South Korea, a country situated in the East Asia, has recently formed its roots in the industry of music and entertainment. Many aspiring young talents have showcased their immense potential through singing & dancing, winning the hearts of many.

In this very discussion, Korean pop idols abbreviated as the K-pop idols come into the picture, who are basically artists performing in the South Korean musical industry. Apart from being virtuoso in their artistic skills, one very interesting and praiseworthy thing common in these Korean performers is their looks( handsome and charming with a uniqueness of their own ), which forms the center of attraction. Below are the top 13 most handsome and hottest K-pop idol in 2022.

13. Kim Jonghyun

Hottest K-Pop Idols 2019

Mastering the art of piano playing, this young and versatile Korean artist was born in the month of April, in the year 1990. Famous and widely celebrated pop idol, Mr. Kim Jonghyun loves to compose his own lyrics. Coming back to his looks, he is a handsome young musician who has knowledge in languages such as Mandarin and English. Known for playing bass guitar, Jonghyun was interested in the field of music ever since his schooling years. During his performance at school with a band, he was recognized by the SM Entertainment & this was a turning point in his musical life.

12. Kim Soo-Hyun

Hottest K-Pop Idols

A singer, an actor and a model! Yes, he has been blessed with all these attributes. Kim Soo-Hyun, one of the most handsome and attractive Korean artist, was born in 1988, in the month of February. His acting classes had begun when he was still a schoolboy. He has also been awarded the PaekSangArts in the category of the most popular guy on television. He has starred in few dramas as well (Dream High, The Producers).

11. Byun Baek-Hyun

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Having a unique style and full of charm, this guy was born in the year of 1992, on May 6th. He is known to be very stylish and can very well get along with western outfits. A member of boyband EXO, ByunBaek has been mentored by Kim Hyun-woo to play piano, who himself works for DickPunks rock of South Korea.

10. Taeyang

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Quite popular among people, especially females who form a major part of his fan base, this Korean pop idol was born in 1988, May 18th. A model, singer & actor by profession, he has performed in a music video named “A-yo” along with Maddie. Making his debut in the year 2006, in the Big Band, he eventually made fame through an album, Rise which brought him huge popularity.

9. Jung Ji-Hoon

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Also known as the Rain, he is a Korean guy, born in 1982, in the month of June. A songwriter along with skills in acting, he is also a music composer. Apart from being handsome, he is a gifted artist and also possesses a very good height. His musical career has been a phenomenal one which includes seven albums, 28 singles & numerous concerts worldwide.

8. Lee Tae Min

Hottest K-Pop Idols

This aspiring & young guy was born in South Korea in 1993, on 18th of July. A charming personality and on top of this, skills like dancing and acting, make him a popular face in the k-pop industry. Many young girls getting attracted to his deep blue eyes, come to attend his music concerts & performances. He was the lead vocalist & dancer in a group named Shinee, in the year 2008, in the month of May. “Press it” is his very first album, released in February 2016.

7. Choi Seung Hyun( T.O.P )

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Being born in 1987, November 4th, this boy is well known for his eye capturing looks & a dashing personality. He is both a singer and a songwriter. Not only this, he drives girls crazy with his unique hairstyle. His acting skills made him work in few movies like I Am Sam(2007), The Hidden Card(2014), etc.

6. Ok Taecyeon

Hottest K-Pop Idols

He was born in the year 1988 on December 27. He is known to have very cute & captivating eyes. These attributes have created a huge female fan following for Taecyeon, who like him very much. He was seen as playing one of the important characters in KBS drama Dream High.

5. Lee Donghae

Hottest K-Pop Idols

This k-pop star was born on 15th October, in the year 1986, in South Korea. Owing to his charming personality and very good looks, he has mesmerized all his fans, especially the young girls who wish to share the stage with him. He had a contract with the SM Entertainment, which was signed in 2001 and was eventually awarded the best Outward Appearance. He has also been adjudged the most popular actor in Korean industry, for which he received the Singapore e-awards in 2013.

4. Choi Siwon

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Choi Siwan is one of the very famous k-pop idols who was born in the year 1986, 7th April. Having good singing qualities is not just one of the few talents he is master of; along with this he can act very well and is a handsome model. He has a decent physique and is well built. He was first recognized by the SM Entertainment and made his debut in the year 2005 along with 12 others in the same band.

3. G-Dragon (Big Bang )

Hottest K-Pop Idols

His real name is Kwon Ji-Yong. He was born in 1988, August 18. He made his debut in the Big Bang and is considered one of the popular Korean artists known for exceptional rapping as well as singing & dancing. He is very much fashionable & at the same time unique to the world of k-pop idols and this is what makes him the choice of many. “Constant Café” has been started by him, which is located in the Jeju Island.

2. L(Infinite)

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Born in the year 1992, on March 13, this Korean k-pop idol real name is Kim Myungsoo. Everyone praises his charismatic and gleamy looks and his stage presence is just magnificent.He is an adorable and handsome musician who has been a member of band group named Infinite. He is also known to have acted in various dramas, the debut being a Japanese drama.

1. Yong-Hwa

Hottest K-Pop Idols

Born in the year 1989, 22 June, his real and full name is Jung Yong-Hwa. Performing for the band named, CNBLUE, he rose to become a talented lead vocalist, along with being an efficient musician, an actor & a producer as well. His recognition to the International level has been possible because of his immense potential both as a singer & an actor. “You’re Beautiful”, a very famous drama, released in 2009, presents Yong-Hwa playing the role of Kang Shin-woo.

This was a list of the top 13 handsome, adorable and at the same time talented charming k-pop idols 2022 who have made the Korean musical and entertainment industry, a world recognized & proud one. Everyone has their own personal favorites and it’s fairly correct to admit that all the above-mentioned k-pop models share great fan base and are upcoming rock stars.



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