11 Most Expensive Resorts In The World Right Now

When I hear the word resort I just get excited because I know it represents fun experiences, relaxation, and good times. All you have to do at a resort is east, drink, have some fun, and have some more fun. This is a life that I wish I could live every day of my life. No one can complain if this was their life. I am sure you also would love the same. The person who thought of resorts was a genius to say the least. From his thinking came many resorts that give people memories worth keeping until old age. There are resorts of all standards but we all have to agree that the more costly it is the better it will be. For this reason, we have come up with a list of some of the priciest resorts that you must make sure you visit before you die. Even if it is just for a night. Having a look at them will make you squeeze all the money in your account to just have a taste. These pricey yet exquisite resorts include:

11. Altamer in Anguilla

Altamer in Anguilla Top Most Expensive Resorts in The World 2017

This is one of the most beautiful places in Anguilla. This resort offers great services and facilities to its clients. Their meals will get you hooked on this place because they are very tasty. Watching the sun set while in this resort is a sight that will make you appreciative of it. For just $4,714 per night, you will get to experience the magic of Altamer.

10. North island resort in Seychelles

North island resort in Seychelles

This resort is a perfect destination for honeymoons or just as a getaway destination. Many couples of high profile have spent their honeymoon in this place and it can be said that it is a sanctuary that will heal your soul. This resort has a conservation program that aims to improve its biodiversity and preserving the lives of endangered species of native animals. One will spend approximately $5700 for a single night stay.

9. The Rania experience in Maldives

The Rania experience in Maldives

This place has a graceful natural look because of the nature that surrounds it. You can have many adventurous experiences here and awesome rendezvous. This resort is found on a private island, and this means that you can have the peace, tranquility, and privacy that you desire. You will also get the chance to sail to other nearby islands if you ever wish to. A night’s stay in his place is around $9,500 but even so, come morning, you will be happy that you spent all that money on treating yourself to a perfect night.

8. Casa Contenta in Miami

Casa Contenta in Miami

There is nothing that can discredit the beauty of this place. It is perfectly designed and the oceanic view is just worth the cost per night. Having a taste of this amazing place will require you to pay around $11,600 for just a night. There are numerous facilities provided at this resort. This place has a striking aesthetic appeal that makes it worth the price.

7. Musha Cay in Bahamas

Musha Cay in Bahamas

When I hear Bahamas, my mind goes back to Lionel Richie’s song, ‘just go.’ Bahamas is a great place to tour and just have an amazing weekend there. Being a place that many tourists love, it just had to have an extraordinary resort and one of the most expensive. This resort has its own airstrip making your journey to the island a smooth one. The amount needed to spend a night here is just $24,750 and you will have a blast. There are numerous activities that you can participate in giving you maximum entertainment.

6. Sandy Lane in Barbados

Sandy Lane in Barbados

There is something about the structure of this place that is just fascinating. It makes you feel as if it is ancient and this is an amazing feeling. This resort is beautiful and extraordinary is all the sense. It is staffed with people who will go the extra length to give you an excellent time while there. Here, you can participate in golfing or you can choose to spend your time having a spa treatment. It all depends on your likings. All you have to do is to ensure that you have between $8,000 and $25,000 to spend for one night.

5. Necker island

Necker island

This island is beautifully exotic and has the best to offer to you and your loved one. Being in this resort gives you a worry free experience throughout your stay. The best thing about this resort is the unlimited and fast internet provision. I believe this is part of the reason why it’s expensive. I bet it is not that easy to get internet connection installed in an island. The owner of this resort is a famous billionaire called Richard Branson. For just around $30,000, you can spend a night at this place in the British Virgin Island.

4. Grand Resort Lagonissi

Grand Resort Lagonissi

This is an exquisite resort that will give you that perfect seafront view. This resort has artistically designed suites that are luxurious. The rooms are well furnished and the aesthetic appeal is worth every dime. Billionaires love this place as they can also access private villas to spend some time with their families. In this resort you will get facilities like bars, restaurants, and cafeterias among others. If you want that over the top holiday, then this resort is perfect for you. All you need is to spend $35,000 per night.

3. Hugh Hefner Sky villa, palms resort

Hugh Hefner Sky villa, palms resort

This is a perfect place to spend that holiday getaway you have been planning. This place is frequented by Hollywood stars and celebrities. Also business celebrities take their time to enjoy this place. As long as you are a billionaire, you can be sure that you can afford this place. We all know that Las Vegas is where most of the fun is. Imagine all the fun it can offer while you get to enjoy the comfort of a place like this. It is amazing, right? Well, all you need is $35,450 only and you are good to go.

2. Laucala Island resort

Laucala Island resort

The owner of this resort goes by the name, Dietrick Mateschitz. He is a billionaire who keeps being one because of this exquisite establishment. This resort is located in Fiji’s Laucala Island. Billionaire tourists have been known to frequent this place and all I can say is that they are lucky. Laucala resort will offer its guests a tennis court, horse riding, golfing, yoga, and sports fishing. For just $40,000 per night, you will experience moments that will make you keep coming back even if you go broke.

1. Isla de Sa Ferradura

Isla de Sa Ferradura Top Most Famous And Expensive Resorts in The World 2018

There is no resort that beats this resort and if there is, I have not discovered it. It needs to be mentioned in the Forbes magazine for me to acknowledge it. This resort is magical, glorious, and perfect. It is perfectly designed and you will be sure to get all the best care while here. The aesthetic beauty of this resort is just stunning. Spain is definitely blessed to have this resort. For just $42,000 per night, you can have the night of your life with no regrets.

There resorts are some of the best resorts that we have in the world and for this reason they charge what they charge. It is a great and wonderful feeling to spend a night in one of these hotels. I have a dream to spend my fiftieth birthday in one of these places. I better start saving right now. The finer things in life will not pass me by.


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