Acting profession is blooming all over the world. One leading reason for this is increasing of movies among people. When it comes to this profession, there are lots of actors in the industry who have worked hard to keep up the pace. Actually, it’s nothing but the beauty of actors and actresses that make them popular in most of the cases. Thus they always need to maintain a perfect body shape and figure.

As far as the matter of beauty is concerned, Korean actors have widely attracted the attention of so many people all over the world. Many of them have already achieved a great level of fame and a few are even among the most paid actors in the world.

Actually, the expectations of people from the movies are changing frequently. Therefore, requirements for success in the Korean film industry are becoming so hard. Although handsome actors possess a powerful presence in the movies, they have to do a lot of struggle to maintain a maximum number of fans. The stunning performance with beauty is one of the key traits of success in Korean film industry.

Actors who left audience appreciating them generally have a good body shape and a handsome personality. There are many actors in fact who have gained a lot of popularity only because of their personality. This article spotlights the list of top 15 most handsome Korean actors 2022. You can check them out below.

15. So Ji Sub

Hottest Korean actors 2019

He is currently 28 years old and is one among the senior actors in Korean film industry. He started his career from an advertisement campaign led by a denim brand in the year 1955. In the Korean entertainment industry, he is not just famous as an actor but interest in music and sports make him popular as a multi-talented personality. He recently won KBS Drama Award and has been recognised as the most successful actor with great fame. He is said to be an actor who believes in simple living.

14. Minho Shinee

Hottest Korean actors

Minho Shinee is a popular actor in Korea with huge annual income from movies and advertisement campaigns. In addition to acting, he has won the heart of many women due to great skills which he presented as a rapper, singer and a model. He was made the brand ambassador of UNICEF UNIHERO campaign recently. He is a popular guy for his beauty and stunning performances.

13. Yoo Ah In

Hottest Korean actors

Yoo Ah In is known to give some of the best movies which earned a lot of money in Korea. He is a leading actor of industry who is also known for his real stunts. He started his carrier from the film Punch in 2011 and was a part of several other super-hit movies. His most charming personality is the true reason for his successes. Magazines such as W Korea have also played a significant role in making him popular as a handsome yet talented actor.

12. Ahn Jae Hyun

Hottest Korean actors

He is another popular actor of Korea known for attaining great success in a very short time span. He began his career in the year 2013 with a supporting role in famous movie “You Who came from the stairs”. His beauty attracted some of the top film makers towards him when he was a popular model. With height 6 feet 3 inches and poreless skin, he won the heart of many people.

11. Kim Soo Hyun

Hottest Korean actors

He is a well-known personality among Korean peoples who have appeared in some of the best movies of the Inland. His versatility and stunt performance are the most noticeable features about him in addition to this beauty. He is just 28 years old as of now and been one among the actors who attained success in shortest possible time in Korean industry. Some of his popular movies and dramas include Moon Embracing the Sun, King of Joeseon.

10. Jang Dong Gun

Hottest Korean actors

He was born in the year 1972 and is known to be one among the most charming actors and celebrities of Korea. Jang dong Gun was a part of so many movies and the good thing is he has been recognised as the best actor in the industry who is passionate, energetic and very cute.

9. Jang Geun Suk

Hottest Korean actors

He is a highly talented actor in the industry and is popular as a guy with a charming face. In addition to movies, he has also appeared in some of the Korean ads and obviously that has also enhanced his popularity up to a good extent. He has a perfect body shape and if some people are to be believed, he is a die-hard lover of restaurants and food.

8. Oh Ji-Ho

Hottest Korean actors 2019

He is a senior actor in the Korean film industry who has been a part of many movies and dramas. This handsome actor has a great physique. Some of the popular movies in which he appeared were My wife is a Gangster 3 and I love you. Amazing personality and a model-like figure make him win the heart of so many women in Korea. He has also been rated as one of the charming personality in the industry on many websites by a lot of people.

7. Lee Jin Wook

Hottest Korean actors

Known for his beautiful smile and personality, Park Hae Jin has been a part of a lot of films in Korea. He has also been seen in some of the best dramas in Korea. His recent appearance in “My New Boyfriend” attracted the attention of so many people towards him. Actually, he appeared with a brand new look and gesture in this drama and showed some of the best acting skills.

6. Ji Chang Wook

Hottest Korean actors

Ji Chang Wook is one of the best and in-fact a very well-known actor in Korean industry since 2006. Till 2010 he appeared as a guest actor and gives several minor roles in Korean movies. However, it was the year 2010 when he became a part of popular drama “Smile Donghae” and gained the attention of so many people. Being one among the actors with a lot of award-winning performances, he is the actor with a pretty face. Most of his female fans love him because of his V-line physique. In addition to beauty, he is also known for his excellent acting skills.

5. Song Seung Heon

Hottest Korean actors

He is an actor in Korean film industry with a lot of fame. Actually, he was too mature when he started his journey in the film industry. He took no time to prove his talent and become a popular model in the country. He has a lot of fan following outside the country.

4. Seo Kang Jun

Hottest Korean actors

Seo Kang Jun is only 22 years old as of now but has a solid fan following. His performance in some of the best movies and dramas in Korea make people recognised him as one of the rising stars of Korean film industry. The most appreciated personality feature of this actor is his natural brown eyes that have made many women fall in love with him. The popular reality show of Korea “Roommate” spread his popularity all over the country. With some of the best roles in movies and dramas, Seo Kang Jun is a Korean actor with fans not just in Korea but in other parts of the world too.

3. Won Bin

Hottest Korean actors

Won Bin is popular as an actor with most charming face in the industry and being a handsome actor, he has a lot of young female fan following in Korea. The most attractive thing about him is his well-built body. He was a part of many top rated dramas of Korea and the actor is very much dedicated to his work.

2. Song Joong Ki

Hottest Korean actors

Known for his amazing dress styles and personality, he is the actor in Korean industry with a lot of fame and popularity. He was born in the year 1985 and has a very large number of fans. Song Jong Ki has given a lot of brilliant performances and has worked very hard to attain the height of success he is at today. He is also the highly paid actor in the film industry.

1. Lee Min Ho

Hottest Korean actors

Lee Min Ho is a popular Korean actor and singer with a superb voice. It was in the year 2009 when he gained popularity from his role in “Boys Over Flowers”. He is currently 29 years old and has given some of the best movies in last 4 years. He always makes himself count in the list of top Korean actors due to some of his stunning performances.

These actors are well recognised and in fact, the highest paid actors. There are many other Korean actors known for their personality but don’t have much fame as compared with above -listed ones. They are dramatically handsome in a unique way and often make onto the list of most beautiful celebrities in Korea.

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  1. Most of the information here are incorrect. So Ji Sub was 40 last year, not 28. Anh Jae Hyun was in the DRAMA My Love from Another Star, not the “famous movie”, You Who Came from the “Stairs”. I didn’t bother reading about the other actors, because most of them are actors that people don’t even know about. But my point is there are a lot of errors so I wouldn’t really call this website reliable.

  2. YOON SI YOON!! Where the hell is Yoon Si Yoon????? He just receive an Excellence Acting Award for 2018. He should be hereee!

  3. Where is jun oppa,euijin oppa,daewon oppa, hansol oppa, chan oppa, kijoong oppa, marco oppa, feeldog oppa, ho jung oppa….They all is unb member….where are them.please add them please…..I try to upload their photo but can’t…Add them please🙏🙏

  4. You forgot LEE JOON GI. He is not only handsome but multi-talented, sexy, charming, charismatic, gorgeous. He can act, dance, sing, perform martial arts and can also model.

  5. Add Lee Jong Suk to the list as he is also a great actor with good looks. He is even a best model. He acted in famous dramas like W: Two Worlds, While you were sleeping, Pinocchio, School 2013, I can hear your voice, Secret Garden, Doctor stranger and many others.


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