11 Most Expensive Rolex Watches Ever Sold You Should Dream About If You Cannot Afford

Many people love to accessorize their looks to give that final touch of class and elegance that clothes alone cannot achieve. For men, I always tend to believe that having a watch is one of the simplest ways to get this final touch of excellence. It is interesting to watch a man who is well dressed, has his sense of style in perfect shape, smells good, can handle his business and keeps time. This is a kind of man that every woman will wish to have by her side. And how can this man keep time if he has no watch? You may say, “By checking his phone.” Well, this is not where I am heading to. I want to see a man pull up his coat’s sleeve to check the time on his designer wrist watch. There, is where I am headed. Designer watches that cost a fortune but can give anyone and especially a man his perfect finish. If you are a woman, having a designer watch is also very cool. After all, we also need to look equally as amazing. Today, we will focus more on Rolex watches. Are they expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Yes.

11. Rolex Submariner for Cartier

Rolex Submariner for Cartier Top Most Famous Expensive Rolex Watches 2017

This Rolex watch has an exquisite design, and one can tell the purchase date as well as the Cartier signature in its box. The initial price for this watch was around $91,000, but when it was sold for $100,000 at an auction, this amount became its new price. This watch is a tough one and can stand harsh environments and situations. It is, therefore, a perfect watch for sports. It is a beautiful watch and worth the price.

10. Rolex Datejust ladies yellow gold diamond pave watch

Rolex Datejust ladies yellow gold diamond pave watch

This is a women’s Rolex watch design that will look good on any woman. I love its yellow color. It is a break from the normal white that people are used to. For all watches made of yellow gold, this is the most expensive of them all. It has automated functions and has 150 diamonds. This watch is made of 18k yellow gold, and that is why it is strikingly beautiful. To have this watch, you only need $105,950.

9. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

What I love most about this Rolex watch is its sub-dials. They are just exquisite. This just keeps it apart from other watches. Its tachometer is also excellently designed. The hands of time that are part of this beautiful watch are made of high-quality nickel. It also has 17 jewels giving it that striking yet simple look. This watch costs $106,273.

8. Rolex Datejust ladies white gold diamonds pave watch

Rolex Datejust ladies white gold diamonds pave watch

This watch is more of jewelry than a watch. It is covered with diamonds and gold, and we all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend for life. No wonder this watch has the term ladies as part of its name. This watch is made of 18 karats of white gold and is covered with diamonds. It has automated functions for hours, minutes, seconds, and dates. The case has a total of 150 diamonds giving it the sparkle that every woman loves. This watch is primarily made for women and any woman who wants it must have $109,350.

7. Steve McQueen 1976 Rolex submariner

Steve McQueen 1976 Rolex submariner

This Rolex watch has a special feature that is very striking. It is capable or functioning while 200 meters under water. Amazing, right? This watch was produced in the year 1967, and in 1971 it featured in a movie called Le Mans. The chronometer is certified by COSC, and this is also an amazing fact about this watch. This watch can be put under a test with water, and it will prove itself worthy. For this reason, it is sold at $234,000.

6. Paul Newman Ferrari Red Rolex Daytona 6565

Paul Newman Ferrari Red Rolex Daytona 6565

This Rolex watch was like a tribute to Paul Newman who we all now as a famous racer. He loved racing in Ferraris, and because of this, he got to feature in a movie that was all about racing. He is famously known for his red Ferrari, and this watch captures both him and his car. The base of this watch’s dial is coated in red as his Ferrari. It also has a strap that is coated with tritium, and we all know how expensive tritium is. To pay your tribute to Paul then you can buy this watch at $267,203.

5. Rolex Platinum Pearl master 18956

Rolex Platinum Pearl master 18956

Looking at this watch, you will see a level of simplicity that is very attractive. This watch was released in the year 2011. Its dial is a meteorite dial made of unique diamonds. It also has beautifully structured and designed baguette bracelet and a bezel made of diamonds. Sapphire crystal is used to make its double quick set, a platinum case, and so much more. All the exquisite features make this watch worth what it goes for which is approximated to be $276,000.

4. James Bond 1973 Rolex 5513

James Bond 1973 Rolex 5513

I know some people would buy this Rolex watch because of the ‘James Bond’ name attached to it. James Bond had this Rolex watch on while he featured in the movie ‘Live or die.’ The chances that most people loved Rolex brand because of this are very high. This is where it derived its name to even begin with. This watch has a black dial, a white strap that is medium in size, and the body is made of high-quality stainless steel. Some of the most amazing features of this watch include a magnetic field, a razor disc, and a buzz saw. This watch costs $450,000.

3. Rolex GMT 116769 TBR

Rolex GMT 116769 TBR

This is more than a watch; it is an amazing bracelet too if you ask me. It has been made with a level of creativity that will attract a person and keep their attention forever. This watch is adorned with 18 karats of white gold as well as finely cut out diamonds. The dial of this watch is made of a luminous material making it glow in a dark place. The date always updates automatically depending on the time. This watch costs about $485,350, and it is worth every dime.

2. Eric Clapton 1972 Rolex Daytona

Eric Clapton 1972 Rolex Daytona

This Rolex watch was named after a singer, songwriter, and guitarist called Eric Clapton. This watch is the embodiment of excellence mixed with color to bring out perfected excellence. The bracelet for the watch is silver in color. Other than this, it also has some great features to its design that make it worth the price. And by the way, to get your hands on it, you need around $505,000. This watch has been nicknamed ‘Albino.’

1. 1942 Rolex Chronograph

1942 Rolex Chronograph Top Most Popular Expensive Rolex Watches 2018

For a watch that costs you $1.16 million, you have to be sure that it is an exquisite and a rare one. At least that applies to this Rolex watch. Rolex Chronograph 1942 is a very fine piece of watch that any owner can be delighted in. There are only 12 pieces of this watch. It is made of Oink Arabic gold, a nickel finish, dial made of silver matte, a telemeter that is blue in color, a tachymeter that is black, 17 jewels and so much more. All these features are what make this watch cost what it costs.

All these watches are beautiful. They are also extremely expensive. Even so, if you can buy them, get yourself one. They are exquisite and can come in handy when you are going to that high profile meeting where you need to communicate your social standards.


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