11 Most Expensive Countries In The World Right Now

There are so many countries all over the world that are great for one to take a vacation in but not good enough to live in. This is because of the expenses you are likely to incur while living in these countries yet you would save that money while living in other countries. If you are wondering what some of the most expensive countries/states are, here is a list for you. This list is arrived at judging by a country’s World Cost of Living (WCOL).

11. Japan

Japan Top Most Expensive countries in The World 2017

Japan has a life expectancy of 80 years for men and 87 years for women. With a life expectancy that is this high and with a city as big as Tokyo, how can it fail to appear in our list today? There is just no way. Japan, and especially Tokyo, has some of the most costly lands in the entire world and this makes the acquisition a big problem. Housing in Tokyo is also a problem because they are expensive. The WCOL index ranking for Japan is 97.

10. Norway


Norway is a country that has the best quality of life for its citizens. However, it does not come cheap. As of the present, the VAT for goods and products in Norway are very high, and this is one of the reasons why Norway is on our list today. Regarding food, it can be said to be relatively lower, but when compared to most of the countries mentioned in our list today, you will find that it still proves to be higher.

9. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer other than its beauty. It is indeed a place where many people would not mind spending eternity at. Just like Denmark, it also has a WCOL of 99. What makes this country a very expensive country to live in is the fact that the capital, Seoul, is one of the largest metropolitan capitals in the whole wide world. This also goes to say that the population is relatively high and competition for resources is equally high making the prices to go higher.

8. Denmark


Denmark is one of the most expensive countries of all the Scandinavian countries in the entire world. Its WCOL index ranking is at 99 which is slightly lower than that of the United States. When considering housing in Denmark, the prices are relatively lower as compared to many mentioned countries. However, life does not stop at owning a house. Food, entertainment, maintenance, and the likes are relatively higher causing Denmark to be one of the most expensive countries.

7. The United States

The United States

The United States, in a way, serves as a measuring yardstick for many other countries. We are all aware that the United States in one expensive place to live in today. It is one of the most advanced states in all manners. It is just in the middle of what every country needs to be, and that is why it serves as the average point of reference. The WCOL index of the United States is rated at 100. As mentioned earlier, every country that falls below this is cheaper than U.S while those above are more expensive. But I am sure we can all agree that the United States is a state that is worth every dime you can spend while living there.

6. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country that offers you serenity and fulfillment in the amazing atmosphere it bears. It is a place that I could consider living in if I ever get the chance to choose. With a WCOL index of 101, it is part of the most expensive places to live in. Lucky enough is the fact that basic foods are cheaper as many of the countries mentioned.

5. France


France is a country that has some of the most exquisite cities that one can ever think of. France is known by many people to be the city of love. The atmosphere in France is very conducive to fall in love and to even stay in love. However, you will need a lot more than love to stay in France. The cost of living in France does not come as easy as love. Its WCOL index is rated at 107. Also, note that buying clothes in France is not as cheap as compared to many other places.

4. Singapore


Singapore is a beautiful place to spend all of your years, and it is a magical land. The only downside to living in Singapore is the expensive living standards that can overwhelm a person’s monthly budget. In Singapore, accessing medicine, food, clothing, and a few other necessities can be a headache for many. Being the most costly products that human beings cannot do without, they cause Singapore to rank as one of the most expensive states to live in the entire world.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country that is rich in culture and has so many things to offer anyone who visits or lives there. However, everything comes at that extra cost which everyone is trying to minimize on in this year. Hong Kong is known to be one of the most expensive countries, and it is also way too crowded. The apartments have been described as extremely small and very costly. This may make you question if it is worth the effort.

2. Switzerland


Switzerland is known for its class and elegance. It offers a great atmosphere to live and grow, and raise a family there. However, if you are just moving to Switzerland, then the cost of living in this country may just send you back home. This means that to be safe; you have to have your financial house in order so that you can survive the economy and still have a marvelous life there. Hard work will also come in handy when wishing to live in this country. Switzerland’s WCOL index is 108.

1. Bermuda

Bermuda Top Most Expensive Countries in The World 2018

Bermuda is a place that is almost as glorious as what I imagine heaven would look at. With the Atlantic Ocean view, what did you expect? It has some of the most amazing things to boast of and to offer other than its sandy beaches too. I will not fail to mention Hamilton which is also one of the most expensive cities to live in. Bermuda is a great country to go for a holiday and leave it at that. Do not let its beauty charm you into staying because you may end up regretting it because of the expensive lifestyle and cost of living.

This list shows you the most expensive countries as well as what makes them expensive. Now you know where you do not want to spend your life when you are not rich enough. You are also aware of the places you want to spend your life if you have some money to throw around.


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