Participating in sports is a sure way to keep fit. And we all know that fitness cannot be over emphasised. It helps keep the body in top working condition. There are numerous sports from different countries, and their participation will require a little of your investments into it. Even so, just how much are you willing to spend on sports? Are you willing to spend as much as the following sports cost? Checkout the top 10 Most Expensive Sports In The World in 2022.

10. Pentathlon

Most expensive sports 2019

The pentathlon is made up of five sports. These sports include running, pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, and jumping. This means that you will need to hire a trainer for all these sports. Other than that, you will also need all the necessary equipment for the sports. Jumping is by far the most expensive of the five. First and foremost, you will need a horse, and we know they do not come cheap. Also, buying the fencing equipment and purchasing a piston is not cheap so is maintaining them. If you have some money and you want to throw around on sports, this could be the sport that you are looking for. At least you will learn a lot of things.

9. Wingsuiting

Most expensive sports

Wingsuiting looks like a very interesting sport. I bet it is not that interesting when you realise that you are staring down on the earth from a very high position. For this sport, you will need special jumpsuits that are referred to as wingsuits. The wings will increase the human body’s surface area giving it a higher lift. Purchasing the wingsuit will cost you around $2,500. This is an affordable price, right? Putting that aside, you may wonder what exactly makes this sport so expensive. The answer is in getting into the air and back to the ground again. You will need skydiving lessons, hire a plane and a pilot, and pay for insurance. These are all factors that make this sport very expensive.

8. Bobsledding

Most expensive sports

This sport is yet another expensive sport that you may not think so until the money you are about to spend is broken down for you. First and foremost, you will need Bobsleds which costs around $25,000. Training for this sport is also very expensive, and there aren’t many trainers all over the world. Constructing a Bobsled is out of the question unless you are willing to spend millions of dollars. This sport is played by eight people because it is team-sport with four people on each team. This means that the price for everything will typically be four times more.

7. Hot air balloon racing

Most expensive sports

This is a funny and fun sport. I cannot wrap my head around racing in hot air balloons. Even so, it happens; it is a real sport. As a recreational activity, you stand to spend around $300 or more. As a sport, you will spend so much more. Buying a hot air balloon for one person is approximated to be $20,000. Inflating it can cost about $9000, safety inspections can cost up to $350, and training for a pilot’s license will cost you a maximum of $3,000. You will also need a crew to watch over you. There are other navigational devices needed, and when you put all these costs together, you will know that it is no sport to joke with concerning expenditure.

6. Ski jumping

Most expensive sports

I know that most people have done ski jumping and they did not inquire any costs other than the cost of buying a ski. Well, that is not all there is to ski jumping and especially if you want to do it as a professional and compete with other jumpers internationally. Other than the skiing equipment, you will also need to hire a trainer, access to ski jumps, and so much. These expenses will see to it that you spend at least $100,000 on this sport in just a year. You see, I told you there was more to it than just jumping. You should also know that taking insurance for this sport can take a toll on your finances. Therefore the best way to go about it is to get sponsors.

5. Equestrian

Most expensive sports

If you can do steeple chase, vaulting, riding, or driving, then this sport is for you. The difference is that this time you will be doing these activities with a horse. This sport is for the rich in the society. Buying a horse, maintaining it, and training it does not come easy. Also, to showcase your talented and skilled horse at an international circuit, you may spend as much as $200,000. If this is too costly for you, then just leave it.

4. Polo

Most expensive sports 2019

This is a sport for the rich. For this sport, you will need an elite horse, and they are not cheap. You will also need to pay for training, maintenance, and also travel. Take note: you will need around four horses because one horse will get too exhausted to finish the game. Also, remember that horses will need to be groomed and exercised. This may cost you up to $2,500. To join a tournament can cost you anywhere between $3,500 and $150,000 and to be a patron can cost up to $1 million. There is also the aspect of medical care because polo is associated with a lot of severe injuries. Now you know why it is expensive.

3. Sailing

Most expensive sports

I think this can be the sport for me. I love the thought of sailing. Even so, the price I will have to pay may be too much and not what I bargained for. For this sport, one will need a boat. Now, it is no secret that owning a boat is more costly than owning some brands of cars, right? Also, do not forget the cost of maintenance, and much other necessary equipment. This means that your pockets need to run deeper for you to be able to compete in this sport. There is also the maintenance part. In as much as the sport will take months when it’s done, the boat may have to be stored on dry land. How sure are you it will be in top working condition for another competition?

2. Formula 1

Most expensive sports

For this sport, you will need to own a car, even if you rent one, it will still cost you a lot of money. You also need to be ready to spend a lot of money on hospital bills because you may frequent the hospital for many serious injuries. For you to even get here, you need to have started Motor racing at a younger age. Joining Formula 1 may require sponsors because it can go as high as $190,000 to just join a competition. You will also be spending a lot on tires because they cost so much more than those of normal cars. All these expenses put together will make you quite on your dreams if you are not made of the hard stuff.

1. The Whitianga Festival of sports

Most expensive sports

This is a sport like no other. It is by far the most expensive sport in the whole wide world. This sports event is held in New Zealand every year and the essence of the sport s centered on speed without which it will not be fun. The sports event will feature helicopter racing, races between helicopters and rally cars, power boat races that are offshore, jet skiing racing, and even parachute swooping. This just goes to show you that this sport is for millionaires and billionaires. Owning all these or even half of them is expensive enough. What about their maintenance? You will be spending millions every year.

Some people may say that it is not about the money but about the activity itself. Well, I say it is in both. And if the sport is going to cost me a helicopter, a racing car, a boat, four horses, and so much more, I thing I will take a pass at it unless it is an all expenses paid for first time experience.


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