city one of the most dangerous in the world taking the tenth position. Youth and drug addicts patrol the streets looking for an easy target to steal and in such way raise enough to sustain their bad habits. Drug cartels also run their own gangs that often engage rivals in violence making the situation much worse. New faces in the city are looked at with lots of suspicion and form an easy target for all these groups.

9. Cape Town – South Africa

Most dangerous cities in the world

One of the largest cities in South Africa, Cape Town is one of most deadly places in the region. Gangs are known to be in full control of the town fighting rivals and any visitors. Non-natives in this region are considered to be the prime targets of the gangs whom they accuse of invading the city and taking over their jobs. In move considered to be the government’s failure, the gangs are currently a big menace engaging security organs in street battles as the government seeks for measures to have the town in control.

8. Palmira – Colombia

Most dangerous cities in the world

Located to the east of Cali, Palmira is a relatively small city. It is home to an estimated 300,000 residents which is a far comparison to Cali. However, it is more violent in terms of per capita. Its close proximity to Cali gives drug cartels and user’s easy access and more so the city has its own brands too. It is a known hideout for drug peddlers and visitors are never welcome in this small city. Cases of attacks on innocent persons are highly prevalent. Also common are fight by gangs of drug cartels either in issues of business deals gone sour or fighting over territorial invasions.

7. Valencia – Venezuela

Most dangerous cities in the world

Located on the inland a close proximity from the Venezuela coast, Valencia is another of the world’s most violent cities. At the 7th position, the city is relatively small but the violence rates are quite high. In a country that governance is losing its grip and the population suffering from ever increasing economic hardships, the city has all that is required to breed violence. In each day cases of mugging and killings increase. Lack of morale among the security officers is one of the factors attributed to this problem. With this laxity, most of the crimes go unreported and unpunished as well. The lack of ideal justice and security system is deemed to be the basic inspiration of the criminal activities in the city.

6. Central District – Honduras

Most dangerous cities in the world

Otherwise referred to as Distrito Central, Central district is located in the south central area of Honduras. It covers among other areas the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Violence in this region is known to escalate far and wide to the surrounding regions of the city. This is attributed to the acts of trafficking where the city has come to grow as one of the desired stop over by traffickers. This is alongside the economic strive experienced by the residents of the city pushing them to result to crime and violence. As a result of the escalating violence, resident of the city are now taking refuge in the north of the country with some going as far as the US border.

5. Maturin – Venezuela

Most dangerous cities in the world

A city located in the northeast of Venezuela’s coast, Maturin is the 5th most violent city in the world. The city is home to a population of approximately half a million residents. Like most of the cities in Venezuela, this city is also in the hands of criminal gangs. Its close proximity to the coastline makes it an ideal point for traffickers who normally reign the town by corrupting the security organs. Criminal gangs operate in broad daylight and are at will to engage in any form of violence without the security systems raising an eye.

4. Acapulco – Mexico

Most dangerous cities in the world

A one time darling of tourists, Mexico is today a haven for violence. Standing in the fourth position among the most violent countries despite the government efforts to calm the situation. The once beautiful beaches where tourists would flock and earn the country millions of dollars re now a hub for drug addicts and peddlers

3. San Salvador – El Salvador

Most dangerous cities in the world

Suffering from the effects of the Contra operations in the 1980s, San Salvador is also reeling in violence. The capital city of El Salvador in Central America suffers from numerous criminal gangs that have divided the city into different territories. Due to the prevalence of gang wars and unwarranted attacks on innocent civilians, residents of the city are turning to be refugees in the northern regions of the country.

2. San Pedro Sula – Honduras

Most dangerous cities in the world 2019

Referred to as the ‘murder capital of the world, San Pedro Sula is the second most violent and dangerous city in the world. It is located in the northern side of Honduras and home to most dangerous and numerous drug cartels. The cartels run criminal gangs that offer protection in their select territories. With the numerous gangs operating in the city, gang fights are a common occurrence resulting into loss of life and property. Escalating poverty among the residents and lack of strong government systems are among the contributing factors to the escalating menace.

1. Caracas – Venezuela

Most dangerous cities in the world

Hugo Chavez’s government has done more harm than good trying to recover the economy of Venezuela. The results have been eruption of criminal gangs and poverty stricken residents ready to go to any heights to get food on their tables. This is the situation being experienced in Caracas where over 24,000 people were murdered in 2014. With the escalating violence, Caracas is the highest ranking city in terms of violence in the world.

Security is among the coveted environments by humankind across the globe. However, lawlessness in different parts of the globe has rendered some part to be highly risky to the lives of residents and visitors. The top 10 most dangerous cities in the world are classified in consideration that they are not in war-torn countries. This means it is under the responsibility of individual government to ensure sanity is restored to such town and make them habitable to residents and welcoming to visitors.


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