11 Most Expensive Places To Live In The US Right Now

Living in the United States is one of the many dreams that people of other citizenship desire. America has been described as the land of opportunities, and we all want to take advantage of these opportunities. Even so, for you to get to enjoy life in some of the most spectacular cities in U.S you have to be able to cash in some good money so that you can foot all your bills. If you cannot, then avoid these eleven cities because they are the most expensive cities in the U.S.

11. Miami in Florida

Miami in Florida Top Most Expensive Places to Live in The US 2017

Out of all the U.S cities in the southern parts, this is the only city that qualifies for this list. The factors that make this possible include a high number of foreigners who are wealthy and a very busy port for cruise ships. The average income of many people in Florida stands at $48,000 which is not so bad. However, to live comfortably live here and enjoy all the good things it has to offer, you need an average income of $77,000. This is a very stylish and fun place to live in. It is even better when you can afford all luxuries.

10. Boston in Massachusetts

Boston in Massachusetts

This city has thriving tourist activities because of its amazing historical sites and the exquisite Silicon Valley. Other than these, Boston has a very excellent learning environment with a robust tech scene. The down side to living in Boston is the fact that it costs awfully large sums of money to just live a decent life here. The health care system is pricey, and it is also costly to buy grocery. These two stand at 20% more than the national average. The unemployment level in Boston is 3.6%, and the average income of most homes is $53,163. Acquiring a home in Boston will cost you around $374,000. If you desire an excellent life in Boston, then your income has to be around $84,000. This will give you a comfortable life.

9. Washington DC

Washington DC

This city is a prestigious place to live, and its inhabitants love the place. Not many people would like to leave Washington and part of the reason is the fact that this city is the heartbeat of the United States, a super power. With this factor present, there is no way the cost of living can be lower in Washington D.C. To acquire a home in this city, you can spend around $443,000. The average income for most homes is set at $64,267. However, to live a very comfortable life that is above average, you will need an income of around $83,000. Luckily, there are numerous jobs here that pay very well.

8. Oakland in California

Oakland in California

Oakland has been seen to be the cheaper alternative of living in San Francisco. Since it is located on the other side of Bay Bridge, many have preferred it and relocated to Oakland. Just because it is cheaper than San Francisco, it does not mean that it is less expensive. It still is an expensive city in the United States. The home value in this city stands at around $449,800 which is a little higher as compared to Washington D.C.

7. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a place that is loved by many movie stars and what we can conclude from that the city is breath taking. With a great movie industry and shipping industry contribute a lot to the economic value of the city. With a booming economy comes a high cost of living. This is why it does not surprise me that Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. The average income for most families in this city stands at $449,745 but to live completely stress-free, you will need about $74,371. Buying a house can cost you up to $470,000.

6. San Diego in California

San Diego in California

San Diego has some of the most excellent military contracting firms. It also has a defense department that is active, strong, and highly functional. A combination of these two factors makes San Diego one of the most expensive cities the United States has today. The cost of living here is higher than the national average, and it surpasses it by 30%, the average household income of many homes here stands at $63,990. However, to comfortably afford the yacht clubs, entertainment, and luxurious eateries, you need more than that. A typical home in San Jose will cost one around $477,800. The rate of unemployment stands at 3.8%.

5. Honolulu


Honolulu is a city that is found in Hawaii. We all know the praises that follow Hawaii. Therefore, I do not need to tell you how beautiful this place is, do I? The average income for families in Honolulu is around $58,397 which is almost as much as other people in other cities pay. Even so, in Honolulu, people spend a lot on everything. Whether grocery, entertainment, medicine, or any other thing, one stands to spend more. This is what makes Honolulu an expensive city to live in. In as much as the level of unemployment is low, it does not excuse the high cost of living and the cost of accessing necessities.

4. New York

New York

I am sure you knew this city would never miss on this list. Other than being one of the most expensive cities in the United States, it also tops the list of the most expensive cities in the world. There is a national average cost of living in the U.S, and this city is 120% higher. To get a home in New York, you must be ready to part ways with around $501,000 which is not as easy for a simple person as it is for a rich guy. The national average cost for a home in the U.S is $181,000 and for New York to cost the much it costs is way too high. Even so, we are glad that the unemployment rate is way lower than the national average. That is very comforting.

3. San Jose

San Jose

San Jose is yet another city in California that is very pricey to live in. This place is a commuting distance from San Francisco, and therefore one can choose it instead of the latter. What makes things expensive is the Silicon Valley that is present here. The average household income for most families is approximated to be $81,000. Owning a home here will cost you around $575,000 which is quite pricey. The unemployment rate stands at 3.2%.

2. Sunnyvale in Calif

Sunnyvale in Calif

Sunnyvale is a beautiful city that boasts of robust economic developments. This city has the headquarters of Yahoo, and also the Silicon Valley is within the vicinity. Being a city that has an amazing technological infrastructure, you cannot think that it living here is anything close to cheap. Owning a home here will cost you up to around $790,300. The average income of homes here stands at around $105,401. The unemployment level is at 3.8%.

1. San Francisco in California

San Francisco in California Top Most Expensive Places to Live in The US 2018

San Francisco is a beautiful city, but the high cost of living is forcing many people to pack up their bags and leave. Beauty will not let anyone stay in San Francisco if the cost of living keeps pushing them away. In this city, a lot of tourism activities take place, and this has contributed to the escalated cost of living. To afford a house in San Francisco, you need at least $820,000 for houses located inside the city. There are also lots of finance and IT services offered in this city. To live comfortably in this city, you will need around $119, 00 per year. Even so, the level of unemployment s relatively low because there is a lot of chances given to entrepreneurs.

These cities are fabulous and fantastic. What we can all hope for is that the cost of living and the average income can be balanced enough so that more people can afford living there. Everyone wants to enjoy the finest things in life, and that includes living in the best cities regardless of the price they have to pay. As long as the price fits the budget, no one will complain.


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