Ten Most Popular & Best Food Mascots In The World Right Now

Food mascots have transformed over the years and few have altered over the past recognition. Through replacements, makeovers, and retirements, the food mascot is not what it after was. Several corporations presently choose to trench their mascots and simply pay actors to vend their goods. Most of us are acquainted with the irritating mascots who continuously attempt to pimp wares of corporation. However this does not suggest they are, every time, infuriating. It is simply, occasionally, a share of their job and there have had been several names linked with business mascot industry.

You can get complete details of most popular food mascots existing in the world by reading below:

10. Little Debbie

Little Debbie Top Most Popular And Food Mascots in The World 2017

In year 1960, when founder named O.D. McKee had to fight with identifying an appropriate name, it was recommended by Little Debbie. This mascot is considered as one of the greatest well-known mascots of all time, recognized for his competence. Moreover, McKee Foods Corporation is a secretly held and family possessed American snack food as well as granola manufacturer with its headquartering located in Collegedale, Tennessee. The business is the creator of the Little Debbie Snacks, Heartland Brands, Sunbelt Bakery granola and cereal, and Drake’s Cakes. It is known that McKee Foods possesses its personal convoy of trucks with purpose to distribute its products.

9. Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders appears to be a false mascot at first, however he is actually not. Thus, associating him with Ronald McDonald would actually not be recommended at all. This person is regarded as a very nice mascot of all time and he was brought up in Indiana, and prepared the favourite “Indiana Fried Chicken”. Basically he belonged to an American businessman, finest recognized for establishing fast food chicken restaurant series named as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Afterwards, he shifted to acting field as the brand ambassador of the company as well as symbol. His name and image are still symbols of the company. It is found that Sanders acknowledged the prospective of the restaurant franchising perception, and the leading KFC franchise started in Utah in year 1952.

8. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker is essentially the maker of the well-known Betty Crocker product, with Marjorie Husted. This person is a renowned mascot, who has stayed in the field since long for his flawless and exceptional style of work. Basically, this is a character applied in promotion campaigns for recipes and food. It was formerly made by the Washburn-Crosby firm in year 1921 succeeding a contest arranged in the Saturday Evening Post that demanded a female retort. Also in year 1954, General Mills, which is an American Fortune 500 firm branded the logo -red spoon, providing different food-related produce.

7. Bob Wian

Bob Wian

Majority of people identify Bob’s Big Boy finest from the Austin Powers films, renowned globally. However, this is essentially a restaurant chain and Bob’s Big Boy was started its operation in year 1936 in California. This mascot is well-known the globe across for its premium quality of meals, appreciation goes to Bob Wian, who is its founder. Initially this restaurant attained its start in a 10-stool Glendale, located in California, hamburger position in year 1936 with high stock of $350 which Wian received from the auction of a used car.

6. Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer

Initially Mayer began attaining reputation from a commercial in which a kid conceitedly announces that his bologna owns a name, and this is none other than Oscar Mayer. Proceeding successfully in his career, Mayer turned out as a famous mascot. Basically his company is an American meat and cold cut production firm, under possession of Kraft Heinz. It is recognized for its bologna, ham, hot dogs, bacon, and Lunchables products. Moreover, he had various advertisements depicted on TV containing young kids, counting the ad of Oscar Mayer Wiener in year 1965. Basically this commercial demonstrates a young girl directing a group of kids, singing regarding what they would have attained if they were in his position.

5. Wally Amos

Wally Amos

Well-known Amos cookies are prominent for their delightful and appealing taste. For this, appreciation goes to the originator of this brand named as Wally Amos. This person has been demonstrated on tv shows also, adding to its popularity. Basically, Amos is an entrepreneur, American TV personality, and author belonging from Tallahassee, located in Florida. Moreover, he is identified as the founder of the renowned brand entitled as “Famous Amos” chocolate chip cookie brand. He even stayed as the host of the adult reading program entitled Learn to Read, suggesting his versatility in his career. Last year, Amos made appearance in one episode of Shark Tank obtaining $50,000 funding for 20% parity of Cookie Kahuna.

4. Ettore Boiardi

Ettore Boiardi

You may know Ratatouille where the rat begins functioning in an impressive restaurant as well as prepares tasty meal. This is actually a creation by Ettore Boiardi and essentially he is truly renowned as one of the premium mascots in the world. Boiardi functioned as the well-known head chef at the Plaza located in New York City, as well as he served in the Greenbrier located in West Virginia. This person was an Italian-born chef, well-known for his brand running for food products, entitled Chef Boyardee. When he was serving at The Greenbrier hotel in White Sulphur Springs, located in West Virginia, he controlled the cuisine for the greeting of President Woodrow Wilson’s 1915 marriage occasion.

3. Erich Huzenlaub

Erich Huzenlaub

Since years, Erich Huzenlaub stayed the creator of the well-known brand named as Uncle Ben. He was truly a German chemist who served very hard to elevate his success graph in his career. He is a person who designed the Huzenlaub Process for parboiling rice and also invented a type of parboiling intended to preserve more of the nutrients constituents in rice. The particular process contained initially in vacuum drying the whole grain, later on steaming, and lastly vacuum drying as well as process of husking. In his career, Huzenlaub met American entrepreneur and food broker named as Gordon Harwell, who stayed in communication with Forrest Mars Sr..

2. Chris Rutt

Chris Rutt

Chris Rutt placed the basis of a well-known food company and so he is one of the most popular food mascots in world. The person has been vending products in the flour markets since long in small parcels. However, presently his brand is renowned all across the world by the name of “Aunt Jemima”. Moreover, he was also a managing editor for the St. Joseph News-Press who is accredited for coming up with the formula and title for Aunt Jemima pancakes. Focusing on his early life, Rutt was born in Milwaukee, located in Wisconsin and in year 1865 he shifted with his parents to Atchison, Kansas for studying at St. Benedict’s College.

1. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Top Most Famous Food Mascots in The World 2018

The Captain Morgan, the flavoured rum which is favourite among college students, is essentially a creation made by Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook. It began attaining reputation in era of 17th century for the initial time, and he is today acknowledged as one of the finest mascots in the world. In simple terms, Morgan is a product of rum manufactured by Alcohol Corporation named Diageo. It is known that this is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean named as Sir Henry Morgan who passed away in year 1688. It was in year 2010 that two American regions, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands argued on plans for this mascot to transfer operations to the U.S.V.I below tax inducements.

For purpose of promotions of food and restaurants, popular food mascots are needed every time. These renowned food mascots are few of the greatest recognizable images engaged in advertising and renowned worldwide through their unique skills.


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