Need to get some excitement? Are you tired of having too much time with nothing to do? You need to worry no more. Xbox one games are here and with all the excitement you require. Products from the leading game manufacturers, exciting features that will keep you entertained. The games require simple computing devices and are easily accessible from the internet. These features make them the most appropriate choice for all across the globe.

One fact is that Xbox games are gaining popularity at an amazing speed. The manufacturers on the other hand are always striving to ensure they reach out to more hence producing different games to cater for different tastes. The numerous games available pose a big hurdle in selecting the best one to play. It is for this reason that I provide you with a list of the top 10 most popular Xbox one games in 2022. With the list, you save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent in sampling different games.

10. Watch Dogs 2

Best X-box one games 2019

When it hit the market with its first production, Watch dogs came with its bag full of controversies. It never gave the thrill that was expected and left many in disappointment. With the new production of Watch Dogs 2, this is all gone, expect a new experience, an exciting moment, and unimaginable entertainment. It has all the expectations that came with its predecessor and much more. With its setting in San Francisco, the game offers ease of play and new ways to make it more enjoyable. The producer is actually been to mend fences and ensure that you will not have a moment of regret.

9. Dishonored 2

Best X-box one games

Take the game a notch higher from its predecessor, dishonored 2 comes with new options for the player. In this case, you do not only have to play the game as a 1st protagonist but as well allow you to take the place of Emily. Isn’t this exciting? There are more opportunities in the game, you can now enjoy for longer hours. It is created to be enjoyed by a wider base of fans and this means there are new and better features to cover the wide range of tastes from different players and fans.

8. Dead Rising 4

Best X-box one games

With the zombie culture being the most acknowledged for ages, the producer of Dead Rising 4 never leaves this to chance. He takes into consideration the relevance of the culture and ensures it features greatly in the game. What more in the new series the range of weapons is just unimaginable. A range of new and never used weapons comes with a new experience and more chances for a bigger win. This is not only the most fascinating factor, there is a variety of vehicles to choose from to fit in the chosen mission and ensure a superb performance. To spice it all the opportunity to craft own weapons. A good opportunity to be creative and probably have the most crazy one ever seen.

7. Final Fantasy XV

Best X-box one games

Square enix has decided to give his game fans an experience like no other ever witnessed. Considered to be the hottest production Final Fantasy XV has already started its journey to stardom. Fans are already giving impressive feedbacks of the entertaining features of the game. Having received a modernisation. touch, it is one piece that clearly depict the modern gaming culture and standards. Among the features that appear on its additional list is the flying car that gives just what you may require to optimize your exacting moments. Other than giving you excitement and entertainment, it is on the quest to bring onboard potential fans and make them active, this means there are real enticing features in the game.

6. Battlefield 1

Best X-box one games

Set in world war 1, it is a game that combines history with modernization. It gives the feeling and experience of an actual combat using modern weapons and features that makes it easy to operate and use the weapons. More to this, you can easily enjoy the game with a group of friends or fans with its new multi user feature. With different maps all covering varying scenarios, you don’t have to get bored being on the same area and fighting the same people all the time, and this is further enhanced by the ability to use the available tools irrespective of the map chosen. What this means is that with the experience you gather in one map, it comes in handy when you select a different one and still give you excitement as you explore new areas.

5. Overwatch

Best X-box one games 2019

Having gained over 20 million players in 2016, Overwatch is one game expected to create waves in 2022. Great efforts to enhance the game have been made including adding new features that include new modes and characters. Owing to its popularity it is being considered as not being a perfect gift this season as almost everybody has it. It is however the best on e to gift someone you are sure they do not own it. With its multi-player settings, it comes in a totally different level when compared to other games in the same league.

4. Titanfall 2

Best X-box one games

Despite the mess that was brought about by the new and original titan two h=years ago, the name is bound to grow in bounds this season. Why? It offers a multiplayer environment that is totally octane and fluid. If this is not enough to convince, consider he thrill of controlling the Titan. It is just an awesome experience. It gives an experience like no other in the whole of gaming history and probably one that will last for long.

3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Best X-box one games

It is true the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is surrounded by controversy but the experience it promises is just off the hook. Set in a sci-fi world it is the perfect choice for lovers of sci-fi warfare. Off from what majority may expect that going into hyperspace and shooting the lasers, the experience of this meticulous game is totally different. The reason, it is set on the ground. To spice this up if offers a fluid multiplayer effect that makes it more enticing.

2. Forza Horizon 3

Best X-box one games

Considered to be the best of Microsoft’s creation, Forza Horizon choice is the perfect choice for those who are not in love with guns and fight but prefer cool rides and navigating ahead of competitors. It brings an interesting mix of simulation and arcade offering players the best customization options. Set in an open world, it is one game that does not require you to get so much engrossed but opens room to get a bit careless and fix the mistakes with ease without losing time.

1. Gears of War 4

Best X-box one games

Gears of war have been around for quite some time. With every release, numerous additions are evident keen to give a new and exciting experience to the game lovers. With this new production, it is considered to be leading the pack of the best games in 2022. The game features a number of new characters who are differently wild giving it a new touch of experience. More to this there are darker, more horrific and grittier gears intended to increase and double excitement among fans.

No need to worry which is the best game to pick for this season, or how to ensure that only the best is chosen. In this year, start of your time with these interesting games in the list of 10 most popular xbox one games of 2022 and before you know it you will be among the biggest fans of the game.


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